Divi WordPress Theme – What You Need To Know

Divi WordPress Theme – What You Need To Know

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Divi WordPress Theme – What You Need To Know


Designing a new wordpress website from scratch is a lot of work.

That’s why the responsive theme comes with ready to use websites.

All you have to do is import a ready site, edit it and launch your website.

This lifestyle and fashion blog layout makes our list of the best wordpress themes because it’s so simple, elegant and easy to learn for bloggers that need a perfect way to showcase images as a main feature of their content.

This wordpress theme comes with over ten built-in blog layouts to choose from and mailchimp support for easily creating email signup forms and collecting subscribers for your list.

The advanced theme options panel in noemi lets you customize various aspects of your blog and features an unlimited color scheme aid to help enrich the appearance of your website. Price: $49 (for one site).

Sometimes when building a site it’s best to go with a specialized theme.

However, this isn’t the optimal option for everyone, especially when you need a lot of customization work and are not a developer.

In that case, you might be better served to turn to the best flexible wordpress themes out there that give you a choice as to what kind of site you want to build.

Fully customizable wordpress themes allow you to realize the vision of your site by providing all the tools you need.

More importantly, they do so without requiring you to become a developer first. Instead, they give power into the hands of everyday users to make their website dream become reality.

In our list above, you find a lot of themes that fit that description.

They come with loads of customization options that help you build unique websites via point and click instead of writing code.

Even the ones that are more aimed at beginners still put a premium on making changes easy and painless.

If you are looking for the best flexible wordpress themes to make your project reality, you are now hopefully one step closer.

What are your favorite multi-purpose wordpress themes? anything to add to the list above? let us know in the comments section below!.

Esteem is a simple and easy to use website template that you can use for blogging or showcasing a portfolio.

You can set this theme into boxed or wide layout.

It also offers users unlimited theme color options to help them change the look of their website and set their brand apart from the competition.

This theme includes 2 custom templates: the first one is custom-built to display your content or products, while the other one is created as your contact page.

Esteem also supports custom logo and site title, to supplement the changes that you made in the color scheme of your theme.

By taking advantage of its custom logo and title, you are able to attract the attention of your target audience and establish brand recognition.

This theme has a completely customizable header image that lets you display contents or images that could boost user engagement in your website.

Esteem supports wordpress custom background feature and custom css.

It has a full screen slider right at the homepage of your website.

This theme also offers 3 different blog options, 5 custom widgets and contact form 7 ready.

It also has implemented the breadcrumb trail, an alternative navigation scheme that arranges your website in a hierarchical manner.

This theme is translation ready, perfect for individuals, agencies or businesses that are targeting local market.

Lastly, they offer brilliant support to assist their users in building and managing their website. More info / download demo.

Category: corporate, education modernize has started a whole new age in wordpress theme creation.

It is full of features and is a multi-purpose theme that could serve very different areas just as well.

Our tests show that the people are most used to seeing this theme filled with business, or educational content, due to the clean and simple design which sets the focus entirely on the text. View live demo.

Speed is one of the most important aspects of any website.

When a site loads fast, visitors are impressed and it ranks well in search results.

Google itself even states the importance of page speed on the google webmaster central blog.

But if you want to run a fast wordpress site, you’re going to need a fast wordpress theme.

Most #wordpress websites with lightning-quick loading times are built on themes that are lightweight and flexible.

Click to tweet the best wordpress themes even stay fast as you grow and add to your website over time.

And gaining access to a fast wp theme doesn’t necessarily mean paying for something expensive.

There are a number of fast loading free wordpress themes listed here alongside fast themes for video backgrounds, magazines, newspapers, blogs, businesses, e-commerce online shops, and more.

If you want to stay ahead of the curve, these super fast wordpress themes are sure to have a few options for your site.

Our team at wp buffs helps website owners , agency partners , and freelancer partners make their wordpress sites fast.

Whether you need us to manage 1 website or support 1000 client sites, we’ve got your back.

Envision your favorite website.

Does it have a theme? is the content organized in a way that makes sense?

Does it match the overall aesthetic and look of the company’s branding?

are there images and other visual features paired with the written content?

all of these elements, which are common on successful websites, can easily be implemented on your own site with the help of a theme or template.

And for those who create (or plan to create) your website on wordpress, there’s even better news — the software makes it exceptionally easy to implement a theme or template on your site.

WordPress has an entire library of plugins and theme options available for you to install and use instantly.

With these themes and templates, your business — no matter the size or industry — can have a website with a unique and visually pleasing appearance.

Below, we’ve listed 27 of the best wordpress themes and templates and categorized them by type.

Whether you’re looking for a multi-purpose theme or one made for e-commerce, creative content, or niche work, there is an option that will help you achieve the look and organization you are hoping for on your website.

Uploading a Custom or Third-Party Theme


Traditionally theme customisations are achieved through coding. This means people have to choose either for a theme that closely matches their desired design, or are forced to hire somebody with the necessary skills in web design. This is where website builders come in. Awebsite builder is a tool that enables a person without the necessary web design skills to perform all kinds of theme customisations. All our wordpress themes we’re created with just such a tool. And if you use one of our themes you will get access to the exact same website builder we’ve used ourselves when designing the theme. Browse themes publication date: 30 dec 2019 with the advent of website builders, the traditional role of wordpress themes has become more unclear. This article tries to provide a general definition of what a wordpress theme does. After we’ve established this definition we compare it to three popular themes out there: astra, oceanwp and hello. Read more publication date: 27 dec 2019 as of 2020 we’re going to start offering the astra wordpress theme on all of our servers. Astra is one of the most popular themes worldwide with over half a million downloads. Its is a great stepping stone into broadening our products and services by welcoming a third party provider with a proven track record. Read what’s in store in the coming year. Read more publication date: 19 dec 2019 we’ve got an exciting release this week. Both a new release of wordpress and improved compatibility with your favorite seo plugin yoast seo needed a new theme release. Read more.

When it comes to making a selection for a restaurant for dinner, lunch or any party then people become so finicky. They do a proper research about your restaurant before doing a reservation or visiting your restaurant. Atantalizing website which is just amazing as your appetizing food proved to be fruitful. It will not only made them available with all the relevant information about your restaurant but also enthrall them to visit your restaurant. It will also let your potential customers know about your honorable ubiquity in the marketplace. Restaurant wordpress themes will help you in accomplishing this task. We have designed a lot of restaurant wordpress themes by using which you can design a glamorous website. All the themes are designed with incorporating various sections. Like photo galleries of your appetizing dishes, menu pages, online reservation, contact info and timing page. Various widgets are incarnated so that you can check online reviews as well. Responsive design ensures that your restaurant website will have an amazing look on mobile, laptop, desktop and any other device.

Xhas some excellent, exciting extra features highly customizable variety of designs x is a paid wordpress theme suitable for all types of websites. The theme comes with four categories of built-in demos. Each of these themes cover a wide variety of potential projects. This means that no matter what you have in mind, x more than likely has a design suited to your needs. Xcomes with cornerstone, one of the most popular wordpress web page builders. The drag and drop feature is easy to use. Users are able to see exactly what their page will look like live as they are building. This enables users to change and edit while building their site. There are a huge number of customization options, with which users can build a unique webpage. Xcomes with a feature called ‘the customizer’. This is a handy tool as many premium themes come with their own theme options page that are not entirely compatible with wordpress. ‘the customizer’ is highly intuitive. It integrates seamlessly with wordpress. It will help you to customize the look and feel of your website. There is also dynamic content, which comes in handy when building out content throughout your site. The regular license for x is $59 (£31) which includes future updates and 6 months customer support. Users can opt to extend support to 12-months for an additional $17. 63 (£13. 4). Create a great website with this simple to use multi-purpose theme front-end page builder point and click editing no coding skills required divi is a multi-purpose theme. It has website options for most users and is highly customizable. The theme comes with woocommerce functionality. The drag and drop feature allows users to include pricing tables, video sliders, tabs and videos. Arating module is also available. Users can access a variety of pre-built layouts. These range from creating a sales page, multiple blog layouts and a variety of portfolio types. Divi is one of the few wordpress themes to include a front-end page builder tool with point and click editing. This gives users instant feedback on any editing that takes place. Users can upload logos, choose a new color palette, decide how many posts are displayed on a page and setup social media integrations amongst others. Newer users will find divi particularly simple to use as you don’t need any coding skill or any former experience building websites. The user-friendly interface makes this process seamless. You can also optimize any page element to your liking with various css options. Divi allows you to use multiple rows, columns and content elements. All layouts are fully responsive. The theme comes with an impressive array of content elements which include audio player, bar counter, blog, number counter, shop, testimonial and contact form amongst others. Divi can also be translated into more than 30 languages such as chinese, arabic, czech, russian and spanish. Users can try a demo version of divi for free. Users can also purchase a one-year subscription to all of elegant themes’ products for $89 (£67. 69). There is also a lifetime option for $249 (£187. 4). You can sign up for divi here uncode uncode supports a vast array of websites and plugins multi-purpose theme some customization issues uncode is a multi-purpose theme suitable for most users. The theme offers users a huge variety of website demos. These include classic, portfolio, blog and ecommerce layouts. Uncode’s images are fully adaptive so that they adjust automatically to whatever screen size they are being viewed on. Users can edit their demos through the wpbakery page builder plugin. They can also access to the handy drag and drop content editor. Uncode is compatible with most third-party plugins. The themes large media library makes it easier for users to embed any type of media to your wordpress site. Uncode has over 6 different menu types with advanced options. These include top right, justify, left, center, overlay, offcanvas and lateral. The theme is wpml certified and offers rtl (right to left) support. The premium themes included are vc page builder, vc clipboard, vc particles, layerslider, slider revolution and ilightbox. In the recent updates, new features are available like animated headlines, highlighting effects and frontend editor, among other things. You can purchase for $59 (£44. 87) and includes future updates and 6 months support. If you want to extend support to 12 months, an additional $17. 63 (£13. 3) is needed. Some online commentators have expressed frustration over difficulties with customization. The core makes websites setup easy and quick even for ecommerce platforms three different sliders no front-end page builder the core is a multi-purpose theme which requires no coding skills. The theme has been built on the unyson network to aid with customization. Users have access to the fully featured page builder. This allows you to edit the demos that are included or create new layouts to suit your needs. The core theme includes demo content install. Users can choose from three different sliders: slider revolution, layers slider and its own custom-built slider. The theme is retina ready and fully responsive. Users can edit the colors of their theme using simple color pickers. The core is also fully compatible with the woocommerce plugin. Users have access to google’s free collection of fonts. You can also choose to use the sticky header to ensure your menu bar always remains visible no matter how far down you scroll. The core is translation ready and is compatible with wpml. Support is available through live chat 24/7 or email. There are also over 100 support articles. Users can purchase the theme for $49 (£37. 26). Online commentators have lamented the lack of a front-end page builder. Food lovers will enjoy the mouth-watering layout of this pro theme detailed tutorials uses genesis framework expensive foodie pro helps users to create a beautiful blog based around all sorts of culinary delights. It is created by the genesis framework. This means your website will have a solid combination of this framework along with wordpress. The theme comes with a huge amount of typography and color options. Users can build their site using up to 3 homepage and 5 site wide widget areas. These can be customized to fit around your brand. The theme allows users to upload their own logo with one click. There is also full support for text-based logos. Foodie pro’s ‘theme customizer’ allows users to customize the theme’s settings, colors and backgrounds images. The ‘foodie pro theme’ can be purchased for $129. 95 (£98. 85) for one year. This includes the genesis framework, foodie pro theme, instant access, unlimited updates, supports, sites and access to detailed tutorials. If this is not enough, users can avail of the ‘pro plus membership’ for $499. 95 (£380. 22). This includes all the ‘foodie pro theme’ has to offer plus access to every theme the company makes including future themes.

If you are looking for an affordable collection of niche wordpress themes followed by timely support, then you should really consider cssigniter. Syed balhki wpbeginner. Com cssigniter is clearly one of the best theme shops on the market. Expect to get quality products and to be assisted by a friendly team when you need help. Ionut neagu codeinwp if you build a new wordpress website, choosing the right theme is very important. Alot of themes offer too many functions or are based on third party elements, with the result that your new website becomes slow and less flexible. If you decide to work with a theme from cssigniter, you’ll make the right choice: a fast and flexible wordpress theme without any “bloat”. We love the themes from cssigniter and we will use them more and more in the future. Olaf lederer finalwebsites as a first time site owner and wordpress user, i was looking for simplistic layout to work with and to learn from, yet, would also be engaging to my audience. The olsen light theme and its’ support team has been amazing through this learning curve for me, and has supplied everything i’ve needed to make the vision for my blog become a reality. It’s been easy to customize anything within this theme, from the colors to the mobile views, all the while using very minimal plugins too! samantha victoria @fernveil love the simple and minimalistic theme with flexible customisation. Support is amazing, i have basically no knowledge on css but the support team responded quickly and explained everything in detail. Thank you! delicacy of a unicorn delicacyofaunicorn. Com i was looking for a clean modern template for my blog and then i came across olsen. It was exactly what i was looking for. The support is asolutely phenomenal as well! the moderness themoderness. Com love this theme, it was super easy to set up and the end results is something i’m very happy with. Ihad a little hang up with the sidebar and the support i received was superb! within a few hours they got back to me every time. I’ll be back again and again for more amazing themes! amber janke thewaxpert. Com i use the sun resort theme for my hotel website. Iam very satisfied with the support and the theme installation / configuration was really easy! rouista resort rouista. Com i’m not a developer, but i am pretty tech-savvy. When it comes to building and managing sites, i needed something well beyond wysiwyg but less intense than custom-build. WordPress hit the sweet spot for a cms, and cssigniter’s themes and ecosystem of other goodies (e. G. Elementorism, plugins) were a great balance of powerful + simple. Ican spin up a customized theme in under a day now that i know my way around cssigniter’s core approach to themes. And if i can’t figure out a customization, the incredible support forum will have an answer or a troubleshooting approach within hours. Final girl press finalgirl. Ca.

January 1, 2020 / collections /by brenda barron / 4 comments you’ll often hear comments in the wordpress theme world that free themes are risky because they aren’t supported as well, or they are sometimes designed by amateur developers. In some respect this is true, so it’s very important for you to ensure that your free wordpress theme is a quality design with decent support. After all, a premium theme generally has solid code and a constant support team to help you out when you’re in trouble. However, some free wordpress themes are just too sweet to pass up. Some of them are not only awesome looking, but they provide functionality better than some of the themes you would have to pay for. That’s what we’re looking at today, a group of over 70 free wordpress themes that you can proudly call your own, for the price of nothing. Free themes are ideal for hobbyists, bloggers and people who simply want to make an online journal of their thoughts, but they also work wonders for legitimate businesses that want to save some cash for other endeavors. From parallax effects to beautiful booking pages, each one of these themes has powerful components to make you think twice about paying for a theme. So, without further ado, keep reading to learn more about the best free wordpress themes on the market. Airi is a new wordpress theme that features a beautiful, spacious design with plenty of white space and clean typography that makes it easy for readers to focus on the content. The header area has a full-width banner image which is perfect for sharing your business tagline or mission along with a call to action that prompts visitors to get in touch with you or fill out an inquiry form. Next, you’ll notice there is a brief section that allows you to share a brief company history and an area where you can feature your services as well as testimonials from past clients and customers. The airi theme is perfect for freelancers, agencies, startups, and small business but there is one feature that makes airi more than just a business wordpress theme. Airi comes with full elementor integration which means you can easily use this theme for any type of website. Thanks to elementor’s drag and drop interface, you can easily add elements to your pages and posts to create any type of layout. What’s more, airi also integrates with woocommerce so you can start selling digital and physical products on your site. On top of all that, airi comes with live customizer so you can easily tweak colors, fonts, backgrounds, and more. This theme is also responsive and translation-ready. The sydney theme is designed for companies and freelancers who want to present a strong online presence. The customization options are rather expansive, with options for google fonts, logo uploads and more. The full screen slider works nicely for those who want to show off large images or promotional banners, while the full color control offers the ultimate branding environment. Sticky navigation helps people move through your site, and the front page blocks act as somewhat of a drag and drop interface for professionally designing a clean interface. The theme is responsive for those who want to view the site on mobile devices, and it comes with over 600 google fonts for modifying your typography. Sydney is completely translation ready for reaching out to those who don’t speak your languages, and the parallax background adds a creative aspect to your site. You can choose between a static image or slider, and implement social icons to send customers to your facebook and twitter pages. If you’re looking for a modern and fast theme that also works with your favorite page builder, look no further than the neve theme. This theme is compatible not only with page builder plugins like site origin, divi, elementor, and brizzy, but it’s also compatible with gutenberg. As far as design goes, the theme features a clean design that makes your content stand out so it’s perfect for small businesses, freelancers, and agencies that want to improve their conversion rate. You can customize the color, fonts, and other visual styles and choose from a variety of background possibilities which include sliders, images, video, and more. The neve theme also offers mega menus so you can easily organize your navigation and add as many pages as you want without overwhelming your visitors. On top of that, the theme has been optimized to load fast and is fully responsive. You can install demo content with a single click and you can refer to help documentation, forum and video tutorials if you need help setting it up. What makes the neve theme stand out from other free themes is the fact that on top of support documentation, you can also get support from the authors as well. All things considered, the neve theme is definitely worth checking out if you want a fast, clean, easy to use theme that was also optimized for the search engines.

For a free solution, the talon theme is pretty impressive. When you take a look at the demo you’ll notice that the large header takes up the majority of the screen. This header works as a slider or static image, giving you a little versatility with your design.

In addition, you receive a simple menu and some overlaying text on the header image, making it suitable for call to actions. Both buttons and icons are plentiful through the talon theme, removing the need to go out and find your own.

It’s also cool because you get some charts and graphs for visualizing data. Ameet the team module sits on the homepage, showing off pictures of the people who work for you, along with links to their social media pages.

Feature testimonials in one of the rows, and include a portfolio with filters. The theme options are wonderful for adjusting colors and fonts, while the google fonts are there for improving the way your typography looks. Several icons are packaged in with the talon theme, and you receive some translation files for connecting with people who don’t speak your language. Along with page builder support and a widgetized footer, you can’t go wrong with the talon theme.

The zakra theme is a stylish, modern, and responsive theme that can be used for multiple industries. The theme comes with several demos that range from business to e-commerce demos.

You can also use zakra to create a personal or a corporate blog.

The theme is very flexible and includes a gorgeous header area where you can add a background image along with a call to action that directs your visitors to your most important page.

There is also plenty of space to feature what your business has to offer as well as the ability to showcase team members, testimonials, client logos, and stylish counters.

