A Website Ready to Go

A Website Ready to Go

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A Website Ready to Go

managed wordpress

By this point, you know the answer to the question: what is managed wordpress hosting? this means you’re ready to consider whether it’s the right choice for your site. There are two key elements to think about here – your budget and your needs. Obviously, you’ll only be able to opt for a managed plan if you can afford it. While most options aren’t exorbitantly expensive, they do involve a greater initial investment. After, you need to decide whether or not having your site managed for you sounds appealing. In other words, you’ll likely fall into one of two camps: if you don’t know much about wordpress, servers, and all the other technical stuff involved in running a website, managed hosting can be a lifesaver. It saves you time and worry, and can result in a site that’s safer and performs more smoothly. Plus, you’ll have access to readily-available help whenever you need it. On the other hand, unmanaged hosting is a better option if you prefer to make key decisions for your website on your own. It’s a good option for users with the technical experience to maintain their sites personally, and those with a willingness to learn the ropes over time. If you do decide that managed hosting sounds like an appealing option, your work isn’t done yet. You still need to find the right plan, since there are plenty of choices.

Wpengine is a fast and reliable managed wordpress hosting provider. It’s one of the most popular managed hosts out there. Wpengine comes with some fantastic features like daily automated backups, let’s encrypt ssl certificates, disaster recovery system, and handles core wordpress updates. And it also offers the genesis framework and 35+ studiopress themes with every plan. Isn’t that great? not only that, but they also provide free cdn to all their customers. This will help your website to be faster as compared to your competitors. Let’s take a look at the speed test result of wpengine: wpengine is known for providing excellent customer support. And they’ve got a team of trained wordpress experts who are ready to help you at any time of the day. The startup plan of wpengine starts at $35 per month. It allows you to host just one website with a traffic limit of 25,000 per month. And you can always upgrade to a higher plan to host more sites. Planning to migrate your site to wpengine but scared of the technical stuff involved? don’t worry! their expert team will handle the migration process for you at no additional cost. Looking for a new theme? check out our post on the best wordpress minimalist themes.

Over the years, we have helped thousands of users and have heard every hosting related question imaginable. Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about managed wordpress hosting. Do i need managed wordpress hosting to start my website? managed wordpress hosting offers a premium hosting environment specializing in wordpress. It includes expert wordpress support, automatic updates, and performance optimization for wordpress. This premium experience often costs extra but offers a completely hassle free wordpress hosting. If you are concerned about price, then you can see our guide on how to build a website on shared hosting like bluehost which costs $2. 75 per month and comes with a free domain. You can always upgrade your site to managed wordpress hosting later if you need it. Can i install plugins on managed wordpress hosting by myself? yes, you can. Managed wordpress hosting makes it easy to update all your plugins automatically from the dashboard. It doesn’t stop you from installing wordpress plugins. However, some managed hosting companies may block some plugins that are not compatible with their hosting environment. Can i install woocommerce in managed wordpress hosting? yes, you can. Woocommerce allows you to add an online store to your website. You can install it on your managed wordpress hosting like you would install any other plugin. You can also see our comparison of the best woocommerce hosting companies. How much does it cost to build a website on managed wordpress hosting? the total cost of your website is calculated based on hosting costs, domain name, and ssl certificate. The cost of maintaining your website will grow as your website grows. We have created a detailed guide on how much does it cost to build a website with breakdowns for different scenarios and how to control your costs. Ialready purchased a domain. Can i use it with my managed wordpress hosting? yes, you can. Once you register a domain name, you are free to use it with any hosting company. You will just need to change domain settings and point its dns to your managed wordpress hosting company. Each managed wordpress hosting company has step by step instructions on how to do that. See our guide on the difference between domain name and web hosting. Do i need to buy domain and managed wordpress hosting from same company? no you don’t. You can buy managed wordpress hosting from one company and domain name from a different company. However, it does help to get them from the same company as you will not have to change dns settings, and you will be able to manage your domain and hosting under the same dashboard. Some companies will even offer you a free domain with purchase of hosting. Do i need to buy any addons when purchasing managed wordpress hosting? during the sign up process, some managed hosting companies will offer to sell you add-on services. You can safely uncheck them as they would add to the cost of your hosting bill. Later on, if you feel you need one of these add-on services, then you can simply add them to your hosting plan from your account dashboard. How do i migrate my wordpress site to my new managed wordpress hosting account? some managed wordpress hosting companies offer free site migration. They may not mention it but if you ask, they will transfer your website. Some hosting companies may offer migration service at an additional cost. You can also move your website to your new host on your own with no downtime. Do managed wordpress hosting companies keep backups of my site? yes, many of them do. However, we don’t recommend relying on your hosting company’s backups. You must always create your own backups by using a wordpress backup plugin. Can i change my managed wordpress hosting later? yes, you can totally change your manage wordpress hosting company if you are unhappy with them. Most hosting companies offer migration services that you can utilize with minimum downtime. Are there other managed wordpress hosting providers that are not listed here? yes, there are literally dozens of managed wordpress hosting companies out there, and we simply can’t list them all here because that would create more confusion and cause choice paralysis for readers. We have tried every major managed wordpress hosting company in the market including many that are not in our list above such as: flywheel, kinsta, cloudways, pagely, godaddy, inmotion hosting, pantheon, namecheap, pressable, and more. The top managed wordpress hosting companies that we have chose to include in our list provides the best features for the best price. What are the best managed wordpress hosting companies in your opinion? our top choices for managed wordpress hosting are: wp engine – best overall in terms of performance, reliability, pricing and features. Siteground – low cost managed wordpress hosting with friendly support and great performance. Bluehost – all the features of premium managed wordpress hosting plus free domain and ultra fast servers. Liquid web – truly enterprise wordpress hosting experience with heroic support.

Hopefully you’ve heard the golden rule that you should never edit your production site. To avoid the risk of a white screen of death, you should always make small changes in a staging environment. What is a wordpress staging area , you might be wondering? it’s a copy of your website in a development environment, making it a great place to safely experiment before pushing changes to production. It’s a great addition to any site owner’s workflow, even if you don’t label yourself as a developer. Most managed wordpress hosts include a staging site with your plan or offer it as an additional add-on. Typically, it only takes a few quick clicks to set one up and take changes live, making it easy for anyone to keep their production site safe. Like a staging site, a local environment is another piece of the development workflow that allows you to make important site updates outside of the production server. Ideally, you would: develop your site in a local environment push it to a staging site for testing push it to production when you’re ready to go live! managed hosting providers understand this ideal development workflow , and will provide you with the tools to help you follow it while also collaborating with teammates and clients.

