FitTrack Campaign Connects Body Positivity With Health Benefits

FitTrack Campaign Connects Body Positivity With Health Benefits

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The past couple of years have been a boon for body positivity, with the likes of Lizzo, Tess Holliday and Jameela Jamil giving confidence to people of all body types. Health management tech company FitTrack shows that having an affirmative body attitude can also be synonymous with good health.

Instead of promoting crash diets and making people feel guilty about their weight this new year, FitTrack helps bust industry myths and reshape “healthy” perceptions with its “Live Your True Health” global campaign.

The campaign is based on the insight that true health is not one-size-fits-all. To explain that concept, the company worked with Toronto-based agency The Garden to create the hero video “One Size Fits One,” featuring people who don’t fit the traditional image of fit. A voiceover says, “The perfect body—washboard abs, the less you weigh the healthier you are. We’ve all been sold a lie.”

The action shows people of all shapes and sizes working out, pushing themselves to the limit with acrobatic headstands and aerobic flips as the script states, “Your weight does not define you,” before stating that FitTrack features 17 health metrics unique to each body.

The cast of real people is also featured in digital and OOH ads with headlines such as “Checking Your LBS is BS,” “Turn the Scales on Weight,” and “Take the Pounds off the Pedestal.”

“The campaign takes a firm stance against the misinformation spread by the health and fitness industry—that your weight is synonymous with your health,” said Shari Walczak, co-founder, The Garden. “By showcasing real people of all shapes and sizes doing extraordinary, athletic things with their bodies, we busted the weight stereotype and reshaped perceptions of health.”

The “Live Your True Health” integrated campaign debuted on FitTrack’s Instagram page, inviting followers across all campaign markets to rethink “healthy.” The campaign, launched in the U.S., France and Spain, includes broadcast, online videos, an influencer campaign featuring Khloe Kardashian, and a #ShareTheScale social challenge.

“We knew we had tapped into a real truth when hundreds of people bravely took on our challenge to share the number on their scale in order to start a bigger conversation about the true picture of health,” added Francheska Galloway-Davis, associate creative director and art director, The Garden.


Campaign title: Live Your True Health

Client: FitTrack

Creative agency: The Garden

Chief creative officer: Shane Ogilvie

Chief strategy officer: Shari Walczak

Associate creative director, art director: Francheska Galloway-Davis

Associate creative director, copywriter: Lindsay Eady

Strategy director: Jenn Munoz

Business lead: Sam Sabatini

Project lead: Julia Zammit

Studio director: Jamie Morren

Producers: Jen Mete and Julian Weiman

Director: Clay Stang

Director of photography: Angel Navarro

Editor: Kat Webber

Post-production and VFX: Artjail

Colorist: Clinton Homuth

Flame artists: Andrew Thiessen and Dan Margules

Motion graphics: Bill Fowler

Audio production: Didier Tovel, SNDWRX

Casting: Shasta Lutz, Jigsaw Casting

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