The zakra theme comes with support for elementor page builder plugin and the new wordpress editor, gutenberg. On top of that, it’s gdpr-ready and can be easily customized. You can set a custom brand color as well as choose between several different header styles.

Other customization options include 7 widget areas, general layout options, and plenty of typography options.

The zakra theme is optimized for seo which will help you rank better in the search engines, loads fast, and includes demo content so you can speed up the design and set up process.

When looking at free themes it helps to mark down all of the features you would expect from a premium solution.

In the case of hestia, the premium features are rather impressive. Yet, you don’t have to pay anything to download hestia and launch it on your wordpress site. Starting off, the theme has a simple, material design for quick setups and beautiful user interactions.

The responsive layout looks wonderful on all mobile devices, and the multi-purpose functionality ensures that all sorts of businesses can take advantage of it. Iwould recommend the theme to startups and small businesses, as it provides a beautiful slider area for your promotions and explaining what your business is all about. In addition, you can talk about your employees and testimonials for a more personable feel. The main reason you might go with the hestia wordpress theme is because of the woocommerce integration. This brings up elegant and intriguing product listings, with a focus on galleries. The drag and drop content builder is designed for developers of all experience levels.

Obviously beginners don’t want to work with code, and advanced designers want to speed up their process. Some translation tools are included with the theme, and you get custom background settings for branding your site with your own pictures. The one-click install is a bonus, and the mega menus serve as wonderful tools for sending people to hundreds of other pages on your site.

Overall, the hestia theme has great potential, so we can’t recommend it enough. The flash wordpress theme is free, flexible and completely ready for your multipurpose needs.

The responsive theme looks like the ideal solution for any business interested in a modern and professional website. Some of the main features include a built-in drag and drop page builder, which is particularly rare with free themes. The flash toolkit plugin combines nicely with the over six widget areas, since both of them let you organize your widgets and other website elements for a more comfortable interface.

This truly is a free theme that’s jam-packed with premium features. For example, you get over 11 custom widgets, and the about page is ready for you to fill in information about your company. The services widget uses icons and images to display your services, and the logo can be uploaded quickly. We enjoy the call to action widget, since it’s a little easier than shortcodes when it comes to making your own buttons. The theme includes a spot for showing off your testimonials, and it has a spot for your team member information, revealing pictures and biographies for those who work behind the scenes.

What’s more is that a full, filterable portfolio comes along with the flash theme, just in case you plan on wooing clients with your past work. The slider comes in handy for displaying banner images, and the animated number counter serves those who want to brag about how many clients and projects they have. Along with a full blog, beautiful color options, woocommerce support, and social buttons, the feature-set for flash looks better than ever.

The madd magazine theme features a stunning grid-based layout which is perfect for any online magazine website. You can easily share popular and featured stories from multiple categories. Thanks to several ad areas on the site, you can easily monetize your website with third-party ads. The theme also supports video and audio posts so you can share news in various formats.

The theme is fully responsive so your readers can enjoy the content no matter which device they’re using. In terms of customization, you can customize colors, fonts, upload your own logo image, and more. There are also numerous widgets that you can add to your sidebars and any other widgetized area on your site. The madd magazine theme is optimized for seo and designed to load fast. The astrid theme is a beautiful choice if you’re looking for a free wordpress theme with several business elements that make your company look professional.

The color options and fonts are endless, empowering you to find your ideal branding solutions. In addition, the full width header image looks like something you would find in a paid theme, and it allows for you to present high resolution photos that represent what it is your company does. The custom widgets work nicely, while the powerful blog options ensure that you have a chance to improve your search engine rankings and connect with people who are looking for free content.

The impressive business layout has a widget for highlighting the people on your team, along with a module for talking about your services. You can even pair these services with icons to make your presentation look more visual. The astrid wordpress theme is ready for translation, meaning that people who don’t speak your language can still get a hold of your company. Woocommerce support is provided for selling items through your website, and the responsive design looks wonderful on all tablets and phones.

You’ll notice that the header module contains spots for call to action text and buttons, both of which improve your chances of converting customers. Talk about what your company does, and use visual graphs and counters to display just how many jobs you have done for customers you have worked with. The team member row has support for pictures and job titles, and the portfolio area reveals small thumbnail images of your projects, which then link to more information if users decide to click through. Along with testimonials, client listings and a beautiful footer module, the astrid wordpress theme looks like a premium option, but you don’t have to pay a dime.

Alist about free wordpress themes wouldn’t be complete without a mention of greatmag. This is the ideal solution for those trying to make a sleek and user-friendly magazine, regardless of the industry you’re writing about. Greatmag is a visually-focused theme, with a responsive design and an onslaught of large featured images scattered throughout the homepage.

The theme has social media buttons for building your followings, and you gain access to advertisement space in case you’d like to make a little money for your work. The theme features several bundled widgets for organizing the article on the homepage, and the google fonts are great for making your text look good. The greatmag theme has translation ready elements for switching languages depending on who you’re writing for. Alatest news ticker resides above the header, giving you a chance to prompt followers when breaking news comes along.

The overall benefit of going with the greatmag theme is because it’s insanely clean and filled with widgets. Feel free to share a widget with your most recent posts or consider linking to the most popular articles on your page. We recommend the theme for anyone with a desire to get their feet wet with blogging or magazine writing.

The download won’t cost you any money and it gives you the basic tools for leaning the ropes. If considering a newspaper or magazine-style theme, the newsmag lite solution stands out regardless of what type of industry you’re writing about.

The theme includes social media buttons, which isn’t standard for many free themes. In addition, you can post banner ads for making a little money from your operation. Each of your categories are broken down with widgets, and the menus are completely customizable. The clean and modern magazine provides four blog page styles, and it works on all mobile devices. The theme is built using twitter bootstrap 3, and it incorporates font awesome icons for bold titles and branded writing.

Both contact forms and google maps can go on your contact page, while the custom front page delivers options like post banners, sliders, and block styles. The custom backgrounds and menus achieve both branding goals and navigational needs. You also gain access to items like popular post widgets, responsive video spots, custom colors, and dynamic widgets. Overall, the customization options are strong with this one.

Moesia works as a beautiful wordpress theme for businesses of all sizes, since it comes with eleven predefined blocks that you can place on your homepage to build the site you desire. Each of the blocks that go on the homepage have the ability to work with parallax backgrounds, which is great for grabbing attention when people come to your site. You can even set the background colors for the blocks. Several cool animations and effects are included with the theme, and the two blog layouts help with your visual presence.

In addition, moesia provides google fonts for you to choose your typography settings, along with a responsive layout for people to view the site on mobile devices like tablets and phones. Moesia also has translation ready features and custom widgets to build your site faster and reach out to new customers. Along with social integration and a custom header, the moesia theme is certainly an option to look into.

In terms of free wordpress themes, allegiant stands out for a few reasons. First of all, the theme has a beautiful, modern design, with a large header/slider module and icons to highlight your most popular services or products. It looks great for small businesses, marketing agencies and other organizations interested in a stylish website.

The full homepage slider is the first item your customers see, and you can adjust the slides to show off new promotions, products or features. Quite a few feature blocks are available for quickly inserting information about your business onto the homepage.

For example, one of them works nicely for sharing information about the people in your business, while another has images and text for talking about your past portfolio works. Testimonials come into play when you’re trying to convince potential clients to go with your company. Luckily, one of the content modules is made just for testimonials, allowing you to paste in a quote and publish it to your website. The majority of these modules come with the theme’s companion plugin, called cpo content types. It only takes a moment to install the plugin, and it’s completely free. Furthermore, the allegiant wordpress theme integrates with some of the more popular free wordpress plugins such as woocommerce (if you’re trying to build an ecommerce store,) yoast seo, wpml and contact form 7. Overall, the allegiant theme offers a neutral design for your business, along with the flexibility of a premium theme.

The anariel lite theme offers a clean layout for blogging and potentially for small businesses. The free wordpress theme has both modern and stylistic elements, with minimalist designs throughout. The whole point of the theme is to put your content first, before anything else. Therefore, you might have multiple blog posts with featured images on the homepage, all of them receiving a significant amount of space and time on the homepage. The good news is that the anariel lite theme can be upgraded if you really like the theme and would like additional features. This configuration also makes it easy for people to test the waters without having to pay for the premium theme. The premium version includes several impressive features such as the essential grid plugin, unlimited colors, revolution slider, premium support, and over 700 google fonts.

However, the anariel lite free version makes quite the case for becoming your go-to blogging platform. For instance, it has three different typography options, giving your blog more flavor and variety. It’s also responsive and retina ready, so there’s no worrying about whether or not users can see your content on mobile devices. Ialso like that the anariel lite theme provides multiple layouts, including a grid layout, boxed, or a default layout with sidebars. Google fonts are provided with the free theme, along with numerous social integrations and shortcodes. It’s also nice to see that the theme has support for audio and video posts. Some of the preconfigured blocks cut down on the amount of development time you spend. For example, the theme comes with an about us block, quote block, and an instagram block. That’s pretty much everything you need for a solid fashion, food, travel, or lifestyle blog. The hueman theme is a highly rated free theme that you can find directly from the wordpress theme library. The fully responsive theme works well for all blogs and magazines, and it has a header and footer for placing widgets with ease. The unlimited accent colors and widget areas improve the building experience, and the ten post formats add variety to your site as people scroll through your content. Localization support is included for translating your content, while social links ensure that customers are aware of the platforms you use to interact with followers. In addition, the hueman theme provides a nice tool for uploading logos, and the threaded comments help you keep the conversation going with your customers.

The phlox theme has a plentiful collection of features, some of which include a large slider, overlaying title text, call to action buttons, and social media buttons. The elegant and stylish theme can be downloaded for free on the averta website, giving people like photographers, bloggers, and travel writers an option to make a website for cheap. One of the main reasons we like phlox so much is because of the wide range of demos the developers have on the sales website. This gives you a great idea as to what you can do with the theme and how you might design it in the future. Several layouts, elements, and shortcodes are provided through the phlox theme, allowing you a considerable amount of flexibility and control.

You can also make a beautiful portfolio, in a modern and stylish way. The portfolio layout has filters and a decent amount of white space to put all of the focus on your work. You’ll also find layouts for travel bloggers, regular bloggers, food writers, and more.

The standard and easy to read typography means that you don’t have to spend hours finding the right font. The typography pairs well with the overall design, and this includes the titles and paragraph sizes. The new post formats include everything from galleries to images, and links to quotes. You can also insert a featured post slider right towards the top of your homepage.

This reveals a large image and some header text to convince users to click on and read a post. The improved image gallery doesn’t have to be used for a portfolio, but it’s definitely an option if you have one. The gallery provides fullscreen options, along with social integration tools and lightboxes. You’ll also have access to a full-featured page builder, with drag and drop tools and modules for things like maps, photos, and videos. Along with custom widgets, google fonts, and woocommerce compatibility, you can’t go wrong with phlox. The shopisle theme is completely free, but it provides some premium upgrades if you decide that you’d like more features. Starting out, the theme includes a responsive design for viewing on smaller devices. We like this for people on the go who would like to take a look at your products and services from a phone or tablet.

Not to mention, the majority of search engines give you a boost if your site is responsive. Localization files are packed into the theme, while the woocommerce integration gives you tools for constructing a beautiful online store. Sell digital and physical products, and use a payment processor to collect fees for all transactions. An easy contact form comes with the shopisle theme, meaning that you don’t have to go out and find a third party solution.

The about us page supports images and text, and it delivers an interesting take on the way that your brand will be presented to the public. One thing that’s amazing about the shopisle theme is that you receive a full screen header with parallax effects. Upload a high resolution image, and place buttons and text on top of the image to promote events and specials. Overall, this is going to serve as the gatekeeper for your website, so make it look beautiful! the shopping cart module is constantly shown towards the top of the site, while your latest product bundles are situated as widgets on the homepage.

Feel free to insert whatever widgets you desire, and watch as your best products are delivered in a stunning slideshow. Overall, the shopisle theme has tools for both online stores and informational sites. The imagery is impressive, and it doesn’t take much development knowledge to get a professional design. Vantage looks great for any type of business, particularly in the tech market. Not to mention, it’s completely free! to start, vantage provides a responsive layout for people who want to view your site while on the go.

Also, it integrates rather well with some of the more popular wordpress plugins such as pagebuilder and woocommerce. The woocommerce integration is actually one of the best features, since you can start selling items on your website without any problems. Many people use the free theme to build a portfolio, since it supports high resolution images and you can create a filterable grid with thumbnails and links to some of your best work. Not to mention, the custom background and custom menu allow for brilliant branding opportunities, while the threaded comments assist in building a community where people can chat with you and other followers. Zerif lite is one of the first one page themes we’ve featured on this list, so it’s certainly worth mentioning that one page layouts are considered by many to be the future. After all, one page websites are more suitable for the digital world, placing most of the content on one screen as opposed to forcing people to navigate from page to page. Zerif lite has a premium version if you’d like, and it’s completely responsive for reading on mobile devices. Localization is included, and you can get contacted with the packaged contact form. Show off your team members with the team modules, and consider placing a call to action in the large header image, since you receive tools for overlaying text and buttons, which is perfect for sending people to new product pages or promotions.

The rocked wordpress theme is a beautiful free option for those looking for a modern and responsive website. The theme is great for corporate users, since it has logo and favicon uploads, color control, predefined blocks and more. The cool part of the rocked theme is that it comes with several widgets for implementing modules like for testimonials, services and other options, and you can even go in there and add your own custom code if it’s not exactly what you expected. The page templates are there to make things like front pages and full width pages, while the google fonts support lets you select from over 600 fonts, all of which can turn your site into something special. Afull fledged blog is included with the rocked theme, making it ideal for boosting your search engine rankings and giving out free material for your customers.

Check out the riba lite theme if you’re interested in a website platform that caters to storytellers. The theme features a beautiful responsive layout, with support for woocommerce if you’d like to start bringing in money for your efforts. Translation files are also packaged into the riba lite theme, which is wonderful for expanding your reader base and connecting with those who may not speak the same language as you. This is truly one of the better free themes out there for writers and bloggers, considering the entire homepage is packed with buttons and thumbnails of recent posts. Your contact information can sit at the top of the site, and various social media buttons are offered for expanding your reach on social platforms. Feel free to upload your own logo and change around the certain post types. When someone clicks on one of the wordpress posts, you’ll notice quite a few features that are generally only provided with premium themes. For example, each post has a large featured image, with parallax effects and some overlaying text if you’d like to use that. The written content is pushed towards the middle for easier reading, and the social media sharing buttons are located towards the bottom of each post. In addition, comments are activated for chatting with your visitors, along with recent post suggestions to keep people on your website for a longer period of time. Finally, an author box is included with the riba lite wordpress theme, eliminating the need to find a third party plugin for this.

The make theme has a modern look with a large header area for promotional banners and new product images. The responsive layout is a nice touch, and the social integration gives you buttons for you to send people to your top social networks. The drag and drop page builder is a standout feature, letting you move elements throughout your site without much work involved. Customize everything from fonts to colors, along with logos and layouts. Make integrates well with woocommerce for bringing in some money for your company. In addition, several other top plugins work nicely with the theme, such as gravity forms, contact form 7, jetpack, and wp pagenavi. Consider the alizee theme if you’re interested in a grid based option for making anything from photo galleries to portfolios. The theme has a masonry style layout, making it look similar to the way pinterest is designed.

The responsive components look wonderful on mobile devices, while the parallax header adds a unique effect for grabbing attention and prompting people to stick around on your site. The togglable menus are a unique feature, since you can implement a toggable social menu or a toggable sidebar on the homepage. Since the theme is made to have several columns, it allows you to select the amount of columns you desire, and the custom widgets are good for anything from embedded videos to recent posts. Some other cool features include font awesome icons, custom scrolling, color options and a logo/favicon upload tool. As you’ll see based on the significant number of high rankings, the colormag theme is rather popular. Why is this the case? to start, it is pretty much the ultimate solution for making a beautiful magazine website. It’s filled with spots to list your own ads, giving you possibilities for making money for your efforts.

In addition, you’ll gain access to various social media buttons, which is rarely the case with free themes. Therefore, your magazine followers have a chance to follow you on places like facebook and twitter. You’ll notice that the majority of the homepage is built with widgets, enabling those with some wordpress experience to quickly move around and manage website elements. So, if you’d like to place a gallery or recent post list on your homepage, it wouldn’t take long to do so. Along with custom colors and headers, the colormag theme integrates with just about any plugin you can imagine. So if you’d like to install something like the woocommerce plugin you wouldn’t have any problem implementing an online store. For example, you could upload a decent number of products and collect money with a quick payment processor integration. Overall, the functionality of the colormag wordpress theme is fairly basic. You shouldn’t have any problems if you’re not an experienced developer, but more advanced designers will still find it pretty impressive. The simple backend is useful for developers, and you shouldn’t have trouble managing multiple authors who write for your magazine.

Enlightenment is another multipurpose theme with modern and clean elements, using plenty of white space to put most of the focus on your content. Create unlimited layouts for adding variety to your site as people browse through the site. The responsive design works wonders, since all of the modules snap into place if a customer is viewing your content on a mobile device. The custom backgrounds and colors assist with branding, while the featured image header provides a quick way to present a photo on your homepage. Feel free to implement up to four columns, with sidebars and widgets that keep your hands clean of any source code. Along with sticky posts, threaded comments and translation support, the enlightenment theme is a lightweight solution for all businesses. Try out the arcade theme if you’d like a lightweight website that reveals a large image header that takes up most of the screen. This header is ideal for telling people about your company or to inform customers about recent promotions, news or product releases. The theme customizer is easy to use, allowing for the customization of the header, page layout and site width. Eight post formats come along with the free download, and these formats include video, image, link, gallery and more. If you install jetpack it helps you display all of your images through a tiled view, and the other compatible plugins help with taking your website to the next level. For example, you can integrate the theme with plugins like bbpress, buddypress, wpml and woocommerce. Spacious is a beautiful option with a playful and clean layout and plenty of space to include your content. The responsive design is ideal for business sites, portfolios and blogs, using four page layouts and two page templates for helping you get your site designed in a short amount of time.

In addition, four blog display types are offered, along with 13 widgets areas, which almost turns the backend into a drag and drop interface. Spacious provides translation options for connecting with people who don’t speak your language. Not to mention, you can choose between dark and light skins for a little branding assistance. The primary color features guide you in reaching a shade that matches your logo, and boxed and wide layouts are there for you to choose between. As a free wordpress theme, llorix one has many premium features.

