Primary account holders will start out with the ability to add up to three secondary accounts
Oculus From Facebook

By David Cohen

11 mins ago

Oculus From Facebook said two of the most requested features from its virtual reality community will become an actual reality in February.

The social network’s VR unit will add multi-user accounts, or the ability for multiple accounts to log into a single headset, and app sharing, enabling users to share applications with other people on shared devices.

Oculus wrote in a blog post, “With these features, the primary account holder will be able to add secondary accounts to their device and share the apps they purchase with these secondary accounts. Not only will this enable safe sharing, but game progress and achievements will be personalized and saved separately for each account.”

The features will initially be rolled out on the Oculus Quest 2, with plans to extend them to all Quest users following testing.

Primary account holders will start out with the ability to add up to three secondary accounts, as well as to enable app sharing on a single device.

Oculus said it expects more households to opt for multiple Quest devices, so it plans to expand app sharing to three devices at a later date, adding, “As we receive consumer and developer feedback, we may adjust the number of devices and secondary accounts as necessary.”

For developers, apps currently in the Oculus Quest store will automatically be opted in to app sharing Feb. 13. In cases where apps are required to opt out for contractual or other reasons, developers must disable the feature by Feb. 12 via their Org Manager page. New Rift or Quest apps submitted to Oculus starting Feb. 13 must support app sharing.

Oculus wrote, “Multi-user and app sharing can help you reach more VR users, expand your community and promote your apps. To ensure these features are used as intended, we’ve established the following protections. These may change in the future as we incorporate feedback and suggestions from our community.”

Those protections are:

  • Primary account holders and secondary accounts must each log into shared devices via their own Facebook accounts to use multi-user and app sharing.
  • Secondary account holders can only access shared apps on the shared device, and not on their own headsets.
  • Only the secondary accounts on shared devices may use the primary user’s app entitlements, including in-app purchases or downloadable content.
  • Secondary account holders can purchase their own apps and content on the shared device, but those cannot be shared with the primary account holder or other secondary accounts.
  • Oculus users who enable app sharing can log into multiple devices simultaneously but cannot run the same app with their account on more than one device at a time.
  • Primary users cannot be changed without a factory reset.
  • Primary users can add secondary accounts, but secondary accounts cannot add other accounts.