Shared hosting is typically where most people host their first website. It’s attractive due to a lower price point, but that comes at a price. When your website is on a shared host, it’s on a server that’s shared with other websites. This means they compete for resources, and you could see performance and security issues simply because a different website on the same server sees a traffic spike or gets hacked. With a managed wordpress host, you completely avoid the problem of shared resources, plus you get the benefits of a wordpress-exclusive provider. While many people start with shared hosting, it’s common for them to upgrade to managed wordpress hosting when they’re ready to offload the stress.

If you’re currently on a shared hosting setup, you’re probably wondering…when’s the right time to make the move to managed wordpress hosting? if you made it this far in the article, then right now is absolutely the right time. Unfortunately, a lot of people wait until it’s too late to upgrade to managed wordpress hosting. They finally make the shift because their site crashed on a shared server, or maybe their site has been down for two weeks because it got hacked. That usually means a loss in revenue, clients, or trust in your business – none of which you should have to experience. Budget restrictions are a real thing that you’ll have to balance when you’re ready to move to a managed host, but if you’re experiencing any of these scenarios, i highly recommend looking into it: if your site performance is inconsistent or slow if your site experiences frequent downtime if your site is currently hacked if you’d like to prevent these things before they happen if you’re spending more time optimizing servers than you’d like if you have to jump through hoops just to update your site if you’re running a business and want a partner, not just a provider remember: an optimized, well-performing website can actually help you earn more money. (and on the flip-side, a slow or hacked site could lose you lots. )if you’re asking whether you need managed wordpress hosting, the answer at this point is likely yes.

We’ve already covered some basic aspects of security. Auto updates, better support and (usually) daily backups all contribute to security, but there’s actually a lot more going on behind the scenes with managed hosting. For example: strict wordpress-level policies. Let’s assume that a popular plugin announces it has a security leak. Ageneral host can’t do anything about this — more likely, they won’t even know about it! wordpress hosts continually monitor such news and may ban the plugin from being installed immediately. If it’s a particularly nasty security issue, they may even deactivate all of these plugins straightaway (in which case, they’d contact site owners asap). While this may cause some website owners to grumble, it’s a lot better than websites being compromised and/or crashing. In short, when it comes to wordpress-related security issues, wordpress-specific hosts can monitor things more easily and react more quickly and efficiently than their counterparts.

Our Top 5 Best Managed WordPress Hosts


Most packages on offer today would be considered managed to some extent. Why? because running a website is actually a lot more complicated than you’d think. Many people can create and run a wordpress-powered website without too much trouble, but how many people have network management skills, or can create nginx files and/or apply operating system upgrades to their own servers via ssh? all websites are stored on computers, all of which have memory, a processor, a hard drive, ports that handle internet traffic and so on — and they all need to be taken care of on an operating system level. If there’s a bug in the operating system, it has to be addressed. If malware has made its way into the machine, it needs to be cleared — and that’s just scratching the surface of all the day-to-day things that need to be done to keep your site ticking over. This is a level of management that almost all hosts offer nowadays. In fact, it’s in their best interest to do so. Most users have absolutely no need to control their low-level hosting environment — and, if given the opportunity to do so, would mostly likely make a mess of things pretty quickly. This would lead to their website going down and blame most likely placed on the host, who would then likely be tasked with getting things up and running again. In other words, by managing your server for you, hosts kill two birds with one stone: saving you from yourself, and saving themselves from hordes of support tickets. Let’s call this type of management server level management — and, unless you specifically search for bare metal servers, you’ll most likely see all such features included in your chosen hosting package. There is, however, another branch of managed hosting services that allows you to perform many common higher-level tasks on your server, for example website backups. Let’s call this second branch of services application level management. Application level management services are the type offered in managed wordpress hosting plans. Features will likely include: server-level caching (and many other performance-specific services); automated daily site backups; core wordpress updates; website migrations and malware scanning; the ability to quickly and easily create staging sites; on-demand wordpress-specific one-click backups, and more (we’ll go through many of these in a moment).

Pagely is a reliable managed hosting company. They’re the ones who came up with the concept of managed wordpress hosting. It’s powered by amazon web services so it uses modern tech to host your website. So you can expect your wordpress site to have unbeatable high performance. They’ll handle every technical aspect for you including the core wordpress updates, plugin updates, security, and speed optimization. Plus, you don’t have to worry about taking backups as your entire site and database will be automatically backed up on a daily basis. Is security a priority for you? be sure to check out our guide on the best wordpress security plugins. And pagely offers some developer tools like ssh, git, wp cli, and rest api for their advanced users. However, most of them are available on their higher tier packages only. And last but not least, let’s talk about the pricing of this managed host. Well, compared to other hosts, pagely is the most expensive service provider on our list. And the pricing of their basic plan starts from $199 per month.

There are some fundamental benefits only managed wordpress hosts can deliver.

Aweb hosting company that does not specialize in wordpress will have a more difficult time addressing wordpress-specific technical concerns. When you speak to customer support about an issue with your website, you want to talk to someone who has the wordpress expertise and experience to solve your problem immediately. Shared and vps hosts may offer more affordable services than managed wordpress hosting, but when you run into an issue such as an attack on your wordpress site or uptime issues, it could take several days of emailing back and forth just to get your support request escalated to someone with the wordpress familiarity and expertise to address the issue. Meanwhile, you could be losing thousands of dollars in sales. Expert wordpress technical support starts with the people manning the support lines. Look for a host that employs a passionate and exceptionally skilled group of engineers who know how to apply technology to solve big problems. Typically, on the company’s about us page, you can get a feel for the types of employees you’ll run into when you contact support. Inquire about things like level-one phone operators reading a script, some hosting companies direct you to unskilled operators as a cost-saving measure. It’s always best to speak immediately with bona fide engineers to help you manage your site and solve your problem the first time.

Areputable and experienced managed wordpress hosting company continually tests the latest hardware and software to find the optimum hosting environment specifically for wordpress. They use a modern hosting tech stack and fine-tune it to handle the unique demands of wordpress. Most modern hosts leverage a public cloud provider because cloud platforms, like amazon web services and google cloud platform , provide hosting infrastructure advantages over traditional options. At pagely, our hosting stack is built on aws. This allows our customers to leverage a nearly infinite amount of server resources and the vast ecosystem of cloud hosting services aws has created. These resources and tools allow us to support and scale wordpress applications as needed and without constraint. With such a vast and flexible pool of server resources available, we can use everything from a pair of nodes to a cluster of 10+ machines to ensure hardware is never a limiting factor on your site’s growth and reliability. This allows your host to carry massive amounts of web traffic without sacrificing performance. In addition, with access to aws customers can leverage 13 global data centers around the globe. What you’re looking for are the fastest, most flexible hosting environments leveraging intelligent caching/acceleration, security, and configuration flexibility. Along with technologies like php7, http/2, and free ssl certificates, at pagely we use proprietary nginx/openresty hyperproxies. It delivers unmatched speed and redis to further accelerate the wordpress experience. The following is the suite of other in-house services and a great example of the type of stack you should inquire about when shopping around with different hosts. If for nothing else, consider this a point to reference for comparison sake: pressdns : premium dns powered with amazon’s route 53 service that takes advantage of geo-balancing and geo-routing presscache : a global wordpress acceleration system that works much like a cdn, but is specifically designed to cache and serve wordpress page output pressarmor : pagely’s security architecture, including a web application firewall, malware scanning, chroot user separation, and network edge rulesets pressthumb : on-demand image optimization and thumbnail creation pressformance : performance monitoring analytics and assessments.

