Camera Brand Leica’s First Global Campaign in a Decade Celebrates the Power of Photography

Camera Brand Leica’s First Global Campaign in a Decade Celebrates the Power of Photography

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Pictures capture pleasure, sorrow, anger and fear —and make a record of our most fun, absurd, and memorable moments.

With its first global ad campaign in a decade, 150-year-old German camera brand Leica pays homage to the power of images to “document the beauty and poetry of the world;” capture pivotal moments of history, and lay bare the fragility of our human condition.

The print and online campaign, by TBWAParis and titled “The World Deserves Witnesses,” presents images as “precious eyewitness accounts” of global and intimate events.

It positions camera photography as a tonic to the edited and airbrushed photos of smartphone culture.

Running in 15 markets worldwide, the print element of the campaign individually showcases a series of six arresting images taken by photographers, with those images and a further 24 more featuring in a short video narrated by American photographer Joel Meyerowitz, which honors the power of photography.

Meyerowitz said he “had goose bumps down my arms and along my ribs when I first saw the video,” which you can watch below:

I’m extremely happy with the result or our new campaign. I think that the new campaign—and we at Leica do this only every 10 years or so—reflects beautifully our photographic, artistic, and humanistic approach,” said Dr. Andreas Kaufmann, chairman of the supervisory board and majority shareholder of Leica Camera AG.


Director Global Marketing and Communication, Andrea Pacella

Global Director Brand, Partnerships & Accessories: Jérôme Auzanneau

TBWAParis: Renaud Berthe, Matthéo Pressmar, Alexandre Stachowiak

Executive Creative Directors: Benjamin Marchal & Faustin Claverie

Associate Creative Director: Philippe Rachel

Associate Creative Director: Carl Härborg

Art Purchase: Elise Kubler, Isabelle Jaubert

Legal: Caroline Paillard

Postproduction: Eléonore Girard

Sound Production: Else

Composer: Niccolò Pacella

Head of Music and Sound: Olivier Lefebvre

Sound Director: Fabrice Pouvreau

Sound Engineer: Alexandre Robieux


Emily Garthwaite /Institute

Kai Wiedenhöfer

Sarah G. Ascough

Stephen Vanasco

Chris Suspect

Véronique De Viguerie

Justin Mott

Gabriele Micalizzi

Eolo Perfido

Craig Semetko

Jonathan Eden-Drummond

Christian Werner

Godong/ Getty Images

Hulton-Deutsch Collection/ Getty Images

Dotan Saguy

Brian Otieno

Joel Meyerowitz

Pierre Belhassen

Matt Stuart

Bree Garcia

Bruce Gilden / Magnum

Frédéric Lanoizelé

Richard Tsong-Taatarii

Damir Sagolj

Jasper Doest

Joshua Buana

Sylvestre Dedise

Lutz Müller

Emil Gataullin

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