For example, you get a responsive design for users who are going to be accessing your content on the go. In addition, the one page layout ensures that much of your content is presented right when people land on your site. The entire homepage is comprised of different modules, all of which you can customize for your own brand. The customizable ribbon is the spot where you’ll tell people what your website is all about. You can have call to action text and buttons to lead users to other spots in your website. Parallax scrolling presents an interesting way to show off your creativity. This is particularly important if you’re running a site for an agency or freelance business.

Keep in mind that a premium version is offered for the llorix one theme, giving you a chance to upgrade to better features if you’d like. Upon landing on the llorix one theme demo, you’ll notice that a full blog is provided for boosting your search engine rankings and giving out free content to customers. Acontact form is nice for connecting with customers, while the online shop combines with woocommerce for the ultimate online selling experience. One of the one page modules has icons and columns, which are ideal for presenting your services in a reasonable fashion. We also enjoy the module that highlights people on your team. Upload an image for each person, and give each of them a little biography. Testimonials are essential for building credibility, and the testimonials area allows you to quickly upload quotes, images and names. Along with a latest news widget, social media buttons and an embedded map, your customers will be able to constantly reach you with the llorix one theme. We enjoy the regina lite theme because it’s a free theme for those companies that focus on the medical field. Sure, it can be used for other businesses, but the majority of the demo content is catered towards hospitals, doctors and other medicinal companies.

To start, the entire theme is responsive, meaning that anyone who opens the theme on a tablet or phone can see all of your content perfectly. The woocommerce support is a nice touch considering many medical companies sell certain products online. You may even want to use this theme if you sell niche products such as pregnant mother clothing. Translation files are packaged into the regina lite theme, making it much easier to connect with others around the world. When you look at the theme demo, you’ll see a beautiful header area with contact information and social media buttons. The blog is easily created and managed, and the book an appointment button is ideal for doctors who need to manage a schedule. Think about all the time you’ll save by not having to speak with customers over the phone. That said, the header also features an image with overlaying text and buttons, along with some modules for displaying what types of services you provide. Your team is an essential part of your operation, and many of your clients and patients are going to make a decision based on the people you employ. That’s why the team member row is so essential to your business. Show off images of your team members, along with descriptions and links to further information. Testimonials are optional, and the various widgets can be placed in the footer or parts of the header. Overall, this is a wonderful choice for all medical organizations. Mh magazine lite is one of the top free solutions for those who want to make an online magazine. The responsive design has various modules for cramming tons of stories onto your site, and they all snap into place when a visitor is viewing the site on a mobile device. You can choose to upgrade to the premium version, but the free options actually provide most of the features you would need to run a successful magazine. For example, the custom widgets help you drag modules onto your sidebars and footers, and featured images support high resolution photos, and they get cropped to look nice as thumbnails.

Mh magazine lite is completely translatable, meaning people who don’t speak your language can read your content without having to go to google translate. The vega wordpress theme has a premium look without the price tag. The theme provides a beautiful, minimal design, which we like for both personal blogs and regular business sites. The whole point of the theme is to cut down on the clutter and present your information in a clean format for your customers. Therefore, you won’t be overwhelmed by needless settings and design elements on the frontend. What’s nice is that you can configure a one page website or a multi-page one. In addition, you get a fullscreen image banner for uploading one of your higher resolution photographs. We like it for explaining your blog or presenting a new product or service. The animated content provides a more creative layout for your website, and the pre-built color options give you some variety when it comes to branding your site.

The multiple blog feeds can be adjusted by even the most beginner of developers, while the custom css module strengthens the prospects for advanced users. The theme has been tested with woocommerce, allowing you to sell digital and physical products. Another thing to consider is the stunning parallax background effect, which we enjoy for grabbing attention with call to actions. Along with recent post lists, open content rows, and multilingual settings, the vega theme continues to impress. The reviews are in and users and bloggers around the internet are saying that generatepress is an outstanding theme, especially when being used with drag and drop editors like elementor. It’s simple, sleek, and modern, allowing for just about any skill level to jump right in and start customizing. The great news about generatepress is that any beginner could install the theme and start blogging within minutes. As for more advanced developers, it’s a fast, lightweight, and highly customizable free wordpress theme. Not only that, but a premium version is sold for a reasonable price, which includes everything from beautiful typography to woocommerce support, and sections to advanced menus.

But this is mainly about the free version of the generatepress wordpress theme. As mentioned, it’s a lightweight theme (at less than 1mb zipped). This is impressive for any theme, and it comes into play when you’re trying to make your blog super fast. In addition, the generatepress theme has clean coding following the wordpress coding standards. Therefore, it’s compatible with all well-coded plugins, decreasing problems in the long run. The responsive theme can be translated into over 20 languages, and it features nine widget areas for getting creative. You’ll also find five menu navigation spots, drop-down menus, and several sidebar layouts. It’s potentially one of the most impressive free wordpress themes on the internet, so give it a try. The eighties wordpress theme is all about putting your content front and center, with a beautiful feed layout where the written content is pretty much the only thing that people can see on the homepage.

The header area is responsive and big enough to take up most of the screen, and it has overlaying text options for telling people about your site or a promotion you may be holding with your company. The menu and sidebars are built so that users only need to see them when they want, which is nice because people can click on them only when needed. Upload a custom header image or choose one of the featured images from one of your posts. Custom colors, headers and menus are ideal for branding your site as much as needed, and the translation ready nature of the eighties theme helps connect you with international visitors who may not know your language. Estore is exactly what it’s same suggests, a wordpress theme designed for your own online store. This theme is multi-functional in every way, and gives users flexibility for creating their online store. Nearly everything you can think of is included in this theme – multi-language flexibility, multi-currency flexibility, spots for advertisements, membership options, and the ability to showcase different products and categories on the homepage. The estore theme also gives your past customers the option to review products they’ve bought on your site, creating social proof that will inevitably create more sales for you in the long run.

Though estore is a free theme, it was obviously created for longevity and if you want, you could use this free theme for the foreseeable future! take your online store to the next level with estore, a comprehensive free wordpress theme with woocommerce integration. Plus, it’s free – which is definitely a big plus! the modern theme is just that, modern. It’s designed to work as a portfolio or blog website, and it’s completely responsive for viewing on mobile devices such as tablets and phones. The custom background sits behind a grid-based layout for including links to your posts and small thumbnail images that intrigue visitors to view more. Translation ready code is included, and the header slideshow works wonders for sharing your best work. Choose how many columns you desire, and utilize the custom header, colors and menus for making the theme look just how you want it. Modern has a gray and black shade by default, but you can adjust these to suit your brand.

The radiate theme has plenty of great reviews, and rightfully so, since it provides a sleek layout with lots of white space to put most of the focus on your content. The header area allows for a grand picture, while the grid based layout below the header is ideal for linking to blog posts or for setting up a portfolio site. The clean and creative theme has a parallax header for grabbing attention, and translation support helps you gain an international audience.

Sticky posts are nice for navigation, and the threaded comments are always great for creating conversation with your most loyal followers. Choose from how many columns you’d like to show on your homepage, and watch as the responsive modules snap into place when you’re viewing the theme on a mobile device. The auberge wordpress is yet another solid free option, with responsive and retina ready elements for wonderful viewing on all devices. As you can see from the preview, auberge looks great for coffee shops, but you can also modify it to look nice for any type of food business or blog. Implement the jetpack plugin to make a food menu, and utilize the translation ready code for expanding your audience. The customizable colors are a nice touch, and the header slideshow works as a wonderful way to show off your best products or even some shots of your store. Threaded comments offer ways to interact with customers, and the various column options make your content look clean and organized. The true north theme manages to combine cleanliness and modernism with its strong portfolio tools. When someone lands on your homepage, they can see a beautiful header and an area for you to explain what the site is all about. Not to mention, the portfolio is designed in a grid format with stunning thumbnail images and links to your best content. The responsive layout is truly unique, and the custom widgets offer the ability to implement items for flickr and twitter.

The seo optimization ensures that sites like google and bing know when you have new content, and the powerful options are around for modifying everything from backgrounds to your logo. With olsen light you receive a little more than just a regular free wordpress theme. That’s the wonder of free options nowadays, since many of them, like olsen light, are much closer to premium solutions than we’ve ever seen before. This is a blogging theme, and it features all of the widgets and branding elements you would need for your blog. For example, social media buttons are there for connecting with people through outlets like facebook and twitter. Share some of your other posts in a list format, and explain a little about yourself in a small module in the sidebar. The header is as simple as they come, with lots of white space, a beautiful location for your logo and a customizable menu for guiding people throughout your website. The olsen light wordpress theme has been getting some solid praise in the form of reviews, and rightfully so. After all, it’s not too often you find such a clean and elegant free wordpress theme.

As you may have assumed, bloggers are not looking for the most complicated backend and frontend interfaces. Therefore, the olsen light theme does a wonderful job of presenting material in a way that is easily digestible. What’s more is that the blog feed is the main focus on the homepage. Therefore, users see stunning featured imagery, large titles, descriptions and much more to convince them to click through. The full width template is far more helpful than what you would originally assume, and the responsive layout is sure to improve the number of people who come to your site. After all, mobile usage counts are increasing every year. Along with a translation ready interface, threaded comments and a few color tools, the olsen light wordpress theme brings plenty to the table. We enjoy the the simple business theme, because it’s just that, a simple theme for business of all types.

The sleek and feature rich solution provides tools for wonderful photo optimization, and you receive several font awesome icons for adding some visual elements to your online presence. The google fonts are also a nice touch, allowing for you to choose your typography. Simple business is completely responsive, helping people view on mobile devices, and the awesome options panel has settings for fonts, sizes, layouts and design colors. This is a free theme, but you can also upgrade to the paid membership if you’d like to unlock even more features. Not to mention, nimbus themes offers an additional membership for access to its entire theme library. The perfetta theme offers a clean platform for any foodie business or blog, with large images and a beautiful feed for posting your favorite recipes. It’s a one column layout, so visitors see a feed of your blog, and they can share comments or click through without having to go searching through your website.

It’s this type of simplicity that many companies are looking for, and with tools for custom backgrounds, you don’t need to have any development experience to maintain a professional looking site. In addition, the perfetta theme offers threaded comments for interaction, along with translation features, which is nice for connecting with those who don’t speak your language. Gk portfolio has a simple design that actually looks similar to an interface you might find from the apple company. The grey and white shades create an elegant environment, and the grid-based layout is ideal for making a portfolio or for sharing links to your most recent blog posts. When you make a portfolio it can be filterable for clients to find the right types of content. Hover animations are included for some extra effects, and custom backgrounds and colors bring you enough functionality to stay away from the theme source code.

In addition, the translation features help you reach a more diverse audience, and the threaded comments create a connection between you and your customers. Tracks is a beautiful blog feed theme, with a strong custom header and large typography so that most of the attention is focused on your content. It’s a one column theme, with the blog feed rolling through the center of the page. No one should have any problems reading your content, since the most recent posts are placed at the top, and it only takes a quick scroll to move onto the next articles. Tracks is a responsive theme, allowing for mobile viewing, and it has a logo uploader for quick branding. Not to mention, tracks has several social media icons, boosting the chances of people following you on places like facebook and twitter. Along with translation ready support, threaded comments and a featured image uploader, the tracks theme is a great solution for a blog. Consider the storefront theme if you’re certain that you plan on selling products from your website. This is one of the top choices for those who intend on using woocommerce, since it not only looks great, but it comes directly from the woothemes company. Several layout and color options are provided for customizing your store, and multiple widget regions come along with the download for quickly managing a clean interface. What’s more is that the entire storefront theme is completely responsive so that your customers don’t have to worry about getting to a regular computer to buy something from your store. They only need a phone or tablet to make a quick transaction. You’ll also find that the theme provides cool tools for threaded comments, logo uploads, color changes and language support. Albar has some solid reviews, and the free theme works quite well for businesses, portfolios and online stores. Although the theme integrates with many popular plugins, it’s worth noting that woocommerce is very fluent when installing on the albar theme. This allows you to sell both digital and physical products, bringing in more money for your company. Some other integrations include siteorigin’s page builder and contact form 7. The custom menu is easy to setup, and the translation ready nature of the albar theme means you don’t have to worry about international readers who don’t speak your language.

The ignite theme is a solid free choice, because it not only provides a few nice looking social media buttons, but the accent colors are fun and the layout is rather clean and professional. The primary reason you would use this theme is to run a blog, since it utilizes the blog feed layout nicely. There is an opportunity to include a few sidebars as well, and these sidebars have widgets for you to place on your site, including modules for recent comments, recent posts and search bars. The custom background colors provide ways for you to brand your website, while the five fonts expand your possibilities for standing out from the crowd. Ignite is completely responsive for viewing on mobile devices, and the threaded comments are nice for chatting with some of your customers. If you’re interested in a visual header with overlaying text and buttons for call to actions, the cannyon theme is a solid option to look into.

Once you scroll down past the header you’ll find a white and clean area for talking about your company and featuring blog posts. Use widgets for revealing recent posts, talking about your company’s services and sharing other information like operating hours. The cannyon theme includes various social media buttons, and they are all colorful and fun, so people are more likely to click on them. Keep in mind that the header area provides a cool parallax effect, which adds some creativity to your homepage. The estelle theme is one of the more feminine free choices, and it has a responsive design to fit the phones and tablets, like the ipad. Upload your own logo header with ease, and use the sidebar and footer to drop in your own widgets. The navigational menu is clean and playful towards the top of the page, and the entire blog feed is accessible right from the main page. Feel free to feature a small biography about yourself in the sidebar, and incorporate high resolution images to grab attention on your site. The estelle theme truly is a blogging theme for feminine topics, so consider trying it out if you plan on sharing posts on anything from fashion to travelling. The onepress wordpress theme is by far one of the best free themes out there right now because of its simplicity and professionalism. The theme is constructed to help out businesses, large and small. It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling mobile apps or gardening services, this is the market standard for the way you should present your business online. To start off, the woocommerce plugin integrates with the onepress theme, so it’s also a wise choice if you plan on selling physical or digital products from the comfort of your own website.

Moving on, the theme delivers a beautiful responsive layout, with a wide range of backend and frontend features. For example, the slider is one of the more powerful solutions we’ve seen from free templates, with support for high resolution imagery, overlaying buttons and bold text that is bound to grab attention and push users to other parts of your website. Showcase your features and services in columns, next to icons that are designed to make your website more visual. Onepress is a completely onepage layout, which goes along with the responsive construction. You’re guaranteed to help your users move around the site a little easier with this design, since they don’t have to jump around and click on a ton of buttons to find what they want on a smaller device. Aparallax effect is implemented in some of the background modules, while the our team section is perfect for showcasing the people who work behind the scenes. Alatest news modules is sure to keep your content updated on a regular basis, and the contact form cuts out the need to go out and get a third party option. The same goes for the several social buttons. Stanleywp is all about featuring your work in a simple manner, and although it’s free doesn’t mean that it’s lacking in features. Stanleywp is a twitter bootstrap theme, and it provides a cute and playful design for sharing your thoughts and potentially becoming a full time blogger.

The theme options panel is simple to manage, and the drag and drop homepage builder is wonderful for beginners and advanced users who don’t want to mess around with any source code. Portfolio post types are offered for managing a collection of your greatest work, and font awesome settings are included as well. Along with a responsive design and three page templates, you can’t go wrong with the stanleywp theme. The instantwp theme is another one of the trendy themes that takes advantage of a large header area, which also includes overlaying text for explaining what your business is all about. The minimal wordpress theme is great for displaying portfolio items, and the blogging tools are wonderful for building a presence online. The theme options panel is one of the simplest we’ve seen, and the drag and drop homepage builder makes it so that you don’t have to code your own elements. The responsive design goes well with the font awesome selection, while the navigational menu is nicely placed in the upper right hand corner so it doesn’t cause any distractions. The shibui theme offers some rather unique elements with its portfolio wordpress theme, since it uses a minimalist layout for putting most of the focus on your content, and you can use the masonry layouts for nicely organizing your work into columns for your potential clients to scroll through quickly. Not to mention, the shibui theme supports infinite scroll, meaning that you technically don’t have to create multiple pages on your site.

Instead, all of your content can go on a single page so that customers can scroll through everything without jumping around the site. The responsive theme is easy to customize, and it provides beautiful slideshows. In addition, you receive translation support, page templates, backgrounds, widgets and custom menus. The ward theme is not only a beautiful theme for companies that want to look professional, but it provides some playful elements for a responsive and fun experience. Customize your own background and play around with the site width to fit what your company wants to represents itself as. Eight post formats come along with your download. These post formats include video, quote, link and gallery layouts. Both bbpress and buddypress are compatible with the ward theme, and google fonts are available for you to modify what your typography looks like. It’s also worth noting that when you install the jetpack plugin you receive several other tools for making the theme much better. The justwrite theme name says it all, since this free option has the tools and settings to make a clean and easy to use content creation atmosphere. The theme looks nice for both blogs and magazines, and has clean modules for showing off your latest articles. Custom colors and headers are provided for you to play around with, and the custom widgets are useful for placing into the footer and sidebar areas.

Translation support comes with your download, which is nice for reaching out to people who don’t speak your language. In addition, the responsive layout looks great on smaller devices. The portfolio press theme is all about presenting your past work in a clean format, using small thumbnail images that are automatically generated when you upload your content. The navigational menu is at the top of the page, but the grid based portfolio format is the where most of the focus is placed. The responsive design allows for all of the theme elements to snap into place when someone is viewing the site on a tablet or phone. In addition, the translation features ensure that everyone throughout the world can understand what you’re saying. Portfolio press is primarily designed to help people make portfolios, but it works just as well for regular blogs. The patus theme is a free theme with a little less popularity than some of the other choices we’ve outlined, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a chance. To start, patus has clean lines and plenty of white space to insert your content. It’s perfect for blogging, since the blog feed sits to the left and it’s not hard for people to find the navigational menu at the top. Several widgets are incorporated into the theme, allowing for you to implement tools for social media buttons, calendars, recent posts and more.

The custom backgrounds and colors improve your branding, while the custom colors only add to the possibilities for your design. Along with sticky posts, translation features and threaded comments, there’s no reason this theme shouldn’t be on your radar. The magazine theme offers a way for you to get an online magazine up and running within just a few minutes. Tons of plugins are compatible with the theme, and you can incorporate various widgets in the sidebar and footer areas for cramming all the content you need into the site.

