Pandora Celebrates Holiday Zoom Gatherings With New Campaign

Pandora Celebrates Holiday Zoom Gatherings With New Campaign

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Pandora is celebrating Christmas in 2020 fashion with a new ad that centers on remote holiday get-togethers as well as TV programming integrations and a series of virtual concerts.

The 30-second TV spot, which features a quick Zoom cameo from the singer Sia, spells out a new normal for holiday traditions as the pandemic prevents people from traveling to see their loved ones this year. Pandora is also running integrations with Jimmy Kimmel Live and AMC’s airing of the movie Elf as well as a holiday-themed continuation of its virtual concert series, which recently featured Dolly Parton and Carrie Underwood.

The campaign, “Holiday Hits Different,” is designed to promote Pandora’s listener discovery tool Modes and its most popular holiday music stations. It marks the latest effort from the SiriusXM-owned company to capitalize on a spike in home listenership on desktops and connected devices as users spend more time at home amid pandemic quarantine measures.

“This year, obviously, everything in culture looks and feels and hits a bit different,” Brad Minor, Pandora’s svp of marketing, creative and communications, told Adweek. “So we really used that as a starting point: ‘What does the world feel like this year? How does that impact our listeners differently?’”

Minor said the creative team wanted to balance an acknowledgment of the pandemic conditions with an upbeat attitude.

“We wanted to make sure that it felt like it was a positive thing that it wasn’t necessarily a forlorn, sentimental holiday—something different,” Minor said. “You can still have those connections with friends; you can still have the connection for family. It’s just going to be a different perspective.”

As for the decision to cast Sia in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it background part as one of the callers in a Zoom holiday party, Minor said the team was looking for someone instantly recognizable to create a head-turning moment. “Like in 2020, of course, Sia would just be attending your video conference party. Why wouldn’t she be?”

Pandora previously ran a brand campaign in May that catered specifically to a surge of users tuning in from smart-home devices for the first time. Since then, it has developed a widely watched virtual concert series that Minor said will likely extend even beyond the pandemic’s eventual end.

“[The pandemic] forced us to pivot and to do things that we previously hadn’t had to do. And what’s been great about that is that we aren’t going back. We’re only going to continue going forward,” Minor said. “I don’t really see a day where we’ll go back to in-person only in an absence of the digital extension. This is going to be something that we continue to build on within our playbook.”

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