DoubleVerify Gets MRC Accreditation for Facebook, Instagram Impression, Viewability Measurement

DoubleVerify Gets MRC Accreditation for Facebook, Instagram Impression, Viewability Measurement

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By David Cohen

40 mins ago

The Media Rating Council extended DoubleVerify’s accreditations to include its impression and viewability measurement and reporting for display and video ads on Facebook and Instagram.

This marks the first time the MRC has accredited a third-party solution for integrated viewable impression measurement on a platform with the scale of Facebook.

DoubleVerify said its solution enables clients to see their media spend across all digital platforms and environments, calling the MRC accreditation an important step toward more transparency within the industry.

Ad placements covered on Facebook and Instagram include display and video creative served within Facebook’s News Feed on desktop and its mobile applications, as well as those served via Facebook’s and Instagram’s mobile apps.

The MRC first established its viewability standard in 2014, and it helps brands ensure that they only pay for inventory that is likely to have been seen.

DoubleVerify first received MRC accreditation in February 2013 for its impression quality suite of services and desktop display viewability. Followed in 2015 by desktop video ad viewability and invalid traffic for both desktop and mobile web, and in 2017 by detection of invalid traffic within mobile apps.

DoubleVerify chief operating officer Matt McLaughlin said in a statement, “Being the first to achieve accreditation for third-party measurement on a large digital platform such as Facebook is an attestation of DoubleVerify’s commitment to reliable and accurate processes and methodologies across our platform and company. This has been a multiyear project, which included auditing of Facebook, as well as DoubleVerify, and we are proud to be the first accreditation of an integration with Facebook’s apps and technologies.”

MRC executive director and CEO George W. Ivie added, “The MRC’s accreditation of DoubleVerify for its integrated viewability measurement on the Facebook and Instagram platforms represents a major achievement. This first-of-its-kind MRC accreditation—which resulted from an end-to-end audit that included elements of both Facebook’s data collection and transmission and DoubleVerify’s ingestion, processing and reporting of that data—can give advertisers and others who rely on it the assurances they need that independent, third-party advertising measurement is achievable today on large digital platforms.”

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