CES 2021: What Happened in Vegas Stays on Pinterest

CES 2021: What Happened in Vegas Stays on Pinterest

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As has been the case for most major events since last March, screens are replacing the Las Vegas Convention Center for CES 2021, and Pinterest is helping brands on its platform re-create the CES experience on those screens.

Pinterest said its top customers are using its platform to share the full-in person experience of CES virtually and fulfill their goals of sharing the latest product news and audience insights via decks, talks and videos built out by Pinterest, which are accessible throughout organizations, giving viewers access to more executives than they would otherwise encounter on the show floor and during sessions.

One of those tech brands is Motorola, which began using automatic bidding from Pinterest in the fourth quarter of 2020 and saw it become the most efficient driver of qualified site traffic among its social efforts.

Searches for electronics on Pinterest were up 70% year-over-year from January through November 2020, and the platform said it has identified 75 million technology and telecommunications early adopters that can be reached via its Ads Manager.

Global head of strategy and marketing, travel and technology Ashish Arya and insights lead Eric Alessi wrote in a blog post, “There weren’t many choices to make when we bought our first cell phones: Make, model, storage size—and that was pretty much it. Everyone’s phones more or less looked the same. And in some ways, that was part of the appeal. Having the same device as your friends was like a status symbol, or a way to fit in.”

That is no longer the case, as the desire to personalize has taken over. A Pinterest study found that 50% of technology shoppers choose devices that match their style or personality, with that number jumping to 60% among Pinners.

Arya and Alessi pointed out that while price and functionality are still the primary drivers behind purchase decisions, shoppers are also factoring in color palettes, form factor and aesthetics, as well as accessories such as cases and charms, and how well the devices can support their hobbies via add-ons or applications.

As mentioned in the Pinterest Predicts report that was released last December, digital décor was tabbed as a top trend for 2021, with Pinners searching for things like custom icons, lock screens and playlist covers. The debut of Apple’s iOS 14 last September was also a factor.


With people confined to their homes by the pandemic, searches for computer and gaming setups rose by nearly three times from November 2019 through November 2020, with people transitioning from stopgap solutions to more permanent setups.

Arya and Alessi wrote, “Work-from-homers need flexibility and comfort—whether they’re in a sprawling home office or working out of a closet. That makes ergonomics, device compatibility and space efficiency more important than ever. For gaming, people want equal parts specs and aesthetics. First, they have to get the equipment right: mics, monitors and so on. But they’re also looking up more stylish elements, trying to create just the right mood. That means queries like ‘custom gaming desks,’ ‘RGB lights’ and ‘vibey lights.’”


Pinterest shared three ways that device manufacturers and app marketers can incorporate the move toward personalization into their strategies:

  1. Offer a range of sizes, colors and configurations: Think about the different ways that people incorporate devices into their homes and routines. You can even include tools on your site to help people configure the perfect option.
  2. Show people how your devices can fit their style: As you develop campaigns and ad creative, think about showing devices in different kinds of décor, or supporting different kinds of hobbies.
  3. Make it easy to customize the user experience: Think about how people will interact with your app or your screens. You can even offer different presets for specific aesthetics or interests to help people out.

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