Quickly upload a logo, and use a widget to reveal the hottest and most recent articles that end up on your online magazine. The navigational menu is situated towards the left hand side of the page, and it doesn’t take up much room, which is a nice touch. This navigational menu also reveals social media buttons for pushing people to sites like facebook and twitter. The semicolon theme is an extremely clean theme for your wordpress site, with lots of white space and crisp thumbnail images for featuring your most recent blog posts. Afew social media buttons come along with the download, and you can implement some widgets for talking about your blog and revealing your most popular posts. The default color is blue, but you can change around the colors to better meet your branding requirements. The featured images show up nicely, and the threaded comments are there for you to chat with your followers. Semicolon is completely responsive for people to view it when they are travelling and using mobile devices. Not to mention, the translation ready settings are great for connecting with visitors who don’t speak the same language as you. The onetone theme provides a a one page layout for businesses that have a creative flair. You’ll notice that the header area supports large high resolution images, and you can even implement a video if you’d like. Overlaying text is supported, and several social media buttons come with the download for improving your follower counts on your social platforms. Several sections come packaged with the onetone theme, including spots for services, about information and clients. The gallery module is rather handy, and the parallax scrolling background grabs attention in an instant. Font awesome icons add some creative elements to your site, and the favicon and logo uploads are done within just a few seconds. The match theme is one of the top free wedding wordpress themes, since it provides a clean interface with an area for uploading a picture of the happy couple. The responsive layout lets wedding guests view the site on mobile devices, and the post formats and featured images empower the site moderators to customize to their desire. The custom menu and background are wonderful for improving the site as well. Several widgets come along with the match theme, and you can even create a full blog for keeping guests updated about recent announcements and dates. Match has threaded comments, which is a handy feature for chatting with the people who may be coming to the wedding. The pictorico theme is an interesting option for those trying to make a portfolio website. Instead of leaving any white space between the portfolio items, the pictorico theme crams them all together to provide a creative and fun way to show off your past work. It’s a grid-based portfolio layout, with responsive elements so that all of these thumbnails snap into place when viewed on a mobile device. Photobloggers would also find this theme helpful, since it’s all about putting the attention on the visual elements. Alogo upload area is available in the upper left hand corner, and threaded comments allow for chatting with people who visit your site. Along with custom headers, colors and backgrounds, the pictorico theme is worth looking into. Everal is a powerful free website option, using a clean and modern interface with responsive and highly customizable elements. It’s translation and multilingual ready, but the true strength comes out in the overall layout, with a large header area and slider with buttons for users to click on in order to see additional content. The primary blog feed is displayed on the homepage, and the sidebar can be utilized to implement widgets and other fun content for explaining what your site is about and for linking to recent posts that others may enjoy. This theme is actually quite similar to a premium offering, since it has shortcodes for making anything from progress bars to buttons. In addition, you receive multiple sidebars and typgraphy options. Test out the delivery lite theme if you’d like a free magazine style website built just for tech publications. Tons of settings are offered through delivery lite, and you can even upgrade to the paid version if you’d like to take your business to the next level. The logo upload area places your logo on the upper left hand corner of the site, and the several widget offerings assist with anything from recent post modules to about us information. Several custom menus are presented in your settings area, and you even gain access to a search bar for helping users move throughout your site with ease. The asteria lite theme offers a clean and responsive look and feel, using a beautiful slider for presenting anything from promotions to recent posts. You get ten social icons to play around with, and the three page templates add some variety to your layouts. Create your own blog for improving your search engine rankings, and implement varying fonts for improving your branding. The header area includes support for overlaying text and buttons, which is ideal for sending users to sales and informational pages. The theme integrates rather well with plugins like woocommerce and contact form 7, and translation settings are there for you to connect with those who speak languages like german, spanish and italian. Check out the mh purity lite theme if you want a free theme that works similar to that of a premium one. What’s cool about this theme is that if you want to take your company to the next level, you can upgrade to the paid version. Mh purity lite is wonderful for magazines, with clean and modern modules for fitting tons of content on the main page. The goal is to make a dynamic news website, utilizing white space and small thumbnail images that prompt people to click through. Mh purity lite has custom backgrounds, colors and headers, along with a nifty custom menu for managing where users go on your site. The responsive layout is nice for when viewed on mobile devices, and the translation features increase the amount of people who can understand what you’re saying. The free aviator wordpress theme takes white space to the next level, since it has plenty of room for your content to breathe. The clean and dynamic appearance works wonders for blogs, businesses and portfolios, while the page builder integration assists in preventing the need for touching any source code. Acustom menu is included with your download, and the responsive layout ensures that everyone who views your site can actually read it, no matter what type of computer or device they are using. The threaded comments are nice for interacting with your visitors, and the translation support connects you with people all over the world. Try out the indie theme if you need a user friendly blog with clean modules and a beautiful header image. This theme is truly a blogging platform, since the blog feed is the primary focus on the homepage, and you can upload a logo and explain what your business is about in the header area. The sidebar works well with all of the widgets, helping you implement areas that show off recent posts and recent comments. Indie offers custom menus, headers and colors, and it has up to four columns for fitting loads of content in for your visitors. Translation features are provided, and responsive modules snap right into place when viewed on mobile devices.

Abusiness wordpress theme designed specifically for legal firms, attorneys, lawyers, consultancy firms and other businesses and corporations needing a clean and professional website.

The responsive premium theme from themefuse automatically scales and resizes depending on the device the website is viewed on, so it works perfectly on pc’s, tablets and smart phones. Other features include lots of useful custom page templates such as case studies, pricing page etc, shortcodes, contact form with google map, integrated blog and the themefuse framework and options panel. Demo & release page | download innov8ive a stylish magazine wordpress child theme that runs on the genesis theme framework from studiopress. The premium theme highlights your content and has a beautiful, clean and fresh design ideal for a food blog or food magazine website.

It has a mobile responsive layout meaning it will automatically adapt its design to any screen size and device to look great on ipads, iphones and all other mobiles devices. Innov8ive has 3 colour schemes, 6 post / page layout options, custom header, menus and background options, featured slider, theme options panel and more. Demo & release page | download stereo squared a funky wordpress music theme from cssigniter ideal for djs, musicians, artists, bands, radio stations or anyone in the music business. The premium theme has a mobile responsive design so will work on any screen size and device. Other features include soundcloud integration, 6 colour schemes, tour schedule section, custom widgetized homepage, theme options panel and more. Demo & release page | download elemin a stylish minimal and responsive wordpress premium theme from themify. The theme has beautiful typography, good white space balance, and minimal graphics. The design is completely fluid and responsive, meaning the layout automatically adapts based on the user’s viewport. It works on all desktop and most mobile devices such as iphone, ipad, android, and blackberry. Other features include list view or multiple grid view layouts, wordpress post formats support, 11 colour skins, comprehensive options panel and more. Fluid & responsive design demo & release page | download clean a responsive, minimalist and extremely stylish premium wordpress theme from theme trust.

It’s a versatile premium theme that could be used for a personal blog or portfolio to showcase your work. The responsive design means the theme adapts it layout according to the device and screen resolution. It also features infinite scrolling, a touch swipe slideshow, multiple layouts, custom options panel and more. Responsive design demo & release page | download flexible a sleek and modern portfolio wordpress theme with a responsive design from elegant themes. The feature rich premium theme has a modern minimal design aimed to put the focus firmly on your content. Flexible has a sortable ajax powered multimedia gallery that smoothly loads gallery items that can be sorted into different categories without reloading the page. The portfolio gallery also supports video, so you can display your youtube or vimeo videos along side your image based projects. Other features include a css control panel for unlimited colour schemes, dozens of fonts, automated thumbnail resizing, extensive options panel and a fully responsive design that will adapt to look perfect on any screen size and device.

Demo & release page | download fullscreen photo gallery wordpress theme fullscreen is a responsive, photo gallery wordpress theme from themify that allows you to showcase your photos in a complete fullscreen mode. The theme has a homepage with minimal design elements so your photos are put in centre focus. Users can toggle to fullscreen mode by clicking on the fullscreen button and pressing escape key to exit the fullscreen mode. The fullscreen gallery can be individually assigned to any wordpress post or page. It also has a regular gallery with 2 display options: fullscreen swipe or popup lightbox mode. The theme can also be used to display video and multimedia content. Demo & release page | download albedo theme a sleek and professional magazine style portfolio wordpress theme from graph paper press.

The theme has a fully responsive design that adapts to all mobile devices beautifully. It integrates with the new theme customizer in wordpress 3. 4so you can change colours, fonts, logos, header images, image orientation, left or right sidebars etc and preview your theme customization changes instantly on the page before saving. Other features include slideshows with a simple drag and drop interface, 350 font options, custom widgets and more. Demo & release page | download originmag a good looking minimal magazine wordpress theme with a responsive design from wpzoom. The premium theme has a nicely structured design that places the focus on your content. The custom homepage has multiple layout options with either a wide full width or narrower slider. Posts can be displayed either in a grid layout or a traditional list view (see images below). Other features include a mobile responsive design, video widget, multiple layouts for posts, featured categories widget, advanced options panel and more. Alternative homepage layout – with smaller slider and list posts layout responsive design demo & release page | download mindful a beautiful, responsive business portfolio wordpress theme from theme trust.

The premium theme has a clean, professional design perfect for businesses, design agencies, creative individuals and others. The theme has a unique sequence slideshow on the homepage with options to control text and image position, as well as animation effects. Other features include a filterable portfolio template, google webfonts , shortcodes, custom options panel and more. The responsive design means it will look great and work perfectly on all devices and screen sizes such as tablets, smart phones and everything else. Responsive design demo & release page | download foodie a premium wordpress blogging theme designed for food and cooking blogs. The premium theme is ideal for food enthusiasts, chefs, food critics, and others wanting to blog about food or showcase their latest creations. Foodie has huge post images and video embeds to easily share and showcase your beautiful food pictures and videos.

It also has a custom recipe and ingredients builder where you can just enter the ingredients and amounts to automatically create a beautiful recipe list in your blog post. The foodie theme is perfect for food bloggers, but numerous inbuilt customizations options mean the attractive theme could be used for anything. Recipe builder example blog post showing the recipe and ingredients list, with video option responsive design demo & release page | download hero a responsive portfolio wordpress theme from themetrust with a super clean, minimalist design. The premium theme is perfect for creative individuals and companies to showcase their work and highlight their products. Features include a large full width homepage banner to display a key message, filterable portfolio template, touchswipe slideshow, custom options panel, mobile responsive design and more. Responsive layout demo & release page | download knead a responsive portfolio wordpress theme from obox themes. The theme has a clean, minimal design and also features a responsive design meaning the site will automatically adjust its layout to look good on mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers. Key features include a portfolio section with 3 different layouts to choose from, services section to list work, light or dark colour schemes, widgetzied homepage and options panel for easy customisation. It also has an optional blog structure for use as a traditional blog. Responsive design demo & release page | download grido a responsive premium wordpress theme from themify. The colourful and trendy theme has a post notes like design with an auto stacked layout that automatically adjusts and restacks according to the browser window size. It support wordpress post formats, and you can choose a colour scheme to reflect the mood of each individual post. It also has 7 theme skins, list view and multiple grid layouts, theme options panel and much more. Responsive design demo & release page | download trim a simple and fast wordpress theme with a professional, versatile and lightweight design suitable for a variety of different websites.

The premium theme from elegant themes also has a fully responsive design meaning the theme will adapt to any screen size to insure that your content is readable on any device. Other features include an optional blog style structure, 3 alternative sliders, advertising management options, and a control panel with heaps of customisation options for colours, fonts, backgrounds and much more. Demo & release page | download magazine explorer a stylish magazine style wordpress theme from wpzoom. The premium theme has a very clean, minimalist design with a mobile responsive layout that automatically adjusts for any screen size and resolution.

Magazine explorer has a widget based layout for greater flexibility and customisation possibilities. Other features include a featured slideshow on the homepage, carousel widget, advanced wpzoom framework and options panel, several custom widgets, banner management options and more. Demo & release page | download beverly a chic minimalist magazine blog wordpress theme for female bloggers. The premium theme from bluchic is ideal for use as a normal website or a stylish magazine blog about lifestyle, fashion, beauty, parenting or any other niche. The beverly theme is optimized with a responsive design so it automatically adapts to different screen resolution like iphone, ipad, other tablets and mobile devices. Other features include a large featured slider on the homepage, custom widgets and shortcodes, a blog layout option, colour customisation options and a comprehensive options panel. Blog layout demo & release page | download reveal a responsive portfolio wordpress theme from theme trust.

The premium theme has a clean, minimal style, and the responsive design means it automatically adjusts to look great no matter what the device or screen size it is viewed on. The theme also features an ajax powered portfolio, masonry or grid layout for portfolio thumbnails, google fonts integration, shortcodes, custom options panel and more. Responsive design demo & release page | download tisa a stylish premium wordpress theme from themify with a responsive layout that could be used for a variety of purposes including a portfolio, blog or a static website. The theme has a responsive design, which means it’s completely fluid and adaptive to the browsers viewpoint.

It doesn’t matter what device or resolution the visitor is using the theme will automatically resize and flow with the viewpoint. It works on most desktop browsers, and mobile devices such as iphone, ipad, android and blackberry. Other features include 6 colour schemes, post / page layout options, advanced theme options panel and more. Demo & release page | download funki a versatile premium wordpress theme from themify with a fluid, responsive layout and funky, arty design. The theme works in all modern browsers and mobile devices (iphone, blackberry, android, etc. )with the fluid layout automatically adjusting according to the width of the display resolution.

The theme is also extremely customisable with 21 different layout possibilities (3 sidebar x 7 layouts) and options to set default layouts for home, categories, posts, and pages. Other features include 14 different colourful skins, customisable featured slider, comprehensive theme options panel and more.

Responsive & fluid design the layout design is fluid and responsive based on the viewport (the width of the viewing area) demo & release page | download suco a premium wordpress business theme from themify designed with great attention to detail. The theme includes 9 colour schemes, backend options panel, and options for you to customize the default layout for index, posts, and static pages. The unique homepage design has a customizable slider, highlighted services/products, call-to-action text, and optional widgets.

The theme also offers custom wordpress post formats allowing you to associate a post type to each post such as: image, video, gallery, quote, etc. Demo & release page | download wumblr a micro blog style premium wordpress theme from themify that makes your wordpress site look and feel a tumblr blog. The theme offers 9 different post types for various multimedia elements (notes, video, image, gallery, quote, audio, links etc), 3 different column layouts, 15 post colour schemes, 7 theme skins and more. Demo & release page | download simfo a premium wordpress theme from themify with a minimal design and responsive layout. The theme is ideal for portfolio, photography or general blog website with its nice balance of white space, beautiful typography and great attention to detail. The responsive layout means it works on all screen resolution and most browsers including the mobile devices such as ipad, iphone, android, and blackberry. Other noteworthy features include a lightbox gallery, 8 colour schemes and optional post sorting navigation to allow user to sort the posts based on the category.

Responsive design demo & release page | download shopo a premium ecommerce wordpress theme from themify designed for bigger shops with a large selection of products. The theme is powered by the woocommerce ecommerce plugin and has an ajax powered shopping cart that allows customers to add/remove items from the cart without redirecting the page. Shopo has many promotional areas, duel navigations in the header, welcome message, feature slider and a customisable product slider. The ecommerce theme also has a responsive layout that automatically adapts to user’s viewport area to work beautifully on all desktop and mobile devices. Responsive design demo & release page | download kiosk a simple and effective one page ecommerce wordpress theme built to sell one item. The premium theme from obox themes is ideal for authors, artist, musicians and anyone else who needs an ecommerce theme to sell just the one product. The theme uses the powerful woocommerce plugin for the ecommerce functionality. Other features of this theme include a featured image slider, header image uploader, light or dark colour schemes, and a mobile ready responsive design.

Demo & release page | download eleven40 a mobile responsive premium wordpress theme from studiopress for the genesis framework. The theme has a clean, expansive design that extends 1140px wide with 6 other narrower content layouts in its responsive design. Features include 4 colour schemes, 6 post / page layout options, custom menus and backgrounds, featured images, extensive options and more. Mobile responsive layout demo & release page | download minshop a responsive ecommerce wordpress theme from themify powered by the woocommerce plugin. It has a simple, minimalist design making it suitable for any type of shop. The premium theme provides a slick and easy shopping experience thanks to an ajax shopping cart where buyers can add or remove items with a single click without reloading or redirecting the page. Other features include a large panel slider and product slider for featured products, 7 colour options, theme options panel for customisation, and a full responsive design meaning the layout automatically adapts to any resolution on any device whether desktop or mobile. Demo & release page | download agency 2. 0a responsive business wordpress theme that works on the genesis theme framework from studiopress. Features include a mobile responsive design and fully responsive slider, 4 colour styles, woocommerce ecommerce plugin integration and more. Demo & release page | download responsive wordpress blog theme notes is a premium blogging wordpress theme with a modern design from themify that works similar to a tumbr blog. It allows you to easily post various post formats such as image, video, gallery, audio, quote, etc. The theme has a completely fluid and responsive design to automatically adapted to any resolution on both desktop and mobile devices. Other features include 7 colour scheme options, list and multiple grid view layouts options, customisable header and footer menus, theme options panel and more. Demo & release page | download sally store a female oriented, responsive ecommerce wordpress theme from bluchic ideal for online boutique stores selling kids clothing, arts and crafts, party products or anything else.

The theme integrates with the jigoshop ecommerce plugin to provide ecommerce functionality. The plugin can also be deactivated for use as traditional information website or blog. Other features include a mobile ready responsive design, 2 feminine colour schemes, featured slider, theme options and more. Shop page demo & release page | download litepress a premium responsive magazine wordpress theme from wpzoom. The theme has a clean, minimalist design but is packed with features to quickly setup up a professional news or magazine website.

Features include and advanced framework options panel to easily customise various elements, featured homepage slideshow, featured category sections, video custom posts types, a mobile responsive design and more. Mobile ready responsive design demo & release page | download femme a responsive magazine and ecommerce wordpress theme from cssigniter with a clean minimalist design. The theme has a multiuse, flexible structure and can be a magazine website, an ecommerce store or a combination of both.

Ecommerce functionality (if required) is powered by the powerful woocommerce ecommerce plugin. The theme has alternative layout options, mobile responsive design, shortcodes, theme options and more. Ecommerce option frontpage demo & release page | download indi gamer wordpress theme indi gamer is a gaming review wordpress theme designed specifically for gaming review websites. The premium theme from cssigniter is perfect for running a gaming reviews site, but could also be used for other product review sites with some tweaks.

