Facebook Rolls Out New Experience for Pages of Creators, Public Figures, Subject Matter Experts

Facebook Rolls Out New Experience for Pages of Creators, Public Figures, Subject Matter Experts

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Facebook Wednesday introduced a revamped experience for the pages of creators, public figures and subject matter experts on its platform.

The social network said the changes were implemented to make it easier for those people or organizations to build up their communities and achieve their business objectives.

The new streamlined layout for those pages will make it easier for people to see the page biography, posts and other important information, while providing a clearer distinction for the page owners and administrators between their personal profiles and the public page.

News Feed is coming to pages for the first time, enabling admins and owners of impacted pages to discover and join conversations, engage with fans, follow trends and interact with peers.

The new dedicated News Feed for these pages will also suggest new connections for the page admins and owners, including groups, pages, other public figures and trending content.

Comments from public figures will be bumped to the top of comments in the dedicated News Feed, and people will be able to follow pages directly via comments and recommendations posts.

A new text-based question-and-answer format was introduced to support richer and more interactive discourse.

Facebook said likes are being removed in favor of followers, as the latter represents the people who receive updates from pages, giving admins and owners a better look at their actual fan base.

New page management features were rolled out, including the ability to more clearly assign and manage admin access permissions based on specific tasks, such as ads, community activity/messages, content and insights.

The social network said it improved its ability to detect and filter hate speech comments; impersonator accounts; phishing; and sexual, spammy and violent content, and it is developing additional moderation capabilities.

Finally, Facebook said comments from verified pages on public posts from other pages will appear higher in the comments section and be visible in News Feed.


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