7 Google Trends and Keyword Research Tools Any Small Business Can Use

7 Google Trends and Keyword Research Tools Any Small Business Can Use

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7 Google Trends and Keyword Research Tools Any Small Business Can Use


7 Google Trends and Keyword Research Tools Any Small Business Can Use – We all know now that great, relevant and popular content is key to a digital strategy and seo success. The key to popular content is relevance and timing. Searching around google trends is a great way to understand what people are talking about, what they are interested in and more importantly what kind of content they are going to enjoy and when they will enjoy it most.


Before we begin, click here to check out the google trends page. Let’s start by simply entering a topic or query into the search bar. After entering your desired topic, you will be presented with these four refinement options, which will allow you to further scrutinise and fully explore the results.

Using google trends to find trending keywords allows you to bypass timeless topics where competitors have already established their authority, to focus more on new and popular topics. It is a great source for generating content ideas, social media posts & video topics that can help you poke through a competitive niche.

5 Enlightened Ways To Use Google Trends for Keyword Research


Advanced use of google trends means you’ll go a step beyond whatever you think your current insight is to see if you have blind spots. For example:. Don’t ever trust a single snapshot. Always get a broader view of a timeline to see what else is happening.


Google search trends strengthens your seo approach, and you can go forward with confidence that your keywords and content will usher in conversions and revenue. Ateam of seo experts can boost your business even further. Webfx has generated 4. 6million leads in the last five years, and we can propel traffic to your pages with our skillful seo services.

Google trends is a completely. Free tool that shows what people are searching for. Aside from looking at. Search volumes for specific keywords and topics, you can compare search volumes. Over time, look at geographical volumes, explore related keywords/topics and see. What the most popular search topics are at any given time.

1. Create and optimize content for seasonal trends.


Google trends offers an extra resource for keyword research, as well as allowing seos to create new content based on the relative popularity of similar subjects and keywords. This is particularly useful when it comes to identifying news stories on which to base new blog posts.

Identify seasonal trends. And how they influence the demand. Identify time trends. Such as the day of the week. Or an hour of the day. Understand when your content will perform the best. Create and promote the right content at the right time.

Google trends is helpful for content creators and product developers, too, since you can easily access when certain terms are most popular. This includes seasonal trends (for example, “christmas presents for mom” ticks up in november and december in the united states). From the outside, google trends can seem a little tricky — so let’s break it down.

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