Features include 3 homepage layout options, 4 listing page layouts, an inbuilt review system, top rated reviews widget, shortcodes and more. It has a responsive layout so it’s accessible and works beautifully on all devices from mobiles to desktops. Demo & release page | download glitter and lace wordpress theme glitter and lace is a lovely wordpress theme that has a feminine and delicate design with a vintage flair. The unique blog style theme was created for bloggers to showcase their life through blogging, social media and photos. It has a mobile responsive layout meaning it will automatically adapt its design to any screen size and device to look great on ipads, iphones and all other mobiles devices. Features include: 6 colour styles, 3 layout options, custom background, custom header, featured images, theme options and more. Glitter and lace is a child theme for the genesis theme framework from studiopress and so supports all the other great features included that framework. Demo & release page | download erudito education wordpress theme erudito is a modern and solid wordpress theme designed for education and business websites.

The premium theme from wpzoom is ideal for a university, college, school and other education websites, but also will look great for any type of business website. It has a mobile responsive layout so it works great on any screen size or mobile device. The theme also has 12 colour schemes, a dynamic homepage builder so you can build your own layout with custom widgets, a featured content slider, and an advanced wpzoom framework and options panel to easily customize every detail of your theme to best suit your needs. Responsive design demo & release page | download going green responsive wordpress theme going green is a responsive wordpress theme that works on the genesis framework from studiopress.

The premium theme has a green earthy design ideal for green, environmental and eco style websites. It has a mobile responsive design so works beautifully on all devices from phones to desktops. Other features include 3 layout options, custom background header and menus, featured images, landing page template, theme options and more. Demo & release page | download postline wordpress theme postline is a responsive wordpress theme from themify inspired by facebook’s timeline layout. The premium theme allows you to tell your own story and share your content in a facebook style design but on a wordpress website that you control and own.

It supports wordpress post formats so you can easily publish quotes, videos, images, galleries, audio, posts, and much more. Postline is built with infinite scrolling, meaning posts are loaded automatically when you hit the bottom of the page. Traditional numbered navigation is an option. If the timeline layout is not to your liking there are regular layout options such as 4 column, 3 column, 2 column, or list posts. Postline also has a fully responsive design so the layout automatically adjusts to work beautifully on everything from desktop displays to mobile devices. Responsive design list and grid layouts if you don’t like the facebook timeline layout, regular layouts are available such as 2, 3, 4 column, right and left sidebars, or list post. Demo & release page | download car hire wordpress theme car hire is an advanced car rental wordpress theme complete with a smart booking system. The premium theme from bizzthemes provides a complete solution for building a small to medium sized car rental business website with wordpress. It gives you the ability to take and manage car reservations directly on your website with just a few clicks. It has car fleet management options to group different car types and manage rental pricing effectively.

The smart calculation engine allows you to set different prices according to car type and days, options for car specific extras, and automatically manage car booking schedules so you don’t have to worry about double bookings. Car rental has options to manage multiple car rental office locations and view cars by location. It has an inbuilt email notification system to automatically notify customers via email when their booking is received, confirmed or cancelled. The theme has a heap of inbuilt options to easy customise the layout, design, colours, typography etc, and has a fully responsive design so will work nicely on screen sizes and resolutions and mobile devices. Responsive design so it works on desktops, tablets and mobile demo & release page | download lux wordpress theme lux is a minimalist, highly customisation photo centric portfolio wordpress theme from press coders.

The theme is ideal for interior designers, service professionals and anyone who wants to show off large image portfolios. Lux has a fully responsive design so it automatically scales perfectly to fit any size screen on a computer or mobile device. Other features include a filterable responsive portfolio with custom post type and template, a touch capable flex slider, 6 pre made colour schemes and colour pickers for customisation, ecommerce integration and more. Responsive design demo & release page | download report wordpress theme report is a responsive magazine wordpress theme from mythemeshop that could be used for any style of website. The theme has a trendy dual column layout and a bold, crisp design and colours. It has a fluid responsive design so will work on devices and screen sizes. Other features include a featured content slider, unlimited google fonts, unlimited colour scheme options, integrated social media, custom widgets, options panel and more. Demo & release page | download chamomile wordpress theme chamomile is a beautiful business wordpress theme from bluchic designed for women business owners and entrepreneurs. The premium theme has a clean layout with a mint and pink colour scheme making it ideal for baby, wedding, paper and stationary, event planning or any other business or ecommerce website.

It features a fully responsive design, theme customizer to customize things like header logo, background image, etc, an options panel, different colour skins, custom widgets and shortcodes, ecommerce integration and more. Demo & release page | download outreach wordpress theme outreach is a responsive child theme for the genesis framework from studiopress ideal for church, organization, non profit or small business websites. Outreach version 2. 0is an update of the original outreach theme and includes major code and design updates as well as being updated for mobile responsive design. The theme features include 6 layout options, custom background, custom header, theme options, featured images and all the other great genesis framework features. Demo & release page | download intrigue responsive ecommerce wordpress theme intrigue is a beautiful responsive ecommerce wordpress theme powered by woocommerce.

The premium theme from cssigniter is suitable for any type of product or shop. It has 7 colour scheme options, a mobile responsive layout, custom theme and woocommerce widgets, shortcodes, theme options panel and more. Demo & release page | download minimum 2. 0responsive wordpress theme minimum 2. 0is a beautiful, minimalist child theme for the genesis framework from studiopress. The premium theme has a clean, elegant and uncluttered design and developed to be mobile responsive so will automatically adapt for all screen sizes and devices. It has 6 layout options, custom background and header, landing page template, portfolio page and all the other great features of the genesis framework. Demo & release page | download elastik fluid grid wordpress theme elastik is a beautiful premium wordpress theme from wpzoom that uses jquery masonry functionality to display posts in a perfectly fluid grid layout. The theme supports post formats so you can easily post different content types such as video, images, galleries, posts etc. The masonry grid structure and responsive design means the number of columns and the layout will automatically adjust depending on the screen size ensuring your site is mobile ready for iphones, ipads and other mobile devices. Some of the other features include a customisable featured slider, numerous custom widgets, custom header and the zoom framework and options panel which gives you lots of flexibly and options to easily customise colours, fonts, and lots of other elements in the theme. Demo & release page | download glare wordpress theme glare is a slick responsive photography portfolio wordpress theme from cssigniter. The premium theme is ideal for photographers, artists, designers, creatives, fashion houses, models and other wishing to showcase their portfolio is a classy and professional way. Glare has two homepage display options – a super full screen photo slider or a full screen background video. It has a customisable listing and portfolio pages allowing you to select how many columns you want, custom contact page, integrated blog, theme options page, mobile responsive design and more. Portfolio demo & release page | download nimble wordpress theme nimble is a bold and modern wordpress theme ideal for business, application or product websites. The beautiful premium theme from elegant themes has a bold yet clean and professional design that grabs your attention.

It has a mobile responsive design so your website will automatically adapt and display beautifully and intuitively on all devices. Other features include a comprehensive options panel, 5 colour scheme options, numerous page templates and shortcodes, large feature slider on the homepage and more. Demo & release page | download muzak responsive music wordpress theme muzak is a responsive music wordpress theme for bands, musicians, dj’s and everyone else in the music industry. The premium theme has all the features required in a music website including: an inbuilt events management module so you can nicely display your upcoming events, discography management to display info about your music and albums, video and photo galleries. The theme also includes the ability to share your music with your fans using either self hosted audio files (using jwplayer) or embedded sounds from soundcloud. Some of the other features include 3 homepage layout options, background management, theme settings panel, and a fully responsive design so its tablet and mobile ready. Demo & release page | download apparition responsive blog wordpress theme apparition is a striking and spacious blogging wordpress child theme for the genesis framework from studiopress. The unique theme has a single column with no sidebars so there is a strong focus on the images and content. It has a mobile responsive design so will display nicely on tablets and mobile phones. Other features include 6 colour scheme options, custom background and custom menus, round featured images, theme options and more. Demo & release page | download picks photography wordpress theme picks is a beautiful photography wordpress theme with a mobile friendly responsive design ideal for pro photographers, armature photographers, instragram users, and anyone else wanting to showcase their photos on their own website. The premium theme from obox themes includes all the functionality and photo focused layouts photographers need a photo website. The theme allows you to upload your photos, and with the ability of the album categories, structure your collections quickly and easily. Picks is also smart enough to know if you’re posting professional shots, panoramic or instagram photos, automatically detecting the exif data and serving different information (layouts) for each shot. Demo & release page | download newssetter magazine wordpress theme newssetter is a slick and modern magazine wordpress theme perfect for technology or gadget review websites. The premium theme from theme fuse could of course be used for any type of website wanting a modern and eye catching design. The theme has a couple of different header styles, 4 colour variations, the ability to set any shade you’d like for the texts and titles, from a easy-to-use colour picker. It has special review page templates with all the features your need to present your product reviews. There are also other custom page templates and lots of shortcodes to style and present information in a beautiful way.

The theme also sports a mobile responsive design so will it doesn’t matter if your visitors are viewing on a desktop, tablet or smartphone they will get an optimized experience. Demo & release page | download monopoly wordpress theme monopoly is a responsive 3 column wordpress theme ideal for tech, gadget, gaming or other news and online magazine websites. The premium theme from mythemeshop has a sleek, dark design and is fully responsive so it adapts to all screen sizes and devices working perfectly on desktops, tablets and mobile phones.

Monopoly includes a lot of useful features including a featured slider, related posts section, unlimited colour schemes and background patterns, custom widgets and shortcodes, options panel and more. Demo & release page | download dolce wordpress theme dolce is a simple but stylish responsive blog / magazine wordpress theme from cssigniter. The premium has a minimal but sophisticated design ideal for any type of blog or magazine website. It has 6 homepage layout options from a traditional blog layout to various magazine style designs with slider and featured articles sections. Dolce has post formats so you can select between normal articles, galleries and videos for your posts. Other features include numerous custom widgets, shortcodes, settings options panel and of course the responsive design so it will look perfect on tablets, mobile phones and all other devices. Demo & release page | download venture wordpress theme venture is a professional and modern business wordpress theme with a mobile responsive design. The premium theme from wpzoom has a customisable, widget based homepage with 12 custom widgets that can be added, removed and ordered in any way you want for a unique look.

The responsive design means it will automatically adapt to any screen size and resolution to look great on iphones, ipads and all other mobile devices ensuring your website is ready for the future. It also has a built-in portfolio which is useful to showcase your work or use it as an online catalogue of your products or goods. Some of the other theme features include a full width slider on the homepage, comprehensive options panel, testimonials and client sections and custom post types, integrated blog section and more. Demo & release page | download ink wordpress theme ink is a clean and simple responsive wordpress theme from theme trust which could be used for an elegant portfolio website or a stylish blog. The premium theme has a responsive design so it adapts to any screen resolution working perfectly on iphones, ipads and all other mobile devices. You can set a full screen background image to each individual project, post, or page. This makes each page unique and really stand out with its own personality. Some of the other features include a filterable portfolio template and custom portfolio post type, touchswipe slideshow, google web fonts, various custom shortcodes, the ability to set your own colours and more. Demo & release page | download swift wordpress theme swift is a responsive magazine wordpress theme from mythemeshop. The commercial theme has a compressive options panel and set of features so you can control almost everything about your theme from colours to fonts, widgets and social media functions, all with the click of a button.

Some of the features include unlimited colour schemes and background patterns, google fonts typography, custom widgets and shortcodes, social media integration, and a responsive design so it displays nicely on any screen size or device. Demo & release page | download dorothy wordpress theme dorothy is a beautiful feminine wordpress theme from bluchic ideal for a variety of purposes including traditional websites, blogs and ecommerce sites. The premium theme is inspired by scandinavian home design which is minimalist with clean simple lines and highly functional, but only what is needed is used. The theme is optimized for mobile with a responsive layout that adapts to different screen resolution like iphone, ipad, other tablets and mobile devices. Other features include custom shortcodes, a featured slider, options to customize the colours, ecommerce integration, theme options and more. Demo & release page | download harmony wordpress theme harmony is a bold and modern wordpress theme for band and music websites. The premium theme from elegant themes includes all the features a band or musician would need in a website. It includes a custom audio player that allows you to simple upload an mp3 audio file and you can add it to your homepage to display and share your latest songs. Harmony has full ecommerce integration with the woocommerce plugin so you can easily sell your own music or merchandise to your fans. It has an events custom post type and events section so you can display and manage upcoming events showing details such as date, venue, address, price and links to buy tickets. You can also upload multimedia such as photos and videos to share with your fans.

Other features include a mobile ready responsive design, lots of shortcodes, theme options panel and big bold colours and custom background images you can easily change for a unique look to suit your band. Demo & release page | download netelier wordpress theme netelier is a beautiful and professional wordpress theme with a responsive layout from nice themes. The premium theme has a clean, versatile design making it ideal for any business or agency websites to showcase their products, services, portfolio and more. Netelier has a customisable homepage with a responsive featured slider, into message, info boxes, and sections for latest work and posts. The sidebar can be aligned on the left or right side.

The main navigation menu has a fixed position which stayed at the top of the page when you scroll which is nice. The theme comes with a nice portfolio section and custom portfolio post type and template to showcase your work. The general portfolio template also allows users to dynamically filter portfolio items by categories. Some of the other great features in the theme include 5 different colour scheme options, theme options panel to easily upload a custom logo, change styles and other settings, and custom widgets and page templates. The theme also has a fully responsive design so visitors have an optimised experience on all devices from desktop computers to mobile phones.

Antreas is a simple and easy-to-use free business wordpress website theme. This theme is your strongest ally in creating successful online business ventures. Whether your projects are large or small, time-tested or brand-new, antreas has what you need. Ideal for users without previous coding experience, antreas is intuitive. Wp plugin-ready, antreas lets you integrate all kinds of interesting content into sidebars. You can add any plugin in minutes and enjoy added functionality and styling choices. Powerful built-in tools and shortcodes make your life easier. Introduce your business with a slender presentation. Go into detail with your pricing plans without the need for third-party plugins. Let your customers know where to find you with google maps api integration. Play around with layout and animation options and bring your website alive. Antreas is the smartest way to do business today. Try antreas now! more info / download demo.

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You’ve heard this a thousand times: wordpress is the most popular content management system (aka cms) in the world. W3techs reports that 59% of sites using cms are built on wordpress. It’s so successful that it’s almost become a synonym for cms! so what makes wordpress the preferred choice for millions of developers, designers, and anyone who needs a website really? first of all, wordpress is free and open source.

This doesn’t only mean that you get it for free (duh), but also that a team of developers from all over the world works constantly on improving it. Also, there’s a crazy amount of plugins available that integrate with the platform. These allow you to add all sorts of functionalities to your website-from image sliders to calendars, news feeds, spam filters and so on. It’s also very easy to use: its interface is simple and intuitive, and the web is full of wp tutorials of all kinds to help you make the most out of it. In a nutshell, it’s an extremely versatile system that enables you to create pretty much any sort of website you can think of. Yes, any sort. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that wordpress is just for small-business websites, blogs and other small-to-mid size projects.

That’s very far from the truth! plenty of complex e-commerce sites are built on wordpress, and doing pretty well ;) another great thing about it? it’s easy to customize. You don’t have to be a web developer to personalize your wordpress site: you can play around with its dashboard, and use a theme to make it look awesome. And wordpress themes is what this page is about! what are they? glad you asked. We are talking about pre-designed and pre-built layouts that you can apply to your website. If the wordpress dashboard allows you to take care of the content of your site (categories, subcategories, sections, pages, text and so on) a theme will define what the site looks like. Its visual design and its interactions.

What color will the background be? how will a link be highlighted when you hover with your mouse? will it have a large slider in the homepage? that’s what a theme is about. If you need to build a website but don’t have the time, or the skills, to design it yourself-you’re in the right place. Themeforest is home of a huge and varied library of wordpress themes created by a global community of creatives but there’s more. Let’s take a closer look and see what makes these themes great: top quality. Not only do we have some of the best designers and developers selling their themes on themeforest. Our quality team reviews every single one of them before they go on sale. Built for all devices.

You don’t need us to tell you that nowadays people will be likely to visit your website from different devices. The templates you’ll find here cater for all screen sizes-and you know how important this is. E-commerce ready. WordPress-powered e-commerce sites are everywhere in the web these days, and for good reason! e-commerce site templates will integrate perfectly with the likes of magento, shopify and other platforms that make it easier for you to open your online shop. Acreative community at work. Envato market is the home of the largest global community of creatives.

Our authors are talented professionals, extremely passionate about their work. Support when you need it. All themes come with detailed documentation on how to use them. And if you need assistance with bugs or issues, our authors will be there to help out. Plus, the envato help center is always just a click away. Deliver better projects faster. Web, design & video assets unlimited downloads, from $16. 50/month effortless design and video. Designers matched perfectly to.

Thanks to wordpress for making us available with the variety of alluring themes and templates. It has its root as one of the best blogging platforms but with the passage of time, it gains illustrious as one of the best content management system. Website developers and designers can develop highly professional and modern website with ease and efficacy. One of the most famous categories about we all are aware is news and magazine wordpress themes. Except for the insipid and archaic page with only a single layout, it provides an elegant sidebar layout options which are amended to design contemporary websites.

As you are designing a news and magazine website then it should be an impeccable blend of discernible images, eye-catching visuals and uncluttered text. Color schemes, graphics, typography and video incarnation should be stabilized crosswise all the pages of your website. Many of the world’s most famous magazine sites are making use of wordpress like forbes, new york times, people magazine, and national geographic. So, here we have bundled up some of the best professional wordpress themes which you can use to design any news and magazine websites. You can effectively design websites as per your choice either a debonair fashion magazine or a pensive and dignified news website. 16. Personal blog.

WordPress has a vast community of developers and designers who push the platform forward and keep it evolving. Those millions of users are constantly designing and developing great wordpress themes that can be shared and used by all on the platform.

The free wordpress themes are an awesome way to start a project off, if you aren’t quite ready to invest money and time into hosting a custom site and domain. There are countless themes available in the community, or if you wanted to make one for yourself you can try out one of the many wordpress tutorials. Remember, once your site is up and running, you can always dissect your theme and build on top of it – it’s a great learning experience. We’ve dived into the wordpress ether and found the best free wordpress themes for your design pleasure. Also take a look at our guide to the best web hosting services in 2019 , many of which offer options specifically for wordpress hosting.

