The festival is still scheduled to take place June 21-25, 2021.

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Exclusive: Cannes Lions Says It Will Move Forward With an In-Person Festival in 2021

Most industry events have been solidly virtual since March 2020, and Cannes Lions’ Lions Live in 2020 was no exception. But organizers for Cannes Lions 2021, which is scheduled for June 21 to 25, are confident that the event will be able to return to its prior in-person glory. Agencies and brands are waiting to see what that looks like and if it will prove to have hybrid elements.

But how will it work—and will it work? Attendees will need to consider safety—and if it’s financially possible this year.

Burger King and General Motors Kick Off 2021 With Armchair Designer Debates

Identity overhauls from Burger King and GM have been the talk of #DesignTwitter over the past week or so. While Burger King earned admiration for its nostalgic appeal and warmth, General Motors wasn’t met with so much praise—and that discrepancy might have had something to do with the way each of the new logos was presented to the public.

The art of the reveal: Jeeves Williams explores some history and explains why one rocked and one flopped.

The Big Trends That Will Influence Creativity in 2021, According to Adobe Stock

After a year of more than a little downtime and drear, get ready for vibrant, psychedelic colors and energetic electronic audio content. That’s what Adobe predicts for 2021 in its Visual & Creative Trends Report which is based on data and insights from users, artists, influencers, news and other research.

Inside the trends: Look forward to a year of compassion, good feelings and back-to-nature sensibilities.

How Retailers Are Rethinking the Pain Point That Is Returns

The post-holiday rush of returns has begun, and retailers are finding new ways to make the process less painful for customers—and their bottom lines. Returns have predictably increased over the same period last year, with ecommerce returns up 76%. Adweek’s Lisa Lacy explored how retailers are easing some of the challenges of return season this year.

How it works: Some retailers are reimagining the way people return items—and others are simply calling it a wash.

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Ad of the Day: These Brilliantly Simple Ads Remind Us of What We’ve Missed Because of the Pandemic

A new campaign launched on behalf of Pfizer, BioNTech and an alliance of healthcare associations aims to instill confidence in the vaccine. The PSAs do so with a simple message reminding people of the moments we enjoyed Covid—and those we could regain with a vaccine.

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