Using Twitter to Curate Content

Using Twitter to Curate Content

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Using Twitter to Curate Content

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Using Twitter to Curate Content – Twitter is also a good source for curating content. In an app like tweetdeck or hootsuite you can set up searches for keywords or lists of twitter users.

When you share your curated content, do it in a way that invites comments. You can do this by asking opinions or questions where you can.

You will also be perceived as an expert in the niche. So now you should have a lot of potential curated content ideas ready to schedule, including all the articles that you have bookmarked in pocket.

Content is wrong on Facebook


Students taking this class need to arrive with a comfortable, working knowledge of how to use linkedin, facebook, twitter and instagram. (perhaps taken social media for business previously) this class will focus on writing content for social media and where/when to post.

Sometimes the best social media ideas come to you when you least expect them. Trending topics on twitter and facebook represent a way for brands to capitalize on topical content.

If your goal is to create content that’s either the next big thing or a viral sensation, that’s not realistic and the wrong approach to content creation.

Social Media Trend #4 – Social Commerce Will Expand


Social media platforms like instagram, pinterest, and facebook have long been used by brands to sell their products. Social commerce has become a new retail avenue for brands and this trend is only going to get stronger.

3. Infographic Content (Owned, Informational/Entertaining)


In case you want to create an infographic easily, canva can offer templates to assist you to get started. Virtual reality content. Virtual reality or vr is currently a major hit.

4. Infographics. Pictures + text = 25% better comprehension. If you count early cave paintings as infographics, then humans have been making and consuming this type of content for the past 32,000 years.

Such posts show you are a trendsetter in your niche. Content can include industry news, infographics, expert bloggers, and weekly roundups. Repurposing of content.

Patents of social media technology [ edit ]


Patents of social media technology[ edit ]. There has been rapid growth in the number of u. S. Patent applications that cover new technologies related to social media, and the number of them that are published has been growing rapidly over the past five years.

Do a Facebook search for shareable content

Facebook is also really useful for curating content. In facebook’s “search” type a keyword related to your industry. Then use the tabs to look at videos, posts or photos.

The research shows that images do well on facebook, as well as on instagram and pinterest. Video content is also very popular. The best is to align your social media strategy with your content marketing to make sure you share the type of content your audience really likes.

Searching with hashtags is a handy way to find content on topics of value or interest to your target market. Search on social platforms such as facebook, instagram, linkedin and twitter for your topic by simply adding a # (hashtag) before your keyword(s).

6 Content Buckets for Social Media Post Ideas

Encourage your audience to share your content with others or create a specific post on social media. For example, if you sell t-shirts you could ask your customers to share a photo on social media of them wearing one of your t-shirts.

Share your content at the best times of day. Asimple place to start your content marketing social media strategy (one so simple that it may not have even crossed your mind) is to think about the time of day that you’re posting, and consider it in relation to your intended audience.

When planning content, don’t be afraid to repurpose content and schedule it across different social media platforms to get the most out of it. When deciding where to post what content, also consider what types of content perform well on that platform based on your audit.

Content Planning 101: Creating a Social Media Content Calendar

Testing reactions and the success of your social media marketing campaigns should become a common practice in your company. Creating content for social networks isn’t an exact science.

Asocial media content calendar will help you post consistently across all platforms by ensuring that content is planned and scheduled in advance. No more forgetting about your twitter account for weeks only to publish 25 tweets in one day while playing catch up.

Asocial media content calendar is the secret weapon you need for creating and launching successful posts and campaigns. It helps ensure that:. You’re creating and planning content for specific goals.

10. Schedule your content for publishing

Using a social media calendar is going to save you time. If you have a plan for your future social content, you can schedule your posts in advance (with a tool like hootsuite ).

Aconsistent posting schedule shows potential followers you are invested in the channel—meaning a follow will be worth their time. Better yet, consistent posting trains your current followers to expect and engage with your content on a regular basis, cultivating long-lasting relationships that lead to sales.

Asocial media content calendar lets you write out unique captions for each social platform in advance. Then when it comes time to schedule your posts, it’s just a matter of copy-and-pasting the right caption to the right network.

Create your annual content plan

To help overcome these hurdles, content strategies usually include a varied mix of content types. When you plan a rich assortment of these 12 different styles, you can create a more engaging experience for your audience.

When it comes to long-term editorial planning, few organizations are more advanced than magazines. Because of their regular cadence, publishing restrictions, and reliance on annual features or seasonal topics, most major magazines plan themes—and even specific content—for an entire year in advance.

Think about the planning, effort and sheer amount of time it takes to create any piece of content. Doesn’t it make sense to squeeze as much as you can out every blog post or video you make?.

