Videos can now only be downloaded from creators 16 and older
Anatoliy Sizov/iStock

By David Cohen

7 seconds ago

TikTok Wednesday implemented several privacy and safety measures aimed at protecting its users under the age of 18.

The default privacy setting for all registered accounts for users between the ages of 13 and 15 was set to private, meaning that only people approved by those users can view their videos.

The comment setting for that age group enabling everyone to comment on their videos was removed, meaning that users 13 through 15 have the choices of friends or no one.

TikTok’s Duet and Stitch features are now limited to users 16 and older, and the default settings on those features for people aged 16 and 17 will be friends.

Videos can now only be downloaded from creators 16 and older. While all users can decide whether to allow downloads of their videos, the default for those 16 and 17 will be set to off.

The “suggest your account to others” setting will be set to off by default for users 13 through 15.

These moves follow previous updates from TikTok, including: restricting direct messaging and livestream hosting to users 16 and over; restricting the buying, sending and receiving of in-application virtual gifts) to those 18 and over; and enabling parents and caregivers to set guidelines via TikTok’s Family Pairing feature.

TikTok will also team up with Common Sense Networks to refine its TikTok for Younger Users limited app experience for kids under the age of 13.

Head of U.S. safety Eric Han wrote in a blog post Wednesday, “We know there is no finish line when it comes to protecting users and their privacy, and our investment in this important area won’t stop here. We’ll continue to evolve our policies, work closely with regulators and experts in minor safety and invest in our technology and teams so that TikTok remains a safe place for everyone to express their creativity.”