Whether you are sharing your portfolio, blog, or freelance work, these creative themes have layout options and visual features that will make your website stand out. Source: undsgn undsgn allows you to “test drive” the theme with all of your content prior to making a purchase. You can customize your navigation bars, fonts, colors, and images on each page of your website with this theme. You can also insert page redirects and change your menu styles within the theme so your site functions how you want it. Undsgn works best for creative businesses, web-studios, and designers. Source: pixelgrade pixelgrade is the company behind felt , an eye-catching magazine wordpress theme that allows publishers to properly showcase their content by placing it front and center. The theme allows for large visuals, ads (if you so wish), and collecting subscribers through the wordpress theme’s built-in form tools. On top of this, it has full e-commerce capabilities, thus creating an online store is a breeze. Source: bridge “the bridge theme comes with around 350 demo sites so you can get the bones of a fully styled site and a working responsive design in no time. “- marcus miller of bowler hat. With interactive elements, the google font library , and custom menus, bridge is a great theme option for anyone looking to implement a portfolio layout on their wordpress website and mobile site. Source: themeforest jupiter x is a creative wordpress theme that is ideal for large businesses, freelancers, and marketers. You can choose from over 240 pre-built websites or build your own design from scratch with elementor.

You have unlimited possibilities with your header and footer design, blog styles, menus, pop-ups, forms, and more. Source: kalium kalium is one of the easiest themes to set up due to its ” premium page builder ” feature that lets you build pages in a matter minutes. But if you do have time to spare, you can use it to create custom post layouts. Kalium allows you to select from multiple styles and formats so you can make the content you’re sharing more exciting to view and read. Kalium is a great theme option if you’re looking to create a website for fashion, photography, travel, restaurant, freelance, or agency work.

The theme has one-click installation and over 30 portfolio item types to choose from to help you customize your site. Source: wordpress hestia is an seo-focused theme with a retina-ready design. It has a multi-purpose, one-page design that works best for creative businesses and startups. The theme also contains a blog page and several layout options for portfolio work. Source: wordpress ultra has a straightforward, responsive design, drag-and-drop layouts, and a customizable homepage with a full-width headline. All ultra themes are seo-optimized and backed by an expert support team available whenever you may need it. This theme has a clean design, which makes it easy to customize pages without having to write your own code. Ultra themes are ideal for creative businesses, portfolios, and blogs.

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WordPress themes are ready-made layouts created for wordpress — one of the most popular content management systems used for blogging , news websites and e-commerce projects. These templates are custom solutions for building an online resource from scratch or easily revamping an existing one. Taking our clients’ needs into consideration, we have devoted a lot of time to creating the best possible offers for different kinds of websites (such as wordpress resume themes or wordpress gallery themes etc. ). Regardless of your professional background or amount of computing skills, you will definitely succeed in installing and making alterations to your website. To make things even more simple, every theme is richly supplied with all the necessary documentation explicitly explaining every step of the installation process.

Powered by cherry framework, these wordpress templates designs offer a variety of shortcodes and plugins, wordpress bootstrap themes with bootstrap options as well as the possibility to update the current appearance with flexible parent/child themes. In order to emphasize the uniqueness of your website, we enabled the use of different types of posts for various blocks of information you would like to showcase. More than a hundred features are available within the framework: customizing logos, navigation and typography, as well as making changes to the slider, blog pages, portfolios, page footers etc.

You can also use special templates for such purposes such as wordpress portfolio themes. Created to meet all imaginable requirements, a variety of post formats gives you a chance to make every page of your resource really outstanding! in case you’ve been looking to build an online store you might find our wordpress online store themes useful. It also has to be said that every website layout can boast a set of powerful features and widgets which are easy to operate. You can start with templates powered by features you need, such as parallax wordpress themes , and then preview their functions. Preview function lets you have a look at the alterations performed in real time. What is more, all amendments can only be saved on being confirmed! keeping pace with the modern trends on the web, our templates are built cross-browser compatible to make sure your website looks flawless in all modern browsers. Moreover, almost all our products sport 100% responsive designs making it possible to visit and enjoy your online resource from any modern mobile device of choice. Each of our premium themes for wordpress is search engine friendly. Thus, you will always be able to optimize your website so that more clients can learn about the goods and services your company provides on the internet! purchasing our products ensures you receive full access to 24/7 free lifetime support. Professional assistance is provided by our technical specialists day and night, whenever it is needed. They work to guarantee your questions about the wordpress website designs are answered properly! buy themes for wordpress if you are willing to build a website that will instantly catch your viewers’ attention and prove that your business is beyond any competition!.

If you haven’t chosen a theme yet, head over to the wordpress theme directory. It holds official wordpress themes , that have been checked and inspected against wordpress theme guidelines. They are also free to download. There are thousands of themes in the directory; this is where the wordpress theme search function comes in handy. Use the theme search bar if you know the name or style of theme you want. The feature filter in the theme search function will narrow down the results. You can select your preferred layout format, which features you need, and the subject of your site. You might be looking for a single-column layout for a photography blog that features an animated background, for example. You might want to browse for inspiration using the tabs for featured themes, most popular themes and the latest additions to the directory. For more options, use the theme search to browse commercially supported gpl themes. These paid services include more support and are fully compliant with the wordpress general public license. Afinal note on themes is to keep them updated. It takes a small amount of effort to update the core wordpress themes. Updating themes is worthwhile, each update adds new features and enhancements, such as better security and seo. It’s possible that by keeping themes up to date, you may cause some problems for your website. Customized pages can be affected, and settings lost during an update, for example. To counter this, we recommend child themes. These facilitate a successful theme update without losing any of your modifications. Follow this guide to check if your theme is safe to update with child themes.

With the above list of criteria in mind, the forty themes below have been chosen for their wide variety of features and functionality. Plus, they all have ratings of at least four out of five stars and have been updated within the past six months. These options are a great place to start if you’re not sure where to begin your theme search. Let’s jump right in!.

Brilliance is a bright and intuitive platform for the creation of engaging, dynamic and highly effective websites aimed mostly at professional and business applications, with plentiful capabilities for commercial and professional success built right into this powerful theme. Polished for being a theme specializing in maximized conversion rates, brilliance is the perfect vehicle for a multitude of cutting edge applications. From online commerce to digital or affiliate marketing endeavors, brilliance has got you covered. Lightweight and fast-loading, brilliance also performs well even under pressure and peak traffic usage cases, while extensive seo improvements make brilliance quickly ascend all the relevant search ranks, turning into higher traffic, higher conversions and ultimately, more revenue coming your way. Businesses of all kinds can benefit from brilliance’s integrated woocommerce support , which power its online shop template pages and sophisticated commercial capacities, including shopping carts, product catalogues and payment methods, without any additional coding required. No matter the business or industry, brilliance’s shortcodes and clever layouts will let you increase your conversions in no time at all. Check out brilliance today, and see the light! more info / download demo.

Directory theme directory theme is ideal for creating an online listings directory. Includes custom post types, membership packages, geolocation, google map search, unlimited searchable custom fields, advanced search and more. This wordpress directory theme comes with hundreds of built-in functions. Read more classifieds theme this is a very powerful classifieds theme for wordpress. Includes many customizable search options, monetization and classified ads submission packages. As with all of our directory themes, you can add your own categories, packages, menus and customize fields from the dashboard. Read more eventum theme create a powerful events portal for event organizers with eventum. This events wordpress theme helps you create, manage and monetize your events directory site for literally any purpose. Includes all the powerful options from our directory theme plus it comes with its own event functions. Read more spotfinder theme create airbnb clone design. Use this directory child theme to create listing website for anything from rental accommodation to local businesses. With focus on maps, this listings theme comes with customizable categories, menus, search and packages so you can use it for any niche directory. Read more jobs directory theme create a powerful wordpress job listing directory site. Ideal for job recruitment or employment agencies to post job vacancies. Includes many options for job advertisers and job seekers. Add your own categories, fields and packages. This responsive job board theme is highly customizable. Read more homequest theme homequest is one of our best and newest real estate wordpress themes. This is perfect if you want to create a property website or real estate classified ads directory. Use this theme as an estate agent to only advertise the properties on your portfolio or open property listing submission. Read more geoplaces theme this is one of the best business directory themes available. Geoplaces offers you the chance to have your own local business listings directory at a very affordable price. This responsive directory theme has both free and paid packages and includes an events directory as well as places. Read more events theme a powerful responsive events directory theme packed with loads features. Allow event organizers to submit events on free or paid payment packages. This is one of our easily customizable and simple to use event themes. Create your own event categories, add custom fields. Read more real estate theme allow estate agents and homeowners to submit properties for rent or sale. This idx/mls compatible real estate classifieds theme is unique and powerful in the features it provides for you to launch a successful property listings site. Comes with hundreds of built-in features and tweaks. Read more business directory theme this is another one of our top wordpress business directory themes. Includes all built-in functions of its parent theme directory so you can launch a powerful business listing website. The elegant design and hundreds of options and tweaks will ensure you build a profitable directory. Read more listings theme designed for creating business search directories, the powerful listings theme doesn’t just come with all of its parent theme’s functions. Listings also lets businesses upload a header background image to their listing. Ideal for creating a business reviews and rating directory website. Read more travel theme wish travelers a bon voyage with the powerful travel theme. Best suited for travel directory websites, travel agencies, tour operators. List destinations, tours, holiday packages. Travel includes advanced search, listing submission and link for travel booking on external booking engines. Read more cuisine theme cuisine is designed as a theme for restaurant directories. As all of our directory themes, cuisine comes with customizable categories, fields, submission packages, menus, currency and cities. Use this theme to launch your very own restaurants directory with ratings and reviews. Read more yellow pages theme the perfect choice if you’re looking for a script like yellow pages. Easy to setup, customize categories, text, menus, submission packages and form. This theme comes loaded with many powerful functions. Use to build a local, nationwide or international yellow pages style directory. Read more job board theme wish travelers a bon voyage with the powerful travel theme. Best suited for travel directory websites, travel agencies, tour operators. List destinations, tours, holiday packages. Travel includes advanced search, listing submission and link for travel booking on external booking engines. Read more vacation rental theme an ideal rental properties theme which is ideal for vacation property owners to promote their rental villas or apartments online. This responsive vacation rentals theme that comes with many powerful rental features such as a booking system and an availability calendar for online booking. Read more villa rental theme this is another one of our beautiful rental accommodation booking themes. Use the villa rental theme to promote and offer online booking for holiday villas, rooms, apartments, cottages or any vacation property for rent. Includes an availability calendar, room or property price rates and more. Read more 5 star theme as part of our collection of online accommodation booking themes, 5 star is a great choice. Use this theme for booking for hotels, bed and breakfasts or even hostels. This is a very easy to use booking theme, customize categories, add new listings, set the prices and you’re ready. Read more i am very satisfied with the theme i bought from templatic. My site is getting great and i know i’ll have great financial returns. Thanks to the exceptional support from templatic team – all my doubts and problems are quickly resolved. Thank you for helping me realize my project. Rogerio manea luxury theme launch your online shop with the easy to setup luxury theme. Read more ecommerce theme – easily create a multi-purpose open cart site to sell your products online. Read more ecommerce theme – easily create a local or global money making business directory portal in read more daily deal theme this coupons theme comes loaded with many functions for deal and coupon websites. Daily deal includes, digital product and email print deals. Also included is an affiliate module as well as custom link deals which can be used for products on amazon and cj (commission junction). Read more answers theme need to launch your own questions and answers website like yahoo answers or quora? this is the perfect match. The answers theme lets users submit questions and others can answer with votes on best answers. This theme is easy to use and it also lets you charge for posting questions. Read more book author theme this is an ideal theme for authors, writers, publishers or book shops. Easily sell ebooks, digital goods with the responsive book author wordpress theme. Create an e-commerce website to also sell digital products such as stock photography, audio files, videos or media files. Read more publisher theme sleek, mobile friendly and responsive, it’s an ideal ecommerce theme for selling books or digital products online. This woocommerce compatible book author theme also comes with its own ecommerce module which you can use for your online book store site. Includes many powerful features. Read more video theme this video wordpress theme is responsive and ideal for launching video websites like youtube. Customize categories, menus and text and use to create a video blog or allow users to submit videos or share them from other video websites like youtube, vimeo, dailymotion and more. Read more ibusiness theme this is one of our visual composer themes that’s ideal for businesses, companies or even personal websites. This drag and drop theme is super-easy to customize with its front-end website builder. Change elements, text and images in an instant and see the changes in real-time. Read more.

Calenotis magazine wordpress theme comes free of charge. It’s ideal for any type of project. If you’ve just launched your book (whether ebook or hardcopy), or you want to create in-depth content that will generate organic traffic for you, this magazine theme will do the job right, from the very beginning. Calenotis is a popular theme used in the health and fitness industry. The majority of the internet marketers out there aren’t aware of this theme. If they were, why would they not be using it? the good news is that you’ve got the chance to use it while it’s free. The fullscreen slider will house your best works, latest pictures, upcoming programs and more. This theme was designed using the minimalist principle – “omit needless things!” the default font size for the body text may not be perfectly legible, but, with html and css experience, you can always change the size of your text to suit your users giving you search engine juice.

Fudge has been crucial for the online presence of our non-profit event, as we were able to set up everything needed within 2 days, including speakers, schedule, code of conduct and more. With only a few tweaks we had a professional looking website set up within a matter of days. Vertoh is very impressive in its ease of use, completeness, clean design and social integration. It is perfect for event professionals, like myself, who run several events per year. Ilook forward to using it and will certainly recommend it to my clients. Are you looking for a premium conference wordpress theme for your next event that is user friendly, intuitive and has been thoughtfully crafted by event professionals who know what they are talking about? look no further than the tyler. It was perfect for our event: speakers, sessions, social media, blogging. The list is endless. Iwould highly recommend using tyler for your next conference! “we’ve been searching for a conference scheduling solution powered by wordpress for over a year now and we were delighted to find event manager theme. Not only did we setup our schedule in a matter of days, but the support has been terrific, the code is rock solid, and the potential huge. Anyone managing an event needs to take a serious look at the emt solution. We couldn’t be happier. ”event manager theme has everything an event manager would need: the ability to manage speakers, sessions, registrations, customize the design and it also works across devices (smart phones, tablets and pcs). Physical events play nice with social media campaigns and are great to keep the momentum going, but setting up the event hub and the whole speaker-session-event data model is a pain in the neck. Januas cuts down on setup time, gives you a fresh contemporary interface, allows you to embed event ticketing codes and works well on mobile, which is really the point if you are running an event event manager theme lets my clients concentrate on planning events because it was created with event planners in mind. Built on the genesis framework, easy to update, secure, and stunningly beautiful, these wordpress themes are top notch and my first choice for events of any size. Event manager theme theme is very hip, very now. Very clean & well coded. Some issues with image management were addresses quickly. Support for it is quite good. Overall we are very pleased with the theme. We are very glad we bought it. It was worth the investment. Fudge has transformed our events from an online booking page to a content led online hub. Being able to quickly integrate video, photo and the eventbrite booking form into the site results in something that clearly communicates the whole story of an event. Tyler is by far the most robust, and professionally designed theme we could find for our event. Not only is the theme full of features and perfect for our conference, but customization is simple and support is top-notch. Overall, with tyler , we feel that have a custom event site that looks as if we spent thousands on development. As an event organizer the tyler theme is perfect for focusing my participants attention on what matters. Simple to set up and easy to customize i wish i had this theme before. The first comment from my participants when i implemented theme was “wow, now you look professional”.

Layout Settings for Your WordPress Theme

Aftih using deep premium wordpress theme i think new best seller here, i really like admin panel settings dashboard, demo importer, plugins, performance option, theme setting but tutorials is the best. (please add more videos for theme option and desinging) deep realy user friendly. Theme design is perfect, has many of best plugins, footer and header builder the best theme i’ve ever bought. Thank youuuuu katiadiamond using modern events calendar if i could give you 6 stars i would. Ihave tried virtually every calendar plugin on the market. Besides the fact that this is by far the best one, the customer support is simply the best i’ve ever had with any purchase. Ican’t give you guys enough credit for an outstanding product and outstanding support. Thank you! chrisbourn using easyweb premium wordpress theme i have only just started using this theme and i have to say i am impressed !! great documentation, rapid customer support, great theme features. With the template demo installs, help speeds up deployment, i shall be using this theme again that’s for sure ! please keep up the good work and the demo templates are great ! vvpmedias using deep premium wordpress theme this theme is exactly what i needed : highly flexible and not heavy. All the main plugins included that you can pick depending on your needs (rev slider / layer slider, different table prices, mail system, kc editor or another). Idid not used the demo because everything is user friendly design126 using vision premium wordpress theme been designing for churches and ministries with wordpress for over 10 years. This is by far one of the best and most feature rich church themes on the market!!! well done webnus – you rock!!!!! 🙂 sterlingwilliam using deep premium wordpress theme this theme is in$ane! a ton of very high quality modern demos that can be imported in a matter of minutes, comes w all images. Beautiful style in the editing backend, everythings so clean, quick and easy to edit and equally amazing on mobile view! an absolute #winwin w deep! jeffreysummers using deep premium wordpress theme the design is great but what matters even more for me is the support. These guys have been all over it. Support is top notch which is the way it should be. Rudedog99 using deep premium wordpress theme love this theme. So much options, so many features and still easy to use. Had a small problem and the support fixed it quickly and made an update to the theme. Great! mattie1983 using deep premium wordpress theme this theme is second to none, by far the best. Idon’t anything about coding etc and i’m new to wordpress but the layout of this themes options and documentation make it easy to follow and is explained clearly making building a perfect website you visioned easy. Don’t waste your time looking at others. Job well done to the developer. Neilb4theking using deep premium wordpress theme wow, wow, wow!!! unparalleled features and functionality. Amazing value too. Don’t waste your time looking at others. Matija using deep premium wordpress theme a vast number of available ready-to-use demos and templates, many premium plugins included in the package, ability to customize the entire website, header builder feature, extensive documentation and great support are just some of the things you will get with deep. You can be confident that whatever you are building, deep has you covered. If you’re looking for professional, clean, and attractive theme, look no further.

Adding options is one of the most fundamental things theme and plugin developers must do if they wish to convey dynamic functionality to users. Here’s how the basic process works: convey a with options in an interface process the options when the is submitted save options to the database retrieve options from the database as needed while this process is bad enough on its own, wordpress actually makes it worse by having an inconsistent and disorganized approach to options that appear in different locations. For example, there are 4 major locations within wordpress where a developer might want to add options: admin pages — theme and plugin settings pages post meta — options inside the wordpress post editor terms — options for categories, tags, and taxonomies theme customizer — specialty design options in what can only be described as pure madness, wordpress accepts options in a wildly different format for each location. This makes absolutely no sense. The html specification consists of a finite number of input elements, and you only need a few of these elements to do practically anything: — basic text input — expanded text input — either/or radio selector — dropdown selector there are very clear patterns in play here. No matter where you’d like to convey options, you are going to be working with these basic input types. Instead of leveraging these natural patterns and accepting a single, intelligible syntax for options, wordpress accepts a different syntax depending on where you’d like to convey your options. This is perhaps the greatest shortcoming of the wordpress platform. And by extension, the solution to this problem is also one of the most important aspects of thesis.

