In One Continues Shot, VWs Hypnotic Ad Tells the History of Transportation

In One Continues Shot, VWs Hypnotic Ad Tells the History of Transportation

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Car brand Volkswagen taken a look back through history as inspiration for its latest cinematic spot “The Wheel,” which promotes its new electric model as like the latest step in the evolution of transportation.

The spot, by Johannes Leonardo, was shot in one take and features the use of a zoetrope—an old fashioned, pre-motion picture device that makes figures appear as though they are moving. It features a phenakistoscope and a praxinoscope—two other devices that offer the illusion of motion.

The opening frame begins by showing a spinning wheel before panning to show horses, a locomotive and finally an electric Volkswagen ID.4, which is presents as the latest revolution in auto technology. The car will be released for sale in March.

The final frame end with the message: “History and progress isn’t made until it is made for everyone.”

Johannes Leonardo was first appointed by the brand after the automaker was embroiled in the 2015 emissions scandal—which saw the business admit to “irregularities” in the testing of its diesel engines, which gave them false scores owing to devices which essentially cheated laboratory testing of emissions.

Its first work for the brand, in 2019, was titled “Hello Light” and acknowledged the brand’s mistakes while attempting to garner some forgiveness among consumers, who have widely slammed the brand. It showed a designer, working in the darkness, designing a new electric VW car with the message: “In the darkness, we found the light.”

It promised a “new era” of electric cars—a message which has been played out again in this latest spot, which positions the ID.4 as the latest step in the brand’s evolution.

Since it was appointed to the account, Johannes Leonardo said, Volkswagen’s brand scores have improved.

Brand avoidance scores had remained “stubbornly flat” at 25%, the agency said, but have decreased to their best levels since the scandal. Brand trust scores, meanwhile, have trended upward for the first time in five years.


Client: Volkswagen Group of America

President And CEO: Scott Keogh

EVP, Sales & Marketing: Duncan Movassaghi

SVP, Marketing: Kimberley Gardiner

Director, Brand and Retail Content: Jennifer Clayton

Manager, Advertising: Chanel Barresi

Senior Specialist, Brand Advertising: Annabel Lyon

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Film Production & Post Production

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