4. Use Twitter lists for social media content ideas

If social media has taught us anything, it’s that people love to share their opinions. Social media ideas such as twitter polls are a one-click way to get a pulse on your followers.

Twitter. Linkedin. Keyword search and hashtags. These extra details help your social media person understand what your content person might be creating. They also give them a better idea of what platforms to focus on, how to segment their promotions, and the voice to use in their messaging.

“create evergreen content” is one of those things that’s easier said than done. Atypical post on social media, especially on giants like twitter or facebook, can have a widely varied lifespan.

4. Content With Images

”. Other tools like promorepublic , canva and relaythat can be used to create images and designs for visually-oriented platforms like instagram. Remember not to share any content that you do not own.

Now that you have brainstormed your content. Decide how you are going to present it to your audience. It could be in the form of text, live videos, recorded videos, audio or images.

Per a thermopylae study , the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text. So, haven’t you always wished to make your clients feel like “wow, that content is awesome”? if yes, let’s talk about the 4 common types of social media content that proved to be engaging, valuable, and interesting.

All about the money? Why organic social media reach has plummeted

Organic social media reach is never easier than when people come directly to your page. If you properly engage with people and reply to their comments, you’re going to build a great reputation that will spread.

Hashtags are essential to describe your content as well as to boost the organic reach of your social media campaign. Hashtag use varies according to the social media site.

The secret to organic social media reach is the same as the secret to ranking well on search engines. It’s all about optimization, user experience, and high-quality content.

Explore More Social Media Marketing Services

The research shows that most people trust recommendations from social influencers, friends, and family much more than a company’s advertising and promotion. That’s why influencer marketing is such a powerful way to raise awareness of your products and services, and it should be integrated within your social media marketing plan.

Our engage service provides content creation services for social media and digital marketing channels. We’re looking for enthusiastic, talented, creatives for our 12 week paid work placement opportunities, training in social media, content creation, online marketing and live projects based at the sharp project in manchester.

Reporting to social media sites

Social networking isn’t a numbers game, so it’s not about being active on a “magic number” of social media sites. It’s more important to be active on the right social channels.

Marketing needs. Social media management. Easily and successfully manage all your social media activities from all accounts in one platform. Measurement & reporting. Access a clear, straightforward attribution of your efforts and simplify all your reporting.

About the role. Reporting to the head of social, you will be building and managing the company’s social media profiles and presence, including facebook, twitter, linkedin and instagram.

Social media usage in India

Statistics on usage and membership[ edit ]. Usage[ edit ]. According to a survey conducted by pew research in 2018, facebook and youtube dominate the social media landscape, as notable majorities of u.

How to be more ‘yourself’ in your social media content

Adjust your social media posting schedule to reflect the changing seasons. If it’s a hot summer day, offer a way to cool off. If you’re looking forward to the fall, give some advice for heading back to school.

How to produce: the option to produce image or video stories is in each social media network’s app. High-quality production is not needed, making them easy for any business to create.

Contest or giveaways should be included in your social media calendar because it helps build community, rewards people who follow your page builds brand awareness, increases subscribers, increases sales, and increases engagements.

Social Media Infographics and Fun Facts

As your audience grows on social media, it’s important to occasionally reintroduce yourself and your business. Share your core values, your strengths, and how you help others or offer up some fun facts to help your audience get to know you or your business better.

5 Social Media Myths That Are Hurting Your Business (And The Five Truths You Need To Know Instead)

For some people, that means posting once a day. For others, it means posting a few times a week. This consistency versus frequency issue is one of the five social media myths i address in this video: 5 social media myths (that are hurting your business).

7. Analyze competitor content with BuzzSumo

Ahandy tool to find both curated content you can share as well as ideas for new topics to write about is buzzsumo. This tool allows you to find the best-performing content on any topic as well as content working for your competitors.

Start building your social media presence

We’ve created this guide to provide you with an introduction to social media marketing and some starter social media marketing tips and training to improve your business’s social presence.

Ready to get started with marketing on social media? here are a few social media marketing tips to kick off your social media campaigns. Social media content planning — as discussed previously, building a social media marketing plan is essential.

This helps boost your online marketing efforts by building a strong social media presence as well as to place you as a thought leader within your niche.

Competitor analysis for social content

What’s the current state of the market – how do competitors and comparators perform socially and what content works for them?. Who needs to be involved in content production and marketing?.

You can then factor in popular topics and content formats into your social content plan. By knowing what competitors are doing, you can also quickly identify content gaps:.

Information that can be derived from such includes acquisition channels, demographics, and content preferences. Social media analytical tools include:. Birdsong analytics- analyses competitor’s facebook page showing their most successful content.

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