Before we get to our list of top managed wordpress hosts, i’d like to caution you against some of the common pitfalls of choosing this type of host.

The domain name system (dns) is, essentially, the phone book of the internet. When you enter a domain name like pagely. Com into a web browser, the browser uses dns to translate the domain name into an internet protocol (ip) address, which tells the browser where to get the desired webpage. When you’ve invested so much in your site, you don’t ever want your domain names to go offline. This is why investing in a premium dns provider is a must. But typical shared or vps hosting packages, and even most managed wordpress hosts, don’t offer premium dns. However, there are options where you’ll enjoy the benefits of a dns system backed by amazon’s route53 service. This service answers dns queries faster by using a global network of dns servers and uses infrastructure redundancy to ensure availability.

#2 Improved Performance & Site Speed


The google cloud platform should be sufficient assurance that flywheel is not a regular web host. With such state-of-the-art infrastructure, you can bet wordpress sites here achieve, at the very least, enterprise level performance. The servers avail isolated resources for increased loading speeds, dynamic auto-scalability, and great network security. It’s also worth noting that the google cloud platform has one of the most extensive server networks in the world. Consequently, you get the privilege of choosing your precise server location from multiple countries and territories. Flywheel further reinforces this system with a content delivery network managed by fastly. As a result, your site visitors get better loading times, thanks to the cdn delivering your site’s static content from the nearest servers. Then to top it off, flywheel has developed its own powerful caching system called flycache- a far more reliable and efficient server-side cache compared to generic wordpress cache plugins.

And finally, bluehost sums up our list of the best managed wordpress hosting providers, with pretty much the same approach as siteground and dreamhost. In fact, you can think of bluehost as a close cousin of the two since it’s also an all-in-one platform that offers the entire range of hosting solutions- shared hosting, vps hosting, managed wordpress hosting, shared wordpress hosting, woocommerce hosting, and dedicated hosting. Building such an impressive set of packages has taken bluehost over two decades now, considering it was founded in 1996. Since then, it has managed to grow its portfolio to hundreds of thousands of websites, most of which happen to be wordpress sites. The wordpress connection here is particularly strong as bluehost continues to specialize in wordpress optimization. In fact, wordpress. Org eventually noticed the company’s efforts as early as 1996, consequently making bluehost the earliest recommended wordpress hosting provider. Moving on, all the wordpress hosting packages here are configured to provide value options. Managed wordpress hosting, for instance, starts at $19. 95 a month and the costliest it can get is $45. 95. Now, one thing you can expect from bluehost’s managed wordpress hosting is unique architecture. Each site is hosted on vps infrastructure optimized for wordpress. And since such technology comes with isolated server resources, expect fast website loading speeds, as well as dynamic scaling. Then to keep your site functioning properly, bluehost has hired wordpress experts for specialized support. They maintain wordpress sites 24/7 through core and plugin updates, as well as advanced optimization for security and performance. Some of the security features include spam protection, free ssl certificate, daily backups, plus malware detection and removal. Basically the standard stuff we’ve seen with other providers in our best managed wordpress hosting list. What you won’t find on other providers, however, is bluehost’s marketing features and generous resource allocations. Managed wordpress hosting users get a range of tools for enhancing their seo, plus performance tracking. Then when it comes to resource allocations, bluehost’s managed allows you to create as many websites and subdomains as you want without worrying about storage space or traffic restrictions. In other words, it grants you unlimited websites, subdomains, web storage and traffic flow.

Our simple yet powerful in-house engineered breeze cache plugin offers improved performance for wordpress websites without any additional cost.

Speed, reliability, performance, and peace of mind — these are all reasons to migrate your site to managed hosting with wp engine. But don’t just take our word for it — over 120,000+ customers in over 125 countries trust us to power their websites every day. There’s plenty of companies promising the best managed wordpress hosting services, but not many can really deliver. Wp engine’s 150+ strong support team is there to have your back 24/7/365, and our research and development team of over 100 wordpress experts are constantly working to keep our servers fast and secure while delivering new integrations and tools to help you get the very most out of your wordpress experience. To put this in perspective, many other hosting providers who claim to offer managed hosting services have 3 to 35 employees in total; they simply can’t provide the level of technical performance and support that your business needs.

With some managed hosting services coming in close to the cost of a vps, it’s tempting to go with a self-managed hosting package. Though the costs can be similar, and there’s no limit on sites with a vps, it’s easy to forget just how much work can go in to keeping a self-managed vps up to date. With your own servers you’re not just worrying about keeping wordpress updated, but you have to keep php and apache patched and updated as well. After updates, a base server is not optimized for wordpress. There are thousands of rules and packages that need to be considered carefully, and kept updated, to ensure your websites perform at their best, and stay secure. The final issue when comparing managed hosting to a vps is that the best managed hosting providers provide a lot more than just hosting. The wp engine digital experience platform comes with staging and development environments out of the box, and depending on what you choose, can provide page speed tracking, content performance analytics, and even integration with tools such as new relic for in-depth server performance tracking.

Bluehost promises fast and secure managed wordpress hosting at an affordable price. The most basic plan allows for 100 million visits per month and includes 2gb ram, 30gb storage, and 30gb backup storage. It also offers an enhanced cpanel, 24/7 support from wordpress experts, and up to 5 managewp sites for added convenience. Security is top-notch, too, and comes with a sitelock cdn and sitelock pro. Pricing starts at just $2. 95 for the first month and switches to $24. 99/month after that. Notable features include: vps-based — built on a vps platform, making for enhanced performance and site speeds. Includes managewp — manage and migrate multiple wordpress sites all from within one hosting plan. Robust security — includes sitelock, an advanced cdn, and sitelock waf. Expert support — all hosting plans include 24/7 access to wordpress experts. Enhanced cpanel — makes the transition from shared to managed hosting more seamless when working within a familiar interface. Pros: relatively affordable price, sitelock security, vps, and includes managewp for added convenience. It also has 24/7 support and an enhanced cpanel for a more robust yet familiar experience. Cons: more expensive than some managed wordpress hosting plans, might not include as many features as other plans listed here, and doesn’t scale up as high for the largest developer needs. Visit bluehost » ( bluehost coupon : 30% off).

