Taboola Stories leverages the same recommendation engine as personalized stream Taboola Feed

By David Cohen

41 mins ago

Content discovery platform Taboola became the latest platform to embrace the stories format with Monday’s beta rollout of Taboola Stories.

Advertisers will have access to the stories format first popularized by Snapchat and later embraced by Instagram, Facebook and other social platforms, but with the content living on the sites of trusted publishers, rather than on social networks.

Taboola said publishers can easily add the Taboola Stories format to their websites, giving them new opportunities and providing new experiences for their readers.

Taboola Stories can be embedded within homepages and articles in mobile environments, giving readers access to constantly updated recommendations that will automatically cycle vertical, mobile-friendly content once they are selected.

Publishers can recirculate relevant content based on what visitors to their sites are reading, potentially increasing the amount of time those visitors spend on their sites.

The format also enables publishers to take advantage of the popularity of mobile-friendly vertical formats for content.


Taboola said story recommendations are powered by artificial intelligence and data from the platform’s readership of over 500 million daily active users, and it leverages the same recommendation engine as personalized stream Taboola Feed, which is used by over 9,000 publishers.

Taboola CEO Adam Singolda said in a statement, “We’re combining the best of two worlds, making it easier than ever for publishers to keep readers engaged and allowing readers to discover more content and promoted recommendations by advertisers they may like. Taboola Stories is a big leap forward in the flexibility we’ve given to publishers and their abilities to interact with readers. We’re fortunate to have spent 13 years innovating to deliver more opportunities for publishers to develop closer relationships with readers and drive more engagement, and revenue in the process. Compared with story-driven formats on traditional social media platforms, Taboola Stories offers similar formats, but side-by-side to premium, editorial content that exists in the open web.”