In A Divided Year, Australian Lamb Breaks Down the Walls to Bring People Together

In A Divided Year, Australian Lamb Breaks Down the Walls to Bring People Together

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After a year that physically divided those around the world, Australian Lamb is ushering in 2021 like, well, a very loud lamb bleating for unity.

A bombastic and inspired short film for Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA), “Make Lamb, Not Walls,” sees the continent in 2031, where giant walls have been built up between the states, a metaphor for the physical division due to the pandemic.

As people go about their daily lives, one older man is tempted by an aroma coming from the other side of his wall. He picks at a hole in the wall, and a lamb chop emerges. He takes a bite, setting off a chain of events.

Immediately, the walls begin to come down. Amid scenes of a frenzied public, regional Aussie in-jokes abound. There are country folk making fun of Sydney city slickers and references to Tasmanians as refugees. There’s even a poke at Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s ill-timed Hawaiian holiday during the 2019 Australian bushfires.

‘The smell of lamb in the morning’

The ad is full of subtle sight gags and movie checks. A vendor sells souvenirs with slogans that state “Wall You Need is Love” and “Another Brick in the Wall.” Braveheart and Apocalypse Now both get nods, with former Australian rules footballer Sam Kekovich blasting through the wall in a tank, declaring, “I love the smell of lamb in the morning.” There’s also a wink-worthy, well-placed hole in the wall on a swimmer mural.

The spot, which launches in the lead up to Australia Day (Jan. 26), builds on Australian Lamb’s “Share the Lamb” brand platform, an integrated campaign created by Accenture agency The Monkeys. 

Building diversity, tearing down walls

It’s the continuation of a series of annual ads that somehow seem to top the previous year’s efforts, like one touting the country’s diversity, one poking fun at colonialism, and one that unites Australia and New Zealand over the tender barbecued meat.

Graeme Yardy, domestic market manager at MLA, said, “2020 has been a year that has really tested the Australian spirit. For the first time in our history having hard borders between states has challenged how to stay connected as individuals and as a country. As a brand that celebrates unity and the power of coming together, this year in the ad, we wanted to remind Australians that we are always stronger together. Our hope for 2021 will be that the virtual get togethers of the last 12 months, will be replaced with an Aussie lamb barbie, the most unifying, and delicious meal of all.”

Creative director at The Monkeys, Scott Dettrick, added, “The last year has been so surreal that as a country we have come to accept that anything is possible. The idea of virtual borders becoming real ones in the near future feels more real than it probably should. The start of 2021 is a great time for us to reflect and bring people back together over some lamb wherever possible.”


Client – Meat & Livestock Australia

General Manager – Marketing and Insights: Nathan Low Domestic Market Manager: Graeme Yardy

Brand Manager: Anna Sharp

Assistant Brand Manager: Krystina Batt

Creative Agency – The Monkeys, part of Accenture Interactive

Group CEO and Co-Founder: Mark Green Managing Director: Matt Michael

Group Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder: Scott Nowell Executive Creative Director: Vince Lagana

Creative Director: Scott Dettrick

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