As New York City went under quarantine, more people started working from home, requiring a deep—and fast—pivot.
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In March 2020, I felt good about my seventh year as CEO of a private equity-backed business. We experienced six recurring years of growth, and had our best year since 2013. We were on the brink of the best first quarter in my tenure. However, also during this time, my friends in Italy who were helping to plan my daughter’s May wedding warned me about an emerging illness referred to as “the coronavirus” (or Covid-19).  As someone commuting from Plano, Texas to Manhattan to run Captivate, I had a bad feeling about the iconic city where people spent every moment within close proximity of one another.

Marc Kidd

Adweek opinion contributor Marc Kidd is CEO of Captivate. Marc previously held leadership positions at Host Communications, Winnercomm, and Outdoor Channel.