Besides just server-level performance, managed wordpress hosting providers also typically have a larger infrastructure that is designed for global reach. Thanks to google cloud platform, we have 20 different regions here at kinsta from which you can choose to host your wordpress site. This includes locations across the usa, canada, europe, asia-pacific, and south america. Strategically placing your site closer to your visitors and customers decreases network latency , ttfb , and ensures for faster page load times. Google cloud data center locations latency refers to the time and or delay that is involved in the transmission of data over a network. The further the distance the greater the latency. For example, if you run a local woocommerce shop in sydney, australia, you should be hosting your site in australia. If you were to host your site in the usa, customers would see a much longer first-time page load. The initial doc load comes from your host server, so having the ability to place your site where your customers are is very important! utilizing a content delivery network ( cdn ) can then help with speeding up the rest of your site’s media. Kinsta includes a free http/2 cdn with 34 global pops to turbocharge your assets. Another great free alternative that many utilize is cloudflare. Everything at kinsta is also interconnected over the highly reliable google cloud platform’s “ premium tier ” network. This is designed to minimize distance and hops, resulting in faster more secure global transport of your data. Some hosting providers might opt for google’s “standard tier” network service to cut costs, but we believe in only utilizing the best here at kinsta. How much of an impact does this have? well, for data traveling across continents, the premium tier network is about 41% faster, on average, than the standard tier network. For data traveling to a nearby region (same continent), the premium tier is about 8% faster. While networking only makes up a fraction of your total page load times, every millisecond adds up!.

A better way to manage WordPress websites


Considering wp engine is one of the best wordpress hosting providers, you should be able to run your online store without any major issues over the long haul. But, in case something arises along the way, you might want to first refer to wp engine’s knowledge base. It’s pretty expansive, with loads of helpful information about the entire platform. You can also check out the resource center for additional guides. Or alternatively, simply reach out to wp engine’s customer support staff through email, phone or live chat. You just need to log into your dashboard at any time of the day or night, since they are available 24/7. To learn more about wp engine and what its best managed wordpress hosting features can do for you, check out our detailed review here.

Startup- for as low as $35 per month, startup targets regular wordpress sites. Some of its features include; free page performance, free site migrations, global cdn and ssl, 24/7 chat support, 50gb bandwidth, 25,000 site visits per month, studiopress themes, genesis framework, 3 environments per website, and 10 gb storage for 1 wordpress site. Growth- for as low as $115 per month, growth plan targets typical small business wordpress sites. It comes with 24/7 phone support, imported ssl certificates, automated ssl certificates, page performance, free site migrations, global cdn, 24/7 chat support, 200 gb bandwidth, 100,000 site visits per month, studiopress themes, genesis framework, 5 environments per website, and 20 gb storage for 5 wordpress sites. Scale- for as low as least $290 per month, this plan is ideal for fast-growing business wordpress sites. Apart from 24/7 phone support, you get the privilege of leveraging imported ssl certificates, automated ssl certificates, page performance, free site migrations, global cdn, 24/7 chat support, 400 gb bandwidth, 400,000 site visits per month, studiopress themes, genesis framework, 15 environments per website, and 30 gb storage for 15 wordpress sites. Custom- for a custom quote, wp engine offers personalized wordpress hosting features to enterprises. Apart from specialized customer support, you can leverage managed onboarding, high-level server performance, dedicated environment for up to 25 sites, more than 400 gb monthly bandwidth, millions of site visits per month, as well as storage space between 100 gb and 1 tb.

The ones i listed above are the best, but if you’re still interested in some more options, here’s a quick list of some other good managed wordpress hosts:.

Founded in 2004, siteground is one of the most established web hosting services so far. And although it takes the overall best budget managed wordpress hosting crown, it’s actually a multi-faceted hosting company. More specifically, siteground provides web hosting, managed wordpress hosting, woocommerce managed hosting, cloud hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated hosting, and enterprise hosting. Well, if you compare the packages accordingly, managed wordpress hosting turns out to be the most favorable balance between pricing and features. You can purchase it for as low as $3. 95 a month for 1 website, or $5. 95 a month for an unlimited number of websites. If you’re seeking the best managed wordpress hosting features on siteground, however, i’d advise you to try out the gogeek plan. It’s slightly costlier since it starts at $7. 95 a month, with a regular price of $34. 95 a month. But get this. The type of resources you get in return make $35 a month sound like one of the best wordpress managed hosting bargains. Siteground essentially comes with everything you’d expect from such an experienced provider. Site maintenance, for instance, is handled by siteground’s wordpress experts. They keep your entire wordpress ecosystem secure and up to date by applying regular updates as well as patches. You even get an auto-update manager for configuring your preferences. And if you’d fancy going beyond that, siteground provides a flexible site staging environment. This feature comes in handy when you need to safely test various tweaks on a cloned offline version of your site. Another feature you might like here is the automatic daily wordpress website backups. Very admirable, but i guess you won’t need it at all since the chances of losing your site data on siteground are very slim. The security measures here are pretty solid, with provisions like malware scanning, plugin restrictions, third-party post-hacking cleanup services, etc.

Vburst-1: at a cost of $199 a month, pagely gives you limited vps capabilities plus basic features for staging, development and caching. You can set up a maximum of 5 wordpress sites on 1 node plus a shared database. Vburst-2: at a cost of $299 a month, pagely provides entry-level managed vps solutions with standard workload capabilities. You can proceed with a maximum of 15 wordpress sites on 1 node plus a shared database. Vps-1: at a cost of $499 a month, pagely offers a wordpress optimized vps with ssd storage, 3. 75gb of ram, database access, staging, as well as redis features. It supports a maximum of 35 wordpress sites on 1 node plus a shared database. Vps-2: at a cost of $999 a month, pagely avails a wordpress optimized vps two times the resources offered by the vps-1 package. You can set up a maximum of 60 high concurrency wordpress sites on 1 node plus a shared database. Vps-1+: at a cost of $1249 a month, pagely provides two separate vps-1 servers with distinct availability zones. Consequently, you get to host a maximum of 30 wordpress sites on 2 nodes plus a shared database. Vps-2+: for $2249 a month, pagely comes with two separate vps-2 servers with distinct availability zones. That means you can host up to 60 wordpress sites on 2 nodes plus a shared database.

At present, managed wordpress hosting companies offer a number of different features. The following is a selection of some of the most useful ones.

