Adweek’s weekly podcast digs into this year’s Agency of the Year selection process.

Headshot of David Griner

By David Griner

1 hour ago

Some years, it’s pretty obvious to those within and outside the walls of Adweek which shop should be an Agency of the Year. But this, as we all know, is not like most years.

This week, we announced our four Adweek Agencies of the Year, and these definitely aren’t the usual names. In a year that challenged agencies in completely new and often brutal ways, it was fascinating to see who rose to the top and why.

The Martin Agency, our U.S. Agency of the Year, hasn’t won the title since 2009, but the Richmond, Va.-based shop earned the honor by winning 90% of its pitches, growing 30% in a year when most agencies struggled to staunch their bleeding, and all the while maintaining a commitment to diversity in both its hiring and leadership.

FCB, which hasn’t been an Agency of the Year since all the way back in 1989, was named 2020’s Global Agency of the Year after locking in 10% growth (and even more in North America) through adaptation and a focus on its health practice.

If you’re curious to learn a lot more about what went into the selection of this year’s Adweek Agencies of the Year (including our international and breakthrough honorees), be sure to check out the newest episode of our weekly podcast, Yeah, That’s Probably an Ad.

On this week’s episode, editors David Griner, Minda Smiley and Doug Zanger tell you what they saw behind the scenes in going through dozens of shortlisted agencies’ financials, work and reorganizations.

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