WordPress themes are really just a combination of structure (html templates) and style (css). In thesis, these combinations of structure and style are called skins. We’ve already seen how boxes and templates are sufficient to build a rock-solid website structure. Now it’s time to explore how to add some style. With its variable-enhanced scss editor, thesis delivers a dynamic css environment that can be leveraged to do incredible things. The thesis css editor is enhanced with variables and an scss compiler. For example, the focus wordpress theme —which is really a thesis skin—uses css variables to deliver golden ratio typography: the user selects a font and font size in the design options focus uses the thesis skin typography tools to calculate golden ratio typography values focus updates css variables with new values from golden ratio typography dozens of values get automatically updated in the css as a result the design is now proportionally optimized for the user’s custom settings to understand why this is so great, you’ve got to understand the nature of most design customizations: if you change one thing (like a font size), you probably need to change a lot of other things to maintain proportionality and to ensure everything looks good with the new settings. This is a painstaking process, and it’s prone to errors because many changes are required in many locations in the css. With the thesis css editor, this process can be 100% automated, resulting in perfect adjustments every time. The leverage here cannot be overstated. Because of the way the thesis css environment works, it’s possible to create a complete css design system that responds dynamically to options and user input. The biggest shortcoming of css has always been that it’s not a true programming language. It doesn’t have real variables, and it’s more of a syntactical language than a functional one. But the thesis css environment turns this weakness into a strength. Skins can leverage this to deliver infinite design outcomes with a level of precision that simply is not possible any other way. Check out the focus wordpress theme to see an example of a thesis skin that features a true design system and the finest css output the world has ever seen.

These were the best wordpress themes 2019. The development of wordpress themes is getting faster and faster. A“normal” theme hardly pulls anyone off the stool today. However, this has several advantages for you as a customer but also disadvantages. On the one hand, there are always great innovations in the themes, such as the header builder, live code editing but also countless demo layouts. On the other hand, the theme developers sometimes advertise with false or misleading statements (“best wordpress themes”, google pagespeed scores, seo-optimized, etc. ). This makes the wordpress theme scene extremely confusing, especially for newcomers. Therefore, you should always enjoy the statements of some theme developers with caution. If you are looking for your super wordpress theme, have a look at the overview – in general: all wordpress themes are similar! they are based on wordpress. If you have something specific in mind (special navigation or special layout) just look at the theme demos and make sure that your desired elements are included in the theme. Otherwise, i hope i could help you with the list and maybe you still have a suggestion for a great, new theme.

If you want to start a mom blog, then this will be one of the best wordpress themes for you to do it with. This wordpress theme skews a little more feminine in nature, packed with a minimalist and beautifully designed layout that’s fully responsive for all types of devices to read your blog content. The essence serves perfectly as a blog template, online magazine, digital newspaper or even a travel blog theme to document your experiences. Their collection of over 17 different layouts will help you to get started quickly, and it’s super affordable too. Price: $59 (for one site).

Thegem – a few years ago it was very popular. Unfortunately, the disappointment came with the wonderful demo layouts in the backend. The adaptability of the thegem theme was limited and so managed the theme although the entry in the most popular themes 2017 – but it could not maintain the success. Too many critical voices came up. The thegem theme is still a good choice and is one of the best wordpress themes this year, but it has a bitter aftertaste. What happened? the more than 200 demos look all top – but lives a theme of his pictures (which in most cases just do not belong to the demo). If you start to fill the theme with your own pictures, which were not made by a designer, meets the great demo layout on the reality. Nevertheless, the thegem theme (just because of the ready-made demos) worth a look and has made this year the way to the list.

Moneyflow ranks among the best wordpress themes for bloggers because it’s a very modern and professional blog theme for people who want to actually make money blogging. This wordpress theme offers a collection of advanced monetization features for your blog, while also giving your readers a dynamic and visually-appealing layout to consume your content on. It integrates directly with google adsense so you can flip on easy advertisements and woocommerce so you can sell products from your blog as well. Price: $59 (for one site).

20. MoneyFlow WordPress Theme

Ssmag is a mobile responsive, plug and play free wordpress theme that has a grid-based layout. Content creators will find this theme useful, because of its feature that positions your content to go viral – well-designed social share buttons. The design layout is optimized to engage readers and to cause them to explore your site further. Ssmag was created in 2015. It has custom widgets, to display text and html elements. Apart from being browser compatible, ssmag theme supports embedded video, which will play a vital role in explaining what your blog is all about, instead of using your featured image on a post page.

As the name suggests, edigital market is a free wordpress theme for selling digital products, like themes, plugins, ebooks, audios, software, videos, fonts, icons and other whatnots. It is a tool that fits the powerful easy digital downloads plugin best. Edigital market has a clean, minimal and professional look that easily adjusts to your needs and regulations. Whether you are interested in building a generic marketplace or a niche one, whatever the case, edigital market is ready and set to get you going online without a hitch. The theme is super customizable and easy to use to make sure all levels of users get the most out of it. Moreover, regardless of your prior experience, with edigital market, you will appear professional from the very beginning and shine online. More info / download demo.

Start with one of our newest wordpress themes, see our free wordpress themes , or browse our full theme collection of over 60 themes. Whether you’re a business, creative professional, writer, freelancer, or someone wanting your own online presence, we’re here to help you make it amazing! all our themes come with support from our professional team , so you’ll have someone to help you get started, every step of the way. See all 60+ of our themes.

Amodern business wordpress theme with a responsive design from wpzoom. The premium theme has a dynamic homepage structure which can be customized to your liking using custom widgets. Other notable features include a featured posts slider on the homepage, 2 custom post types for testimonials and events, the advanced wpzoom framework and options panel, custom page templates, and the mobile responsive layout that means it will look great on any device. Responsive design demo & release page | download.

Next on our list of the best flexible wordpress themes is another drag-and-drop theme builder. This one is built on bootstrap and acts as a design suite that gives you full control over every aspect of your site. You are able to create your own layouts, add custom designs via an interface or css and make your site completely your own. Features.

If you’re looking to bring your website to life, check out athena. It’s a feature-loaded, parallax wordpress theme that’s great for businesses, creatives, and bloggers. It incorporates a featured image slider and animated callouts, along with a useful grid-style blog layout – and you have many additional customization options (including color choices, widget areas, menus, and social media links) at your disposal. However, perhaps the most useful feature athena offers is the live customizer. This saves you significant time while editing, since it enables you to see changes in real time, and is a valuable addition to a free theme.

If you recently searched for terms like ‘free wordpress themes’, ‘best free wordpress themes’ or similar in google, you will realize there are actually a lot of free themes out there. The best place to find top free wordpress themes can undoubtedly be the official wordpress repository but again there are already more than 5000 free wordpress themes there, which can certainly make it a hard job for you to choose one. That is why, we have handpicked some of the best free wordpress themes suitable for different purposes like personal website, blog, portfolio, shops, online stores, startups, business, travel sites, magazines etc. Some of themes listed here are multipurpose themes so they are suitable for any kind of websites.

Divi – Multipurpose WordPress Theme

What can you do with wordpress themes? with wordpress templates or themes, you can easily and quickly create a professional website with a variety of features and styles. This makes creating a website much easier and more accessible than programming it yourself. So you do not have to be a web design expert and you do not have to have years of experience in this area. WordPress has helped revolutionize web design, and now any business or individual can make their website relatively easy. But there is something essential: the choice of the template or the theme. This is a crucial aspect as professional design templates can make life easier.

If you are just starting out, then you need to make sure that you are using the right platform for your website. Take a look at our guide to understand the difference between self-hosted wordpress. Org vs wordpress. Com. For a self hosted wordpress. Org site, you will need a good domain name and the best wordpress hosting. Your domain is the address for your website and hosting is where your website lives on the internet. We recommend using bluehost because they are giving our users over 60% off discount and a free domain name. Not to mention, they are one of the largest web hosting companies in the world, and they are officially recommended by wordpress. Org. Next you will need to install wordpress. Don’t worry, we got you covered there as well. We have a step by step guide on how to start a wordpress blog the right way! once you are up and running, you can pick a theme from the list below and install it. If you need help, then see our guide on how to install a wordpress theme. Having said that, let’s take a look at some of the best responsive wordpress themes. Astra is a popular multipurpose theme that can be used to build websites and blogs that look great on all devices. Built with the best coding standards, astra offers a rock solid platform for wordpress websites, irrespective of the source they are coming from and the device they use. Besides being a responsive theme, astra offers advanced options like the mobile header module that lets you adjust header breakpoints, set different logos, menu styles, colors, etc. For mobile devices. All of this is easy and user friendly to set up since astra adds all its options within the customizer and allows you to work around without a single line of code. So, if you are looking for a feature-rich, stable and high performing theme that makes your website look great on all devices, astra assures all of this along with a lot more flexibility and ease that you would need. Authority pro is a wordpress theme made specifically for influencers to showcase their expertise and explore new opportunities. Its homepage features a modern layout with prominent call-to-action to help you boost conversions. It is ecommerce ready, which allows you to sell online courses or build a membership community. Most importantly, it is built on top of the genesis framework which is known for rock-solid code and superior performance. Other notable features include a vertical social menu, flexible header layout, custom widgets, and multiple-page templates. It is easy to set up using theme options panel which allows you to quickly get started. Dixie is a well-crafted wordpress theme for podcasts, video, and music websites. It is fully mobile responsive and offers your users a great multimedia experience even on smaller devices. Theme setup is quite simple and most features work out of the box. It comes with options to change colors and layout, but you can also use page builder plugins to create your own landing pages if needed.

If you’re looking for only the best free wordpress themes in the market for 2020, then you’re in the right place. We have more than 50+ such themes for you right here! this list covers a lot of ground. Here’s what you’ll find below: niche themes, multipurpose themes, business themes, minimal themes, free wordpress themes built with bootstrap, responsive themes (optimized for mobile and desktop), themes for page builders such as elementor. Not to mention, all of them are free. If you want to make a design change this year, or just want some recommendations in this direction, you’re going to enjoy this a lot. Here’s the complete list of the best free wordpress themes available.

Shares82 with over 10,000 wordpress themes available, it’s quite difficult for beginners to find the best wordpress theme for their needs. Often we’re asked by users if there is a single wordpress theme that fits all use-cases. The answer is yes. You can use a popular multi-purpose wordpress theme on just about any kind of website. Having the right theme can make a huge difference in your blog / website growth. In this article, we have hand-picked the best wordpress themes of 2019. Our focus with this article is to highlight the best and most popular wordpress themes in their respective categories. We have niche specific wordpress themes as well as top wordpress multi-purpose themes in this list. Depending on your use case, you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Before you start, don’t miss this article on the best and popular wordpress theme shops. Having said that, let’s take a look at the best wordpress themes on the market. Divi is one of the most popular multi-purpose wordpress themes on the market. It is created by elegant themes, one of the leading wordpress theme shops in the world. Divi comes with a built-in drag & drop builder that you can use to create any type of layout. You also get 20 pre-made divi layouts right out of the box that you can use to jump-start your new project. Also, check out these highly customizable divi child themes. Divi allows you to save your custom layouts in the divi library, so you can re-use them later as needed. Read the complete divi review. Get started with divi today! ultra is the most powerful and flexible wordpress theme created by themify. It makes it easy for you to create any type of website with a powerful drag & drop builder. With a single click, you can import their demo setup that includes various theme settings, content, menus, widgets, and more. This helps you quick-start your new website project. It comes with 15 header / page styles, 6 header background options, 6 footer layouts, 5 single post layouts, 6 archive layouts, section scrolling and more. Best of all, you get a library of 60 complete pre-designed layouts with parallax landing pages and other awesome features that are designed by professional designers. You also get 10 bonus addons like progress bar, counter, pricing table, countdown widget, and more.

WordPress users may install and switch among different themes. Themes allow users to change the look and functionality of a wordpress website without altering the core code or site content. Every wordpress website requires at least one theme to be present and every theme should be designed using wordpress standards with structured php , valid html (hypertext markup language), and cascading style sheets (css). Themes may be directly installed using the wordpress “appearance” administration tool in the dashboard, or theme folders may be copied directly into the themes directory, for example via ftp. The php , html and css found in themes can be directly modified to alter theme behavior, or a theme can be a “child” theme which inherits settings from another theme and selectively overrides features. WordPress themes are generally classified into two categories: free and premium. Many free themes are listed in the wordpress theme directory (also known as the repository), and premium themes are available for purchase from marketplaces and individual wordpress developers. WordPress users may also create and develop their own custom themes. The free theme underscores created by the wordpress developers has become a popular basis for new themes.

1. Author, blog and ebook wordpress themes the idea behind creating these themes is to build a platform for posting ideas and thoughts who are interested in writing blog and stories. In todays life many people like to read books. These wordpress themes are much responsive that allows reader to read content much effectively. These themes can be used by authors to build a easy blog, magazine or a website based on news. Also, this theme can be used to create food blog, travel blog, tour blog, etc. Before purchasing wordpress themes you can check out the theme demo with fully demo content loaded. 2. Automotive wordpress themes automotive wordpress themes are the top sellers theme that has easy customizing features with the range of google fonts and color options. These themes will keep you and your customers connected with each other. Plus these wp templates will permit you to add a number of cars that you will sell. However, your user can easily view your car listing and car details to make an order it. You will have a most stunning and flexible website on your hand once finishing the customization process. Because of its flexible feature, the theme can be used by the auto dealership, auto parts store, and repairs services. 3. Construction wordpress themes the internet is now becoming a mean of attraction and communication with technical stuff as well. All generation people prefer the internet to play games, stay connected with friends, searching for things online, shopping etc. In the same way, some people search for wordpress professional themes for creating a website. Hence, a business related to real estate, interior designing, and building construction can create a website very easily. Online lead generation is also possible with these wp themes. These themes come with many layouts option to make a website as you want. Without awareness about the latest technology, the nontechnical person can also create a website easily. 4. Bakery wordpress themes if you want to create a website for selling your cupcakes, bakery products, and special cakes you will need a website for showcasing your latest collections. Hence some wp themes are sorted out that you can utilize its feature for your restaurant and cafes. The theme is created with responsive components so that it will be viewable on every device and browser. To give your customer awesome experience home delivery options can be provided with special discounts and offers. Some customers can make a choice to order cake and butter or any combination with the ecommerce functionality. Call to action on top will allow a user to get communicated with you. 5. Interior wordpress themes creating a website for interior design can be a tough job as your clients will be looking for amazing portfolio design. Hence your website should reflect your skills and work in the most professional way. Thanks to wordpress website themes that have a collection for an interior designing work. Plus these wp templates that supports a retina image. These themes will make your website more appealing. This theme will not only help you to show your portfolio but also will assist you to represent your work and skills internationally. The theme can be utilized to create a website for decoration, architect, artist or any portfolio business. 6. Education and technology wordpress themes these themes come with left and right sidebar options to create a website with a more professional look. Whether you are a ceo of a college or a trustee of daycare you will surely need a website to run your institution. With the best look and feel design you can get more trust to fulfill the education requirements. The demo content is created for showing demo services that this theme provides. This theme can be used to manage the learning system and user documentation. The separate registration form will be permitted to create that play different role from each other. Admin will be able to upload study materials whereas students will be able to view and download the notes and paper demos. 7. Medical and dentist wordpress themes creating a website for a spirited smile and a good healthy lifestyle you can go with medical and dentist wordpress theme. You can have awesome clinic experience and the friendly working environment. In some easy way, one can create a completely dynamic website. Documentation will provide guideline throughout the editing process. You can purchase wordpress themes for the ultimate solution that covers all health-related industries. Industries like medical, dental, pharmaceuticals, surgeons etc. Your website can be the most essential factor in getting sales through medical services and medical products. The user searching for a piece of important information on the internet can directly search your website. 8. Fitness, sports, spa and salon wordpress themes to grow your fitness business and health products online you can create a website using wordpress themes. All the wordpress templates listed in this section are responsive and flexible. You can grow your business to the next level from your competitors plus results in more credibility. Reaching people worldwide will improve your conversion rate and user traffic. Users can view trainer’s experience and their latest work. The mobile responsive feature will let your website to be viewed on every mobile device. The main importance of creating heathcare, spa and salon websites is to give an opportunity to post the blog and share it with different social media. 9. Free wordpress themes we noticed that most of the users are searching keywords like “free wordpress themes”. As the keyword entered into the google search it gives the result with a bundle of wordpress themes that are free. But the user gets much confused which the best one for creating a website if their business size is small or large. So, we skt team are here to announce the most beautiful wordpress themes that are free to use. Plus you can take the advantages of all free themes according to your business size. All themes are separated in terms of small scale based and large scale based industries. 10. Lawyer wordpress themes now the law practice location will not matter. Because you can handle many cases online. You can present your portfolio and the total year of experience to the website. Just you need to provide some reason to trust you. You can work on seo to get your lawyer website on the top of search engines this will help you to get more potential clients within some efforts. You will be able to represent your practice focus, wining history and client testimonials. The theme can be handled by fresher or a technical person. Lawyer wordpress themes are created for multipurpose business such as legal firms, criminal firms, and attorneys. 11. Music artist and entertainment wordpress themes as compared to older days, we and our society growing rapidly in their particular area. When it comes to the entertainment industry it is very important to have a website because most of the users search for songs and movies online. To showcase work related to music and entertainment it is obvious that you will not prefer radio and newspaper that only highlight work in text and audio format. But the website can have a collection of images, audios, and videos as well. Plus your portfolio can be viewed at any time from any place. All the wordpress themes listed in this section are responsive and multilingual friendly. 12. Ngo, non profit and church wordpress themes sktthemes offers a number of themes within a limited budget for a nonprofit organization. You will be able to display all good works done by ngos, childcare and other nonprofit organizations. Users will be able to understand the purpose of creating this theme and will raise there hand forward to collaborate with your organization. This set of themes offers a fully functional wordpress theme. These themes have integrated with some important features like sponsors and donation buttons. Plus all web templates are compatible with our own page builder i. E. Skt page builder. Hence, the theme is developer and user-friendly. 13. Travel and hotel wordpress themes to make more sales many travel companies offers some discounts and low cost to attract users toward their business. Because of comfortable rate and discounts, 70% of users move towards them. Hence you can use same strategy by creating a unique website. You can buy website templates for editing some sections and content and your website will be ready to explore your services widely. To create a unique website you can inbuild some awesome functionality that offers booking services online. Plus to extend some feature you can integrate some useful plugins. These themes can be used to created a website for vacation planners, hotels, travel, tourism, etc. With a stunning customizing option your theme can have a completely different look than others. 14. Wedding wordpress themes the collection of wedding themes comes with the plain but multipurpose design. It permits all types of users to build a website that will show the love between the couple in awesome and professional design. This is the only reason why most of the users are willing to buy wordpress themes for their special occasions. This theme not only covers the wedding ceremony but also can be useful for birthday parties, engagement ceremonies, announcements, etc. This theme is perfect for storing the memories for a lifetime without worrying to loose it. Wedding wordpress theme accepts content like text, audios, and videos. 15. News and magazine.