Pagely is essentially a vps managed wordpress hosting provider with high-level solutions for enterprises. Sadly, the pricing places its services out of the reach of typical small businesses. But, make no mistake. The performance levels you get here are worth every penny. Undeniably some of the best managed wordpress hosting capabilities.

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Mistakes happen. This is true even if you’ve taken all of the necessary precautions including testing your site updates with our wordpress staging tool. If you make a mistake, don’t panic. They can easily be reverted with the backup tool featured with your free personal, 1-domain jetpack license. Serious managed wordpress hosting require serious backup tools. That’s exactly what you get from a2 hosting! our backup solution is: flexible – your content, themes, plugins and more are all backed up. Convenient – not only are the backups automatic, but you can restore whatever you need with a single click. Scheduled – is there a specific time that you want your backups to run? schedule daily, bi-weekly, weekly or monthly backups.

As the name suggests, this type of web-hosting is specifically designed and optimized for wordpress websites. While i was checking pondering over some wordpress server optimization slides by one of wordpress. Com’s engineers, i realized that there are many things which we can do to scale our server to handle high traffic. With shared hosting or managed vps, executing such an optimization is not possible which is why we face tons of issues with slow speed or never-ending downtimes. Now, this, my friends, is where specialized hosting for wordpress comes into the picture. This specialized hosting is called “managed wordpress hosting”. For beginners, a managed wordpress host is much better than any other entry-level host. (despite this, wordpress blogs usually start with shared hosting due to their low pricing. )managed wordpress hosting takes care of every inch of server optimization for hosting a wordpress blog/website. Their technical teams are trained to manage wordpress servers, and the best part is, these teams know the ins and outs of wordpress blogs. So when you are talking to their customer support regarding issues, be sure to get an instant solution. Managed wordpress hosting companies offer server-level caching and cdn , so you don’t need to rely on wordpress cache plugins to keep your server well-optimized. This allows your site to load faster, plus, there will be no hosting related technical hassles for you to deal with! isn’t that great? now, these types of hosting platforms are perfect for any business wordpress blog, big wordpress sites, or non-technical people (mostly where spending money on hosting is not an issue). Let’s look at some of the advantages of using managed hosting for wordpress.

If your team wants to be hands-on with your server environment, managed wordpress hosting provides developer-friendly tools that you’re unlikely to get with most shared hosting plans. You get tools like ssh, staging, git and wp-cli , in addition to basics like sftp, database access, and error/access logs. In addition, you receive support for customer php extensions including new relic, system crontab access, and more. If it’s important to you, look for integration with the wordpress rest api. Apartner api would be useful for customers who want to integrate their host into their workflows to quickly spin up new sites under their hosting account. The ability to quickly clone your live site and test your changes is hugely beneficial so you can also push updates back to your production site using your own workflows.

Just like wp engine, kinsta is the type of hosting provider you’d consider if you’re willing to overlook cheap pricing and instead, prioritize on enterprise-level performance. You can think of it as an enterprise managed wordpress hosting solution with prices that can accommodate small and growing businesses. To discover more about kinsta, feel free to check out our detailed review of its managed wordpress hosting here.

Like kinsta, pantheon is a relative newcomer on the scene. It started in 2010, and has built up an impressive list of clients including mit, sendgrid, and patagonia. According to their website, pantheon is both your wordpress host and sysadmin all rolled into one — anything you need to build a wordpress site, they have and will take care of, for you. Their enterprise-level solution claims to be the fastest and most scalable in the market due to its container-based infrastructure. Add to the fact that pantheon is a “multi-tenant platform-as-a-service” where all client sites run on the same platform infrastructure via the google cloud platform. They used to only offer hosting for drupal websites but now offer managed wordpress hosting, as well. Pantheon’s strengths lie in their ‘dev’, ‘test’ and ‘live’ environments, and how they’re set up. These allow for direct development and version control, which allows you to perform accurate tests and ensures that the code you’re releasing performs consistently across all three stages. You can even manage security by controlling who on your team can push the website ‘live’, one of the tools on their pro dev tools for teams. All of pantheon’s plans include: managed https. Managed site migrations. Version control and workflow. Pantheon’s hosting plans start at $29/month but prices can go as steep as $10,000 per year, depending on your needs. You can use their price calculator to determine your needs and related costs. Get started with.

In the past, we’ve discussed the different types of available hosting plans. Shared hosting, for example, is a cheap entry-level option that sees you splitting a server with many other users. On the other hand, a virtual private server (vps) plan provides you with your own private space on a server, and more resources. At the top tier, you’ll find dedicated hosting , which is expensive but provides you with an entire physical server just for your site. All these types of hosting plans can also be either ‘managed’ or ‘unmanaged’. Most hosting is unmanaged, which means once you purchase space on a server, you’re largely on your own. Your hosting provider will probably give you a few tools to play with, but the responsibility for maintaining your site’s performance and security (and customizing your server on some plans) is up to you. So, just what is managed wordpress hosting? as the name suggests, it’s a plan where your provider ‘manages’ your site and server for you. This means it will take care of various key tasks, like updating your site, so you don’t have to. Let’s look more closely at what this might include.

Managed wordpress hosting is a specific type of web hosting solution that is tailor-made and optimized specifically for supporting wordpress sites and users. Managed wordpress hosting is like having a team of wordpress and hosting experts working on your website, removing the cost and burden of managing your site’s hosting in-house. Managed wordpress hosting exists as a separate option from other types of hosting because wordpress websites have unique needs. They have different server resource footprints than other types of websites, have unique security concerns, and properly supporting them requires wordpress expertise. Managed wordpress hosting solutions are typically defined by: automatic wordpress theme, plugin, and core updates managed server resources that compliment wordpress’s technical needs experienced wordpress experts on staff to handle support it’s hosting designed from the ground up to serve wordpress. Let’s take a look at how managed wordpress hosting services compare to other hosting options, like shared hosting and vps hosting, to see which offers the best wordpress hosting solution.

WordPress Managed Hosting Plans That Work for Everyone

So far, all of this sounds pretty great, which may leave you wondering what the catch is. The simple answer is that managed plans are more expensive than their unmanaged variants. Just how much a managed plan will cost you depends heavily on where you get it. While most entry-level shared hosting costs $5 per month or less, managed hosting tends to cost between $10 and $30 per month on the lowest tiers of a shared or vps plan: managed dedicated plans are far more expensive, although few first-time website owners need that kind of power. In any case, the extra costs will add up over time. There’s another potential downside to managed hosting. If you’re a more technically-savvy user, you may prefer to configure your server and optimize your site’s performance and security on your own. Managed hosting takes away this option, and has you rely on your provider instead. Whether or not this loss of control is a relief or a problem entirely depends on your pre-existing knowledge and needs. Additionally, some managed wordpress hosts block certain plugins, like database-intensive related posts plugins.

