Facebook Adds New Features for Group Admins

Facebook Adds New Features for Group Admins

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Facebook will begin introducing several features for group administrators in the coming days.

The social network is changing the format of topics for groups from tags to hashtags, giving admins and members a more familiar way to categorize and browse content.

Facebook said in a blog post, “Facebook groups are home to many valuable conversations, insights and ideas, but organizing posts so that people can easily find what matters to them can be a challenge. To help with this, we’re making changes to post topics.”

Topics can be created by admins or member, by adding hashtags to keywords or phrases when crafting posts.

When group members click on those topics, they will be brought to a page featuring content with that topic.


Admins can add up to five topics to members’ posts, up from one. If post approval is activated, they can do so from the pending post queue.

The most important and relevant topics to the group can be pinned, and members will see those pinned topics in the Add Topic section when crafting their posts, as well as at the top of the topics list (accessible via the Topics button at the top of the group) and in the Topics in This Group area.

The social network said admins using the existing tag version of topics will receive the option to begin using the new hashtag version and move their existing tags to the new format.

Admins who need a break can now temporarily pause commenting, posting, reacting or requesting to join their groups, and they have the option of sharing a post with group members to alert them.

They can select how long the pause will last. If a date is specified for the group to resume, that will occur automatically on that date, with the admin getting a notification.

Admins who decline pending posts can now add feedback explaining why they did so, including letting the poster know which group rules were violated.

Authors of those posts can then view this feedback, make changes to their posts and resubmit them.

They will not see who supplied the feedback, as it will only read that it was shared by “an admin.”

Finally, new details will be added to admins’ Activity Logs to give them the context needed to review moderation activity from a single destination. They will be able to click to see details on posts and member requests that were approved or declined, including feedback supplied by admins.

All the new features are being rolled out on Android, iOS and Facebook.com.

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