Here, we have a professionally designed and intuitive multipurpose wordpress theme. Uncode is built on top of bootstrap with future-proof html5 and css3. It also comes with the visual composer plugin to allow you to implement your website design ideas via drag-and-drop rather than coding. In addition to that, you get two different slider solutions. Overall, a well-rounded offer. Features visual composer makes it easy for you to customize the design and layout by hand built-in feature to make your site gdpr ready such as the ability to enable/disable content depending on user consent.

Professional WordPress Themes & Plugins for Startups & Enterprises

Weighing in as one of the best-selling creative wordpress themes (with over 120,000+ sales) on the massively popular theme marketplace, theme forest—bridge is one of those diverse themes that can be easily put to good use for just about any blogger, regardless of your goals. Bridge makes our list of the best wordpress themes because it comes packed with over 376 demos, hundreds of different styles, drag and drop modules, plugins, elements and nearly endless features. Price: $59 one-time purchase this wordpress theme is a bargain at $59 for lifetime access, because it comes with professional support, unlimited updates and it’s both mobile-optimized & seo-friendly straight out of the box.

If you work in a specific industry or require certain features from your wordpress theme due to your unique website needs, the following options for niche businesses may be right for you. Source: stylemix themes stylemix allows you to create a tailor-made wordpress theme for your website. The theme works best for business, education, and sports and health websites. No matter which theme you choose, stylemix ensures you get a professional and polished look with their editor , free updates and consultations, access to a ticket system and forum, and 24/7 customer support. Stylemix has very specific themes that are helpful for niche businesses. The business category has themes that are tailored to industries like cryptocurrency, consulting, and car dealerships. Their education themes cover all levels of schooling, and the sports and health themes work for sports clubs, health coaches, and dentists, and doctors. Source: tagdiv tagdiv is a series of wordpress themes created specifically for news sites. The themes are fully customizable and include drag-and-drop features that allow you to completely rearrange your site’s layout so publishing your news-related content is quick and easy. There are two options to choose from — one for newspapers and one for news magazines. Source: wordpress create’s wordpress theme has a responsive design, reliable support, and a large headline with a full-page background to give your website a unique look. The theme also comes with a built-in german translation. Create has theme options that work well for large organizations and enterprises that want to create web portals — which are websites that contain and organize information from a wide group of sources in a uniform way. The theme allows you to add widgets to your sidebar and tailor it to your user’s needs. Source: upsolution upsolution themes allow you to choose unique color combinations and animations to enhance your website’s appearance and user experience. You can test out as many visual options you want and input all of your website’s content prior to making a purchase. Upsolution’s two themes are tailored to different types of businesses. Impreza is a multi-purpose, creative theme ideal for startups, portfolios, blogs, and agencies. Zephyr is ideal for anyone looking for a material design theme (meaning it integrates with other technologies such as html5) so your website visitors have a better user experience tailored to their exact needs. Source: generatepress “generatepress is very well optimized … [it is] great for those that want light and speedy sites,” says marko saric of howtomakemyblog. Com. Since generatepress is “light” (the theme is only 30kb), it takes up minimal space and keeps your site quick and responsive. Hooks, filters, built-in fonts, and compatibility with a number of wordpress plugins make this theme ideal for businesses that want a website they can completely customize.

To install wordpress you must first buy web hosting, that’s the place where you host your website and have a domain. Here’s a step-by-step guide to install wordpress on any web host: important: in order to enjoy your project in the long run, i recommend that you buy a professional, secure, fast and specialized wordpress hosting that offers excellent quality at an affordable price. 3. Buy the best wordpress theme for your project this is an essential factor. Choosing a good template or theme for wordpress will allow you to work easily and achieve a truly professional result. Ido not recommend that you use free templates, as they are quite limited. For an approximate price that ranges between $ 40-60 $, you can purchase a premium professional wordpress theme with which you can design a web page easily and in a short time. How to choose a template or theme for wordpress? to find out, we first need to set some selection criteria for the best wordpress themes 2019. This also applies to the purpose of the theme. You can go in any direction with your style: portfolio, woocommerce, photography, corporate or minimalistic. There are so many possibilities with wordpress. So, before you pick the perfect theme, you need to think about your requirements and define your target market when selecting the theme. Some other important points before buying a theme: design and visual quality does the funcionality fit to your project? amount of total sales, is it a best seller? premium plugins included, such as visual composer reviews of buyers.

Consider website as a powerful marketing tool that can help you achieve the impossible by connecting your business to unlimited horizons across the globe you never could have imagined. Since online medium doesn’t know any boundaries it is easier to have your business located somewhere else but still cater to whole world. Agood professional wordpress theme can help you get the most out of your website and make you go places with your website getting more traffic and hits as well as sales or leads due to proper implementation of the call to action buttons and design. Since there are many businesses and their websites in the same domain it is important that your website stands out from the rest of the crowd and give you a headstart over others. Hence for this very reason nicely designed wordpress themes can help you get to the top of others in this times of competition. Also there should be modern and futuristic features so that one can add useful functions easily into the website without waiting for someone to add them. So on your own one can easily add any feature or functionality. Here are some of the more modern and futuristic features at par with other theme providers: 1. Customizer based latest wp themes: customizer is future as has been advocated by wordpress dot org team and has been recommended to be used for default approach and hassle free guidelines to any user. Because every user right now needs to find the right place where theme is being edited from in customizer everyone would know where the theme is managed from. Also customizer allows a great live experience for users to view all the changes made live. 2. Compatible with recommended page builders: page builders are proving to be the best assistive technology for users who don’t have much experience with coding and hence they can add any fancy layout and features all at the click of few buttons using page builders. Some pages builders explicitly and out of the box work with all wordpress themes provided by skt and hence they make life of users easier. 3. Font based social icons: font based social icons have 2 easy advantages: first one being that there are more than 600 icons that can be used through out the website and second one that since these are font based icons one can easily change their sizes as well as colors easily using css or directly via theme options. 4. Unlimited possibilities of colors: with color picker it has become so easier for any user to change colors of any elements you see on the entire website. So independent of any element different color schemes can be used at various points. 5. Page templates: several page templates are included and also blog templates are included so that sidebar layout can be managed and maintained easily all through out the website. 6. Woocommerce integration: ecommerce of any website can be easily managed and created using woocommerce plugin which has been now part of the core wordpress team and hence it is becoming increasingly easier for ecommerce to be added to any website out of the box as all our themes work with woocommerce by default. 7. Responsive and hd ready: responsive is now life of all websites as more and more smartphone users are increasing and they are accessing web via their smartphones and mobile phones and other hand held devices like tablets. Also hd ready is new thing because of the latest tvs which are also becoming smart. Higher resolution and bigger screen display of any website also has become necessity therefore. WordPress themes and templates are getting more and more advanced with more users feedback getting implemented as features in the system. However we kept our focus more on simplicity rather than complexity because we need to focus more on the simple parts so that users who are novice should get a grasp about how things happen. Also we have added the complex functionalities available to the user via custom post types and custom widgets as well as available separately in the form of various shortcodes and various plugins compatibility and them working out of the box. Our wordpress templates have been hence in demand from all kinds of users because of the fact that they work simpler and aren’t over cluttered and can be done easily without any hiccups from the website owner. Also novice users can handle it easily whereas advanced users or developers can add additional available add ons in the form of plugins or custom post types or widgets and can get the desired results as they want. WordPress templates and themes created by us are of top quality and certified by wordpress theme review team with some of our wp themes figuring in the repository. Also the best coding practices and security practices are being followed in the creation of these wp themes. Skt wordpress themes have been created to be e-commerce ready so that one can easily get the most out of it by adding a simple recommended plugin and getting an online shop within matter of minutes. Easy step by step documentation manual is provided for each of these wp themes so that they can work really well for customers who do not have any idea on setting up of the theme. If that is not enough we provide each and every client of ours who have purchased wordpress themes from us with free installation of the theme with demo content so that they can start working on their website rather than worrying about the initial setup problems.

It’s time to sparkle your personal blog. If you’re looking for a flat, clean and professional-looking theme, sparkling may just be the right one. It was developed using bootstrap 3. This modern theme has a frontend framework feature that optimizes it to display well on smartphones, desktops, tablets and other devices. This wordpress theme is unique from the millions out there, because of its pixel-perfect design, full-screen slider and widgets that you’ll fall in love with. ‘sparkling’ is built to have a premium layout and every content marketer who prides content above everything else will benefit from it. If you’re looking for one of the seo-friendly responsive wordpress themes, you’re in luck. It’s schema compatible. Google will have no other choice than to follow your blog. Most of the free and paid plugins out there are supported, such as seo by yoast, w3 total cache, quick adsense, akismet, contact form 7, gravity forms and more. For effective content marketing , you need a wordpress theme that hands control over to you so that you can add, modify or delete any plugin, section or even modify the layout as you see fit. Whether you’re interested in using the sparkling wordpress theme for your personal use or corporate business, you’ve won the jackpot. It’s a theme that cuts across different industries such as education, business, web design, marketing, and health & fitness, plus many more.

Revolution pro gives you a simple framework, the genesis framework , which you can build on with their themes. Studiopress allows you to use features to completely customize your website, access expert support whenever you need it, and work on multiple websites at once. There are also automatic, free migrations that save you time, as well as included ssl ( secure sockets layer ) so your site is as fast and secure as possible. Revolution pro is a part of studiopress, which gives you access to more than 35 different themes suitable for any type of business — from a startup, to a blog, to an enterprise. All themes are “gutenberg ready” (gutenberg is the wordpress editor) so you can spend less time on your website’s content design and editing processes and more time on your business. Source: studiopress studiopress is unique because it gives you a very simple framework, the genesis framework , on which you can build upon with their themes. Studiopress allows you to utilize features to completely customize your website, access expert support whenever you need it, and work on multiple websites at once. There are also automatic, free migrations that save you time, as well as included ssl ( secure sockets layer ) so your site is as fast and secure as possible. With studiopress, you’ll have access to over 35 different themes suitable for any type of business, from a startup to a blog to an enterprise. All themes are “gutenberg ready” (gutenberg is the wordpress editor) so you can spend less time on your website’s content design and editing processes and more time on your business. Source: theme x theme x has an easy-to-use page builder, shortcodes that help you customize your site, and a responsive design. The theme also allows you to use their live previewer to see exactly what your website will look like with your logo, content, and images before publishing it online. Theme x includes four ” stacks ” that allow you to choose from a variety of unique designs and layouts. Each theme allows you to customize your layout, move your navigation bar, and create custom pages for any business. Source: themeco pro theme goes beyond the capability of wordpress to give you the power to design and build your website header, content, and footer without a single line of code. In addition to the dynamic front end page builder experience, pro also gives you access to dozens of premium plugins and over 100 design layouts ready for you to use. Pro theme is completely customizable to your liking and is a great option for professional website builders that want control over each and every part of their site. Source: theme fusion theme fusion makes it easy to browse all theme and template options, none of which require coding. It’s customizable down to each element on your site and is a great option if you’re looking for a multi-purpose, easy-to-use wordpress theme. It also has professionally created demos available for download so you can import them into your site and add whatever content you want. Source: divi divi is one of the most popular themes on the market today due to its versatility and ability to work for so many different types of businesses. It offers responsive design and editing, premade layouts, and minimal website page loading time.

The theme has 46 content elements and 20+ premade theme layouts that you can mix and match to achieve any look you want.

Source: avada “this theme uses a drag-and-drop builder that makes it possible for nearly anyone to build, design, and customize a web page.

I have no web design background, but when our web designers are on a tight schedule, avada makes it easy for me to lend a hand and help them with their web design and development projects,” says keri lindenmuth of kdg.

Over 450,000 websites use avada, making it one of the most popular themes on the market.

It’s easy to use, versatile, and requires no coding knowledge.

You can achieve virtually any look or style with avada — it has dozens of customizable templates fit for any business.

Free to download themes for WordPress blogs!

Blogging is first and foremost a mindset.

If your theme looks professional, it’s going to give you a mindset that makes you think as if you’re on top of the world.

You might be a personal blog beginner, but it wouldn’t make any difference – because you’re already on the right foot.

Questan is one of the most powerful and premium responsive wordpress themes that you can download for free. It’s designed by zjtthemes. Com.

This is one of those themes that could have been sold for $39 or more, but the company decided to give it away.

While it’s still free, you can download it for your next blog.

It’s mobile responsive, seo-friendly and contains theme option panels for customizing your blog layout so that your content gets the attention.

Mh magazine lite is an elegant free wordpress theme from mh themes.

This theme is perfect for magazines, portals and online news websites.

If you want to make sure that your content gets a significant attention from your site visitors, then this is a theme that you will like for sure.

This free theme also offers great features such as flexslider 2 with touch swipe functionality, dynamic theme options, custom menus, 12 widget areas, built in author box to feature your authors, 404 page, supports featured images and much more.

Furthermore, this theme is optimization for speed and major search engines like google make this theme a great catch.

More info / download demo.

Spectacular ( demo ) this theme was commissioned by smashing magazine and designed by maleika esther attawel.

It offers a warm and comfortable environment for personal musings.

It comes in two flavors: html 4. 01 and html5.

Both german and english versions are included in the download package. Seven five (demo) protean ( demo ) protean is a wordpress theme from landau reece that allows bloggers to customise their website design for individual blog posts.

Skeptical (demo) skeptical’s layout is flexible: you can display “related posts” next to your latest posts on the home page or have a completely widget-based sidebar.

You can also add your flickr stream to the footer and showcase three noteworthy blog posts with a tag that you declare in the settings.

Graphite (demo) graphite, built by medialoot from the ground up using html5 and css3, comes with portfolio post types, two alternative home page image sliders and built-in admin settings.

Harimau malaya ( demo ) harimau malaya was purpose-built as a throwback to when blogs looked like blogs.

It is a simple but complete theme, suitable for every blogger out there.

Pongsari ( demo ) pongsari, a simple and clean theme, was built using the wordpress 3+ default theme twentyten as a framework.

It comes with support for wordpress 3+ thumbnails and custom menu functions.

Typominima (demo) typominima is a free, minimal typography-based theme that was designed to enable writers and publishers to express themselves online in a clean and beautiful environment.

Edgy ellen ( demo ) this theme from wp classic has a stylish design, clean grid patterns and custom typography.

It comes with an options panel that will help you set up your website in no time.

Copperific (demo) copperific has a stylish slider to showcase highlights of your portfolio.

It also has a built-in twitter and facebook button for easy sharing of posts.

For monetization, it has four 125×125 banner ads that are integrated in the system’s back end.

It has a custom dropdown menu, an automatic thumbnail resizer, a widget for popular posts and a lot more.

Grey (demo) grey is generic enough to be used for almost any kind of blog.

Whether it’s a blog about design, photography, fashion or some other passion, the grey theme should suit your needs.

It is built on a simple layout, but with a lot of little touches of subtle details and textures.

Neonsential (demo) neonsential brings a grungy yet elegant look to your blog.

The fancy home page slider highlights your featured posts.

It is wordpress 3. 0-compliant and backed by a robust framework for quickly setting up your website.

Anniversary ( demo ) as the name suggests, anniversary was built as a celebration of and thank-you to wordpress.

It’s a classic-looking theme, with several layout options and a customizable “thank you, wordpress” banner in the header.

Unite is a clean and stylish free wordpress theme that comes with a fully responsive flat design.

It is created using the latest bootstrap and designed to provide a minimalist and user-friendly framework for your site.

With unite, you are able to customize some aspects of your theme such as footer, navigation menu and fonts with ease.

This elegant theme is not only suitable for wedding websites/blogs, but can also look wonderful on other creative sites that give more focus on images. More info / download demo.

Customizr is a clean and responsive wordpress theme that offers tons of fantastic features that can be found on premium website templates.

This free theme makes building a unique and attractive website child’s play.

The theme gives fully functional theme options, so everyone could manage it with ease.

Moreover, it is built with clean html5 and css3 (from the bootstrap framework) and cross-browser tested.

Customizr is also translation ready and gives strong support for woocommerce and bbpress.

rall, this fully responsive free website theme is perfect for creating portfolios, blogs, small businesses, landing pages and corporate sites.

More info / download demo.

Simple and elegant, the free wordpress restaurant theme will manage to attract plenty of people to your page.

Any content that is related to the culinary arts will be given the royal treatment and presented in the best way possible.

This is a theme that goes great with sites promoting coffee shops, european cuisine, cocktail bars, recipe blogs, culinary schools, or any other venue and organization that deals with drinks or food.

Easily navigate the user options through the intuitive admin panel.

Edit every single feature in order to create a unique page.

Regardless of the device that is used to view your content, the free wordpress restaurant theme will work like a champ.

Do not dread the installation process, because some very informative instructions were added.

They will explain all that you need to know, just read what’s in the documentation folder.

The theme also incorporates a dropdown menu, google maps, custom page templates, a calendar, and some very impressive google web fonts.

It also includes a plethora of widgets, and it is wpml-ready.

Every line can be translated, making it easy for users from across the world to read posts.

Enjoy the custom post formats and types, granting you the flexibility required to create some attractive content.

There are over 80 shortcodes, and easily customizable typography.

The sliders are pleasing to look at, and they allow you to display your images.

The theme is seo-ready, and there is a filterable portfolio option.

More info / download demo.

Lola free wordpress theme is specifically made for serious bloggers who want to improve their blogs.

This theme was designed to conform with the latest version of wordpress, it’s streamlined and it’s also influenced by tumblr.

Having a theme that looks similar to a web 2. 0site can enhance your blog.

you’re heading somewhere with your business.

As a high-quality theme, lola is sleek, but the developers kept it minimalist design style that always puts content first compared to some other highly responsive wordpress themes.

It’s 99% mobile responsive, which means that any device can display this theme perfectly.

Other features that you’ll likely enjoy are the right sidebar, two columns and that lola gives you the ability to structure your page layout and design it accordingly.

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