The campaign was developed in-house by the Facebook Creative X team

By David Cohen

43 mins ago

Facebook’s “More Together” initiative continues with end-of-year on-platform spot “Here We Are,” part of a campaign called “A Year to Remember and a Year to Forget.”

“It’s been an unprecedented year, to say the least,” vice president of marketing for the Facebook application Samantha Wu told Adweek. “This piece of work wraps up the whole year.”

The campaign was developed in-house by the Facebook Creative X team, and it debuts on the social network’s various platforms Monday.

“We saw people come together on our platform to connect, build and find community in some of the most inspiring and creative ways,” Wu said. “Connections would not have been possible and communities would not have thrived without this platform. This piece of film shows how people have come together through all of the challenges.”

Facebook features and uses of them featured in the spot include fundraisers, learning new hobbies with the help of groups and enabling people to make their voice heard.

“A lot of brands are shooting end-of-year pieces to wrap the year,” Wu said. “The stories we tell are very unique and differentiated. We wanted to juxtapose the loneliness people have been feeling while social distancing with the warmth of the community—take that loneliness and create a sense of warmth and community through how people are using our product experiences. There are these amazing stories happening about real people: I can’t tell them fast enough.”

“Here We Are” also focuses on Facebook’s inclusive and dynamic communities and how the social network makes it easier for people to do more together even while they are apart.

Wu concluded, “The inspiration is not, ‘Rah-rah, everything is going to be tetter tomorrow’—the inspiration is, ‘We’re going to get through this.’ The power of this brand is about people and what they can achieve with each other. Even when we are physically apart, we are actually still together.”



Facebook Creative X:

  • Lead creatives: Bruno Nakano, Naz Nazli
  • Producers: Malvika Agarwal, Darryl Hagans
  • Program managers: Rachel Greenlee, Courtney Hori
  • Business affairs managers: Sarah Henning, Russ Nadler
  • Creative directors: Jan Jaworski, Garrett Jones
  • Head of creative, Facebook app: Sue Anderson
  • Executive producer: Mallory Gordon
  • Head of program management: Adrienne Walpole

Social marketing:

  • Consumer product marketing managers: Josephine Lochbaum, Amee Shah
  • Social marketing lead: Jason Bedecarre
  • Director of integrated consumer marketing, Facebook app: Stacy General
  • Vice president, consumer brand and product marketing, Facebook app: Samantha Wu
  • Community managers: Kendra Levy, Chloe Shaughnessy

Brand strategy:

  • Director, brand foundations, Facebook app: Diego Figueroa
  • Social marketing strategist: Heidi Keel

Communications planning and media investment and communications:

  • Communications planner: Brenda Lawrence
  • Consumer communications manager: Bjorn Trowery

Production: Stink Digital

  • Director: Jones
  • President: Daniel Bergmann
  • Executive producer: Mungo Maclagan
  • Producer: Mark Hall
  • Cinematographer: Chris Westlund
  • Assistant director: Craig Pinckes
  • Projectionist: Daniil Zoryn
  • Postproduction supervisor: Camila Doimo
  • Editor: Rami D’Aguiar

Lime Studios:

Mixing: Satelite Audio

Casting: Salt & Lime

  • Casting director: Chrissy Glickman