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Dionne Warwick’s tweet is displayed near Bryant Park in New York.

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By Ian Zelaya

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We haven’t been able to see family and friends in person, go to the movies or grab a drink at a bar for most of 2020. But, at the very least, we were able to tweet about this endlessly nightmarish year. 

Twitter is celebrating the year ending with an out-of-home campaign that leans into the idea of “tweeting through the pain” by showing real tweets from users who chose humor to cope with the many horrors this year delivered. According to the brand, there were more than 6 million tweets about 2020 to choose from.

“In light of everything that’s happened this year, we are excited to amplify the humor and levity that people brought to Twitter,” Robin Tilotta, director of marketing at Twitter, said in a statement. “These are the tweets that connected and uplifted us, and we hope people join us in celebrating the end of 2020.”


Today, the social platform began rolling out billboards, murals and other OOH placements in New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Oakland. The ads display tweets about 2020 from everyday people to celebrities like music legend and breakout Twitter phenomenon Dionne Warwick. 

Warwick, in particular, has recently taken Twitter by storm with unfiltered takes about everything from Chance the Rapper and The Weeknd’s stage names to questions like asking Jack Dorsey if she’s the CEO of Twitter. While some have questioned whether it’s really Warwick tweeting from her account, the singer recently set the record straight.


A Twitter spokesperson said the brand ideated the campaign internally, and opted to highlight tweets from a mix of people that offered a variety of comedic takes on 2020, showing the ways people brought joy to the platform during a challenging year. 

The campaign will spotlight 24 tweets in 49 OOH placements through Dec. 28, while newsstand and bus shelter placements will run through Dec. 31. 

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