Networking as Self-Care and More from Bayer Marketing Chief Patricia Corsi

Networking as Self-Care and More from Bayer Marketing Chief Patricia Corsi

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Patricia Corsi has learned many lessons throughout her career but the most important one is a lesson that has been right under all of our noses (when we were able to travel)– putting on your own oxygen mask first before helping others.

Having held many prominent roles in the CPG space before transitioning to the health industry as the Global Chief Marketing & Digital Officer of Bayer Consumer Health, Patricia is more than familiar with the tangible skills it takes to be a successful marketer. But it is her own personal beliefs and life experiences that have shaped her into the marketing force she is today. From being first exposed to leadership through her grandfather and father to embracing her Latin heritage instead of fighting the stereotype, Patricia offers something to the community that many leaders struggle to truly portray–sincerity.

Read on to find out more about how Patricia establishes genuine connections, the pivotal role education plays in her life, and why she believes in the power of yes when it comes to mental health and self-care.

Tell us about what you are doing now.

I am the Global Chief Marketing and Digital Officer for Bayer Consumer Health. Within my role, I am responsible for leading the digital transformation program across functions, driving the modernization of marketing with stronger creativity, and building capabilities in marketing, digital and sales to support the different teams serving our consumer and customer needs.

In a nutshell, my ambition is to humanize science with consumer centricity while embedding the learning and performance culture within the teams.

How did you get to where you are today?

The learnings and inspiring leadership from my grandfather and my father, both self-made entrepreneurs, had a massive impact on my values, principles and work ethics. I started working very early on with them and observed how they did the work and how they led their teams. They were truly servant leaders that had their customers, teams and communities at the heart of every decision. Courage has also been an important driver– courage to step into different roles, industries, countries, and places outside of my comfort zone.

Women often attribute much of their success to the support from the people they surround themselves with. How do you foster strong professional relationships as you grow in your career?

My most important support comes from my house – my husband and my son. My husband (who has moved jobs prioritizing my career and stopped working when we left Brazil over a decade ago) has been fundamental in my career development. I am also grateful for the friends, sponsors and mentors who continue to support and invest time in me–many of them ex-bosses who believe in my potential. It continues to motivate me to stay the course.

Deeply care about your connections and the way to foster those relationships will come naturally.

Fostering and keeping relationships strong is important. One thing that works for me is to connect when it makes sense, share ideas, ask for their point of views and offer any support I might be able to provide. Those connections are not driven by professional gain or interest. It is easy to connect when you genuinely care about the people you are talking to. Deeply care about your connections and the way to foster those relationships will come naturally.

What’s one way you’ve invested in yourself that’s had the most impact over the course of your career? What about within the past year?

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