What is managed wordpress hosting, you may ask — and is it worth the cost? the popular content management system undoubtedly makes web design more accessible to non-developers, but site admins and business owners don’t always want to get bogged down in the constant stream of backups, updates, security scans, and performance optimizations. At the most basic level, managed wordpress hosting gives you a hassle-free experience. Your provider will take care of all the technical aspects of security, speed, updates, backups, uptime, and scalability so you can focus on getting the best content and making the most profit. Whether for experienced wordpress users or rookie site owners, many hosting providers are optimizing their infrastructure and support teams to handle the quirks, nuances, and routine chores that go into running a wordpress site at peak performance. Read on to see how you can take advantage of the world’s most popular content management system in a fraction of the time. Hosts regularly offer managed services with vps and dedicated plans, but managed wordpress packages dip into the shared hosting world to provide better services and experiences to the millions of site owners running the top-flight cms. In addition to specially tuned hardware and software designed to run wordpress as quickly and securely as possible, service is tailored to the specific needs of the platform. As with managed plans anywhere, pay attention to the fine print — “managed” means something different to seemingly every host. Semi-managed plans will typically only cover automated services, such as updates and backups, while fully managed services mean more personal attention to optimizing your site’s speed and scalability. There should be no surprise that many of our favorite wordpress hosts rank near the top of our rankings for managed wordpress hosting. Already known for great support and reliability, these companies offer unlimited storage, bandwidth, and a number of wordpress sites on each account. I’ve learned to put my developer ego aside and appreciate the benefit of managed services. WordPress can be a challenging content management system to run well, so it’s worth giving the mundane and ultra-technical tasks to trusted experts while i create the content and products that drive business. For other wordpress hosting options, be sure to check out our favorite wordpress hosts. Even if they don’t offer managed wordpress plans, many hosts include shared services and support teams that are optimized for the global wordpress community. For a complete list of the top recommended managed services for wordpress, click here. Laura bernheim laura bernheim has spent more than 12 years crafting engaging and award-winning articles that share the passion behind organizations’ products, people, and innovations. As a freelance contributor to hostingadvice, she combines a reputation for producing quality content with rich technical expertise to show experienced developers how to capitalize on emerging technologies and find better ways to work with established platforms. Aprofessional journalist, laura has contributed to the new york times, sports illustrated, the sun sentinel, and the world’s top hosting providers. In addition to conducting interviews with industry leaders, laura drives internal writing and design teams to deliver stellar, timely content that clearly explains even the most difficult concepts.

Some web hosts will misleadingly advertise wordpress hosting on their websites. But when you click on these plans you’ll realize that they’re the company’s same shared web hosting plans given a new label. This just means that their shared hosting plans can support wordpress and will often come with one-click app installs. Though cheaper, these plans will not come with the power and speed of real managed wordpress hosting. Find out the type of server that the companies wordpress plan is hosted on, you’ll want it to be a cloud server or vps if you’re looking for the fastest wordpress hosting available.

Iuse one of the fastest managed wordpress hosting platforms out there, wp engine hosting. They provide me with premium servers, which are second to none and are an extremely reliable wordpress hosting company. They have been voted best-managed wordpress hosting 2018 by several industry blogs. Ifirmly believe they offer the best wordpress hosting for anyone who is serious about making their website a success. The above are some of my trusted hosting providers. If my premium web hosting for wordpress package is outside of your budget, then i also offer excellent value for money shared web hosting package. This wordpress hosting service is also fully managed by me and will provide a secure wordpress hosting service for your website.

First things first, what exactly is hosting? well, simply put, hosting (or web hosting) is a service you need to store data and make your website accessible online (i. E. Accessible to people using the internet). Hosting is a service you buy from a company. To make the best decision possible, you have to understand what various hosting packages contain and how they affect your site. In some cases, this includes only the bare minimum — really just a publicly accessible place to store your website online — while other packages may include features that take the burden of security, performance, and general site management off your shoulders. The more features and services a hosting plan offers, the more likely it is to be referred to as managed hosting. When such hosting plans are specifically tailored to and optimized for wordpress (in terms of everything from the technical hosting environment to the more general site management features), we refer to them as managed wordpress hosting plans.

Bulgaria-based siteground offers managed wordpress hosting at a price comparable to many standard, shared hosting packages. Thanks to a cdn and data centers on three continents, siteground offers fast speeds from anywhere in the world. Us readers should note that prices are listed in euros: price of least expensive package: €3. 95/mo support types: phone, help desk, live chat security: malware scanning, server-level monitoring, plugin audits extras: built-in caching for an additional charge, free migrations david over at collectiveray. Com has nicely reviewed inmotion versus siteground which is worth reading. Design bombs has a comprehensive review of siteground if you wish to learn more. Did you know that surf office, postmatic, yeah dave, and over 700,000 small businesses run their websites with make, our free wordpress page builder. Discover the make page builder now.

Siteground ’s managed wordpress hosting package is built for personal, professional, and business sites that would like to take their wordpress performance to the next level. The features here are perfectly optimized for wordpress sites and they all come at unbelievably cheap prices. So, you might want to consider siteground if you need managed wordpress hosting services on a budget.

SECURE, RELIABLE & SUPPORTED Managed WordPress Hosting

Hosting companies that sell specialised wordpress hosting choose to do so because they have a talent pool of wordpress experts within the company. At tsohost, for example, we’ve supported more than 600,000 wordpress installs over the years. You can reach out to our specialists on the tsohost support team 24/7 when you sign up for a managed wordpress hosting plan.

Expensive a number of free value added features (in other managed hosting solutions) are paid here fun fact; pagely became the first company to debut managed wordpress hosting when it rolled out its feature packed hosting solutions way back in 2006. Since that time the company has remained committed to delivering what is best described as premium (and we daresay luxury) hosting services. At $64 per month for the entry package, pagely is more expensive than flywheel or even wp engine. And you won’t be wrong to say there’s not much between these three. So what exactly is the pagely value proposition? from its product website down to your admin dashboard (if you do subscribe to their service), it’s easy to see that this reliable wordpress hosting service is all about the details. Pagely takes everything everyone else takes for granted seriously. For instance, there’s a two-factor authentication for admin logins and a triad of optimization features (presscdn, presscache, and pressdns) to optimize website speed. While other providers would have stopped at using a cdn, or at best add a cache optimizer, pagely takes it one step further and adds a dns optimizing service. This mentality extends to all factions of their service delivery model – it certainly gets better when you opt in for their handsomely priced $999 hosting solution. Learn more about.

