Cheerios’ Beloved Ad Gets a Sequel; Never Gonna Give Ads Up: Friday’s First Things First

Cheerios’ Beloved Ad Gets a Sequel; Never Gonna Give Ads Up: Friday’s First Things First

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Cheerios’ Most Beloved Ad Is Back, Reuniting Grandma and Baby 21 Years Later

In 1999, Cheerios released an ad about a special moment between a grandma and a baby celebrating Christmas together, starring Peggy Miley of Star Trek and Stranger Things fame. Now the ad has a sequel—with Miley and even the woman who played the baby (who is now 21) both reprising their roles. 

See the heart-melting original and its brand new follow-up, which has been adapted for the pandemic.

Frito-Lay Is Going to Rickroll You—But This Time Rick Astley’s in on the Joke

A forthcoming Frito-Lay campaign stars Rick Astley, who’s never gonna give up healthy snacks. Adweek’s Lisa Lacy and Paul Hiebert take a look behind the scenes of the new ad and how it fits into PepsiCo’s larger goals and marketing strategy—and Lacy also sat down with Astley to learn more about the campaign, his past partnerships, his new Christmas song that was originally meant to be a homemade TikTok video and, of course, the immortal cultural power of Never Gonna Give You Up.

Advice you can’t give up: Hear the song, and get smart insights on going viral.

Another Ad Fraud Scheme on Connected TV Sees $14.5 Million Stolen

StreamScam has been unleashed upon unsuspecting streaming viewers. Oracle reported that the new ad fraud scheme has infected more than 28.8 million household IP addresses and pilfered roughly $14.5 million ad dollars through connected TVs. The scammers built servers that send out fake ad impressions, which tricks advertisers into buying media that isn’t there. 

Learn how it works and why connected TV is the target of choice. 

The Antitrust Lawsuits Keep Piling Up for Google

The stack of antitrust suits against Google continues to grow after a bipartisan coalition of 38 states and territories sued the tech giant over its dominance in online search. This round follows a similar lawsuit filed by the U.S. Department of Justice in October, which was joined by 11 states led by Republican attorneys general. But wait, there are more: Google was also sued Wednesday by a coalition of 10 Republican-led states for its dominance in the digital advertising market.

Inside the suits: This new complaint alleges several ways Google is stifling competition, including through voice-based search.

Travis Scott Creates a Tequila-Inspired Hard Seltzer With Anheuser-Busch

Travis Scott has had an impressive year filled with high-profile brand partnerships. Following massively popular moments with Fortnite and McDonald’s, he has now partnered with Anheuser-Busch to release a new agave-based hard seltzer inspired by tequila. The seltzer will be available in  lime, pineapple and strawberry flavors and have a higher ABV than most competing beverages. 

Leaning into the influencer role: Anheuser-Busch says Scott approached AB InBev with the idea.

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