Doug Melville, vp and head of D&I of Richemont.

By Doug Zanger

2 hours ago

For those on LinkedIn, Doug Melville, vp and head of D&I of Richemont, is a constant presence. Often, Melville raises some essential questions. The difference is that he spends time exploring their meanings. All that fits very much within Melville’s mantra of: “know better, do better.”

The idea is that people have a responsibility to disseminate wisdom to improve themselves while lifting their environments as well.

While at TBWA, Melville, an inaugural Adweek Champion award recipient, launched The Disruptor Series, a dynamic speaker platform that gave voice to a wide range of perspectives. Additionally, One Sandbox became a valuable search engine for diverse and multicultural businesses.

A Connecticut native, Melville is a voracious student of all subjects he sets his mind to. He noted that “if you don’t take information and use it for the better, it doesn’t help or serve any purpose to yourself or those around you.”