Regular hosting can seem like the perfect solution for personal sites, or small business websites. At a third of the price of managed hosting, it seems like a no brainer. The reality is, you get what you pay for. Wp engine keeps your wordpress site running fast, your servers secure, and makes sure you’re never waiting long for support. Compare this to regular hosting and you’ll quickly see that the low costs come with some pretty major downsides. For businesses, these issues are even more apparent, even a few seconds of downtime can equal lost revenue, and a slow site means lost customers. Smaller businesses often don’t have time to effectively manage their website, so out of date wordpress installs are surprisingly common (and a leading cause of website hacks). Wp engine handles your wordpress hosting so you don’t have to worry about your site.

Dreamhost have been around since 1996. They are a solid and reliable web host, offering shared, vps and managed wordpress hosting solutions. Dreamhost are known for offering high performance web servers which won’t let their customers down. Their managed wordpress hosting really puts this to the test and shows just how great they are. Whilst they may not offer the best in customer support versus some of our other recommended web hosts, their hardware won’t let you down. Starting from $16. 95 per month, dreamhost is more expensive than siteground and bluehost, but a cheaper alternative to wp engine. Their dreampress plan is ideal for wordpress sites with 100k monthly visitors, offering 30gb ssd storage, for faster performance. For the price, you’ll get a free ssl certificate already installed for you, daily backups, 24/7 support, and jetpack plugin for free. Although dreamhost has multiple managed wordpress hosting plans, they all include the following for free: 1-click staging environment free domain with domain privacy visit dreamhost dreamhost are known for being reliable. For this reason, i was particularly interested in finding out how they fared in my performance tests. Isigned up to dreamhost and had my wordpress installation activated for me. Imonitored the results of my website’s uptime and response time to see how it handled the pressure. Dreamhost provided my website with 100% uptime. There wasn’t a moment of downtime or any outages which i was really pleased about. But that’s not what impressed me the most. The average response time on my site was 698ms, and this was recorded across multiple locations. As we’ve seen with other web hosts, response times seem to spike when hitting traffic from asia, however, dreamhost didn’t really encounter many issues. The best location for my site was in the u. S. ,so although this wouldn’t be my target market, it’s good to know. With a maximum response time of just over 1 second, i have no worries about my managed wordpress site with dreamhost. When i did some stress testing on the site, i was pleasantly surprised to see that there were no issues, regardless of what i threw at it. This is why i highly recommend dreamhost. Fast managed wordpress hosting plenty of free features included suitable for a range of budgets more expensive than siteground and bluehost staging environment included on advanced plan only visit dreamhost.

Another important aspect for any host is scalability. When it comes to shared hosting your only option when you outgrow your resources is to upgrade to a higher plan. And this is if they haven’t already suspended you. Eventually, with a shared host you are going to reach a point where they will simply force you to migrate to a dedicated server. This can simply be time-consuming in itself as you’re constantly having to worry about watching your limits. And moving to a better server might require time on your part. With the diy vps route it’s a lot easier to scale, but sometimes this requires a little more server knowledge to expand disks, etc. With managed wordpress hosting providers they usually handle all of this for you. If you’re going over their pre-defined limits they will simply notify you, and if required, an upgrade is just a click away. Avery cool and unique feature we have at kinsta is the ability to automatically scale your site due to the fact that we use google compute engine servers. For example, other wordpress hosting providers are typically constrained to 2-6 cpus per machine. We actually can let the site’s container scale to as many cpus as needed when there’s a traffic surge. WordPress caching spike with our isolated software container technology, hardware resources are allocated to each site container automatically by our virtual machines on an as-needed basis. No resources are shared between sites. The result is a hosting configuration that is secure and private by design while simultaneously allowing server resources to scale up or down as needed based on the demands of the site. Thank you @kinsta for handling today’s traffic spike without issue. It’s comforting to know your site can handle surges. #webperf #webhosting #wordpress pic. Twitter. Com/fplo87liu0 — λdλm (@rockymtnadam) january 29, 2019.

By no means is this an exhaustive list, but it does include some common examples of the type of people/business/websites who find a ton of value partnering with a managed provider! creative agencies or freelancers building sites for clients site owners who don’t want to deal with the technical details of web hosting bloggers and influencers whose reputation is dependent on their site ecommerce sites selling digital or physical products who need reliable uptime in-house marketing teams who want more control of their site (instead of going through it departments) enterprise brands who need reliability, scalability, and expert support anyone reselling wordpress hosting while i can code, i prefer wordpress all the way. It’s faster and i’m just able to make the website better. Icould code it from the ground up, but it’s going to take me way longer than it would in wordpress and that makes it more expensive, and a client can’t manage a purely coded website. Isay that i specialize in wordpress, i pretty much only do wordpress and of course, when it comes to my freelance clients and there are many times where i have to use my coding experience. Again, this doesn’t mean these are the only people who will benefit from managed wordpress hosting; it’s simply a collection of common segments that managed hosts have built specific features for.

Okay, so let’s answer the big question: why and when do you need managed wordpress hosting? use the best managed wordpress hosting companies for: ✅ websites that are growing rapidly. ✅websites experiencing spikes in traffic. ✅individuals, bloggers, and businesses without much technical knowledge that just want for their wordpress website to work with no hassle. ✅business websites that can’t afford to be offline. ✅website owners who value great support that responds fast and can solve any issue. ✅businesses looking for growth, and everyone who wants their hosting platform to be able to grow with them. With all of the above in mind, it’s also important to know some downsides usually related to managed wordpress hosting. Keep in mind, though, that the things listed below are not deal-breakers by any means. They are just the realities of managed wordpress hosting, and potentially what makes this kind of hosting unique and optimized for the wordpress platform specifically: usually more expensive than shared hosting. As we talked about a while ago , you can get a reliable shared hosting plan for $5 a month. With managed hosting, it’s usually in the $15-$50 range (or more). Most of the time, you can only run wordpress sites on this kind of hosting. This is due to the architecture of the server itself and its settings. That being said, for 99% of the users this won’t be an issue, for obvious reasons. Some of your favorite plugins might be banned by the host. Due to the optimizations made by a given managed wordpress hosting company, some plugins can be banned from the servers. Most commonly, this is done to prevent those plugins from slowing down the server, straining the database, interfering with caching, making too many http requests, and so on. For instance, wp engine’s list of disallowed plugins is a good reference here. You have less control. If you enjoy taking a look into the wordpress core every once in a while to fix this or that, you might find this difficult to do with some managed wordpress hosts. The environment tends to be more closed down in some areas (although specific modifications are possible … just not all of them).

Set up your WordPress experience.

