By Ro Kalonaros

8 mins ago

When Anisha Raghavan landed the Walgreens Boots Alliance role, she was originally not looking to become a CMO just yet. She was actually pursuing new interests: she’d just made a leap to a consumer tech startup to broaden her skills and was side-hustling as an oceanography research intern studying humpback whale behavior when she was approached by executive recruiters for CMO roles.

Anisha’s journey to CMO started back in a moment a lot like this one. It was the 2001 Recession and she lost her first post-college job before she’d even started it — and then came 9/11. But that didn’t deter her. Anisha moved to New York just two weeks later with a three-ring binder full of conversations she’d had with folks in the industry and landed a job at Grey Advertising a month after.

From there, she’s made a name for herself at brands like Unilever and PepsiCo, with expertise spanning traditional brand marketing and digital marketing. She’s helped launch incredible work like MAKERS and built entire marketing practices from scratch for brands like StriVectin.

Hear about Anisha’s passion for this industry, masterclass in networking, her unique view of the CMO role, and how she’s building culture within her new team in her new CMO role at Walgreens Boots Alliance.

Ro Kalonaros

Ro Kalonaros leads content for Omnicom’s global internal knowledge sharing platform, OMC Hive.