Reddit Details Several Recent Updates

Reddit Details Several Recent Updates

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Reddit has had a busy early part of the holiday season, detailing several new features that were released between Nov. 30 and Dec. 15 in its latest changelog blog post.

The platform wrote, “Ah December … the holiday season is upon us and, along with festive lights, sweater weather and shorter days comes another type of seasonal change—a year-end code freeze. Here at Reddit, we’ve been busy shipping projects and updates before the freeze hits on Friday (Dec. 18), and there’s a ton of stuff to talk about.”

Reddit rolled out its winter avatar collection, including some special accessories for Reddit Premium members.


The new Rereddit feature enables Redditors to explore the top posts on any given day, month or year, going back to 2008.


Experimental feature Reddit Predictions enables Redditors to compete with each other while predicting the answers to questions such as, “Which contestant on The Bachelor will be sent home?”

Reddit Premium users will be able to test new custom application icons for Android and iOS.


The release of iOS 14 spurred four iPhone widgets from Reddit: Cat Calendar, self-explanatory; Deep Contemplation, featuring trending discussions; The Front Page, with top posts from across the platform; and Pretty Pictures, the best photos from across Reddit.


Users can now browse Reddit by topics, starting out with feeds on primary topics, such as food and drink, with an expansion to secondary topics in the works.

Reddit is testing a way to surface comments in popular and home feeds while in card view by pausing on a post for one second. The test is currently Android-only, with plans to add iOS soon.

The platform is also testing color updates for Android and iOS that meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines for accessibility.

When new users sign up for Reddit, they will see recommended chat groups as part of a test on Android.


New Redditors are also being given the option of being more specific about topics they are interested in to better customize their home feeds. Rather than being limited to general topics, like sports, they can now drill down further with Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association and the National Football League, for example.


Redditors can now sign up or login via a magic link sent to them via email.

Finally, Reddit is running a series of tests to determine the ideal way to sort search results, experimenting with using upvotes as the default sort for Ask Me Anything searches.

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