After reviewing each of these hosting providers, i’m a strong proponent of these four hosting providers. Let’s take a look at their features, shall we? siteground is for developers and bloggers who want features such as git integration, a staging area, and ssl support at low prices. They are pretty inexpensive, plus offer free migration, and their support is relatively quick. Most of support questions were answered within an hour or two. Though, the guys who handle live chat aren’t the knowledgeable bunch. Meaning you will have to use their ticket support system for technical questions, instead of live chat support. Flywheel is for people who aren’t developers. Flywheel entered the market very late, but were able to quickly establish themselves as an easy to use managed hosting solution for designers, small business owners, and bloggers. If you don’t want to deal with all the technical jargon, go with flywheel. Idon’t think any other company has a dashboard as slick and easy to use as flywheel’s is. In a nutshell, flywheel is for people who can configure / setup wordpress sites , but aren’t developers. Are you a developer? go with pagely (they are now a bit expensive, though, costs $499 / month). Last year, pagely moved their servers to amazon and since then they have been pioneers in providing world-class infrastructure for small blogs, major woocommere stores, membership sites , global corporate sites, and saas solutions. Their infrastructure technology includes hhvm, automatic daily backups, real time malware monitoring, built-in redundancy, developer friendly tools (ssh + git + staging + wp-cli + rest api), spdy ssl acceleration, presscdn, and press armour. If you want a bit of everything, go with wpengine or kinsta. These options are for you if want to scale without compromising the quality of support and losing developer friendly tools…all without breaking the bank. Ihave been using wpengine for a long time and never had any problems with them. Which hosting provider are you using? what do you think about managed wordpress hosting as a whole? please share your thoughts in the comments below. **data for speed tests data was taken from designbombs. Com.

WordPress occupies the largest market share in terms of personal blogging and cms platforms. This is largely because wordpress is free and easy to setup, very user-friendly and has a plethora of plugins and themes that can help you design and develop a website just the way you want it. The rise in the user-base has led to hosting companies offering wordpress hosting. The whole objective of this hosting is to have a hosting environment that is highly compatible with wordpress websites and its development. When we talk about managed wordpress hosting, it is more so to provide maximum support for managing and maintaining wordpress for your website. To understand what is managed wordpress hosting, let us first define it:.

Get plesk with your wordpress hosting and you’ll have this included in wp-cli. Thus helping clients import a database, create a new user, update themes and plugins in a flash using the wp-cli. Speaking of plugins, for an enhanced customers’ wordpress experience, any caching plugin will significantly improve your wordpress performance.

There are no set criteria for what a managed plan should look like, so what you’ll get varies from provider to provider. However, most managed hosting options will: take care of updates for you, and create frequent backups of your site for safekeeping. Scan your site for security threats , and react quickly to deal with any issues that arise. Handle performance optimization , to keep your site running fast at all times. Configure your server to meet your needs, if you’re on a vps or dedicated plan. Offer staging sites to help you safely test changes and updates. Provide lots of support options to answer your questions. Primarily, we’re talking about managed wordpress hosting in particular here. This means your provider will also know the platform inside and out. This can be invaluable, especially if you’re new to wordpress and don’t know much about how to optimize your site.

Weighing up the pros and cons, most people will eventually move to managed wordpress hosting when their existing hosting environment simply isn’t meeting their needs any longer. The slight loss of control is worth it, if you can then spend that time growing your site and engaging with your visitors. Also, if you’ve been experiencing security and up-time issues that are beyond your level of expertise, then upgrading your site will give you the performance, security, and peace of mind you’ve been looking for. There is nothing worse than trying to retain control of a website and losing data and customers because your existing hosting provider was unable to keep the website going in the wake of traffic spikes and hackers. Overall, people end up upgrading to a wordpress managed host for a variety of reasons. Beyond the situations highlighted above, people also switch over due to the following reasons: you have a wordpress site that’s growing quickly in users or site visitors you’ve been experiencing traffic spikes due to articles going viral you have an online business that will lose money if your site is offline for any time you value your visitor’s and want to give them a better user experience you don’t have the technical expertise, or time, to manage your own hosting if you’ve been experiencing any of the above issues with your current hosting provider, then upgrading to a wordpress managed host is something you’ll definitely want to consider.

To understand the differences between shared hosting and managed wordpress hosting solutions, you need a basic understanding of hosting terminology. All website files are hosted on dedicated servers which are stored in secure buildings called data centres. You can think of dedicated servers as desktop computers without monitors attached to them. Just like desktop computers, dedicated servers are powered by a cpu and contain ram (random access memory) modules and hard drives. The cpu is responsible for performing calculations and other processes. Current data and applications are stored in ram and hard drives are responsible for storing files. There are many factors to consider, but generally speaking the more traffic a website receives, the more strain will be put on the server’s cpu. Likewise, more ram will be required to handle the data and more storage will be required to store important website files. When you pay for a dedicated server, you get full access to the server and have complete control over everything. Hosting companies also setup what is known as virtual private servers (vps). In this situation the server is partitioned into several partitions. Each partition has an operating system installed and is allocated a percentage of cpu time, ram, and storage. For example, a vps plan may allocate you two cpu cores, 2gb of ram, and 40gb of storage. When you purchase a shared hosting plan, you rarely get a guarantee of what resources will be allocated to you. Your website could be hosted alongside hundreds or perhaps even thousands of other websites. That is why shared hosting plans are more suited to websites with low traffic. Some shared hosting customers will use more resources than others; therefore the hosting company needs to manage customers needs effectively. In practice, if a customer’s websites start using up too many resources, they will be asked to upgrade to a more expensive hosting plan. For example, if you installed a resource hungry wordpress plugin such as a related posts widget, you would probably hog the cpu and be asked to upgrade. Managed wordpress companies still tend to configure their plans in a shared hosting environment or dedicated hosting environment; however their servers are configured specifically for the wordpress platform.

Liquid web is known for its premium hosting plans, and it’s managed wordpress hosting plan is no different. With this hosting plan you’ll definitely pay a premium, but the features you’ll have access to might be worth the price tag. Right out of the gate your site will have zero limits on the amount of traffic and pageviews. Plus, you get full server access, which a lot of managed wordpress hosts don’t offer. Take a look at some of the features you’ll get when you host your wordpress site with liquid web: automated updates that include the wordpress core, your themes, along with any plugins you have installed, done to ensure no conflicts occur built-in image compression to ensure fast loading speeds create site theme and plugin configurations for easy and fast reuse easy multisite management and monitoring with ithemes sync pro all from a single location automated daily backups of your website a staging server to test site changes before pushing them live bundled ssl certificate for every site you host with no setup necessary finally, your site will be incredibly secure as your site will be hosted on the liquid web datacenters, not outsourced to a third party provider. You’ll also get access to a 24/7 expert support team that you can reach via email, chat, or even phone. Liquid web’s managed wordpress solution is for high traffic site owners who demand performance and want a team behind them every step of the way.

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