Barilla’s Clever Spotify Playlists Last Exactly as Long as You Should Cook Pasta

Barilla’s Clever Spotify Playlists Last Exactly as Long as You Should Cook Pasta

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Dried pasta: it should be so easy to cook and yet, somehow, that delicious al dente texture the Italian restaurants so effortlessly perfect oftem seems to elude even the biggest pasta fans.

Leave the pan boiling for 30 seconds two long or too little and it seems you either end up with overcooked mush or a bowl of something crunchy and inedible for dinner.

Luckily, pasta brand Barilla and agency Publicis have created a solution by way of a collaboration with Spotify, which will see the brand release playlists designed to last for precisely as long as you should cook your pasta for.

The activity, titled “Playlist Timer,” is a series of eight playlists timed to correspond with the perfect cooking time for shapes including spaghetti, linguine, fusilli and penne.

‘Mixtape Spaghetti’

Genres of music include pop, hip hop, indie and hits from the past covered by Italian artists. Consumers need simply get the pasta on the boil, hit play, and drain it when the music stops.

Titles of the playlists include “Mixtape Spaghetti,” “Boom Bap Fusilli,” “Pleasant Melancholy Penne,” “Moody Day Linguine,” “Top Hits Spaghetti,” “Best Song Penne,” “Timeless Emotion Fusilli” and “Simply Classics Linguine.”

You can listen to the Barilla playlists here:

Mixtape Spaghetti

Boom Bap Fusilli

Moody Day Linguine

Pleasant Melancholy Penne

Best Song Penne

Top Hits Spaghetti

Timeless Emotion Spaghetti

Simply Classics Linguine

Barilla is next in a growing line of brands looking to connect the experience of eating with the power of audio.

KFC in the U.K and Ireland dipped a toe in the mindfulness trend by developing a series of calming sounds made by recording frying chicken, simmering gravy, and sizzling bacon.

Last year, cheese brand Castello and Mother London created a campaign that explored the relationship between sound and taste. As part of the ad they had musicians interpret and play the flavor notes of the cheese and play it while people were eating in a bid to intensify their senses.


Global Chief Creative Officer Publicis WW: Bruno Bertelli

Chief Creative Officer Publicis Italy: Cristiana Boccassini

Executive Creative Director: Riccardo Fregoso

Associate Creative Director: Stefano Zanoni

Creative Supervisor: Roberto Ardigò

Digital Art Director: Mattia Leporale

Digital Copywriter: Jacopo Trotta

Global Client Service Director. David Pagnoni

Group Client Service Director: Federica Papetti

Account Manager: Dario Gambera

Head of Social Client Services and Strategy: Alessandro Bochicchio

Chief Strategy Officer. Bela Zienman

Strategy Director: Monica Radulescu

Senior Strategist: Margherita Tuvo

Head of Production: Francesca Zazzera

Senior Producer: Alessio Zazzera

Art Buyer: Caterina Collesano

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