10 Ways To Rock The World Of Social Media

10 Ways To Rock The World Of Social Media

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Social media avatar network connection concept. People in a social network. Concept for social network in flat design. Globe with many different peoples faces

Every business needs social media today but to truly benefit from all that social media can do for your company, you need to rock it. Here are 10 of the most important things you can do for your business on any social media platform.

Social media avatar network connection concept. People in a social network. Concept for social network in flat design. Globe with many different peoples faces

1. Create Appealing Profiles

Every social media platform has its own unique set of tools to help you customize a profile. While learning how to use them may be tedious or even confusing, you don’t want to run the risk of looking like every other member on the block. Make your profile stand out by using colors, but not just your favorite color, use the psychology of color impact on your designs as 85% of consumers buy based on how things look! That means people will either be pulled in by the colors on your profile or repelled, so make them matter.

2. Set Time-Specific Goals

If you need to be more relevant in the various online social circles, mark a date on your calendar and take the steps necessary to meet that goal. Thereafter, keep setting goals, such as increasing your following by a certain number and by a certain date. This continuous stream of challenges will ensure you don’t become socially stagnant and the constant success with reaching your audience should be reflected in the dominance of your website and quite possibly, the sales of your products or services.

3. Monitor Your Social Media Constantly

Never let a comment slip by you or miss an opportunity to gain friends and followers by mentioning a current event. What’s going on in the world around you is always on social media, therefore, you’ve always got to be watching your channels. Also, you wouldn’t leave a customer waiting at the counter in a “real” store and it’s not something you want to do with your business on social media either. Everyone is always watching, making your timely and appropriate responses that much more important.

4. Make Knowing Your Audience An Exact Science

Social media networks (Global and Communication concept)

Social media networks (Global and Communication concept)

You don’t want to be giving a shout out to Donald Trump if your audience is mainly comprised of liberal Democrats, no matter how much you might personally support him. Likewise, if your demographics are made of more women than men, you want to be promoting content that reflects that. If you know who the people in your audience are, you can target them with laser-sharp precision, making all your campaigns more effective and building your social media presence much larger and more quickly.

5. Add Personality To Your Social Media Presence

Your social profiles must have magnetic personalities. A light sense of humor can mean the difference between acquiring customers or not, as can adding a soft and sensitive voice to what you post. Your business has a specific brand, so manufacture your social media personality based on that branding.

6. Develop An Ongoing Relationship With Your Audience

Rather than simply announcing discounts and sales, pay attention to your people. Interact with them at every opportunity in order to make a positive and permanent impression on them. Reach out to them with polls and contests and you will build fun and lasting relationships, which are extremely vital to the long-term success of your business.

7. Syndicate Your Social Media Self

Different people prefer different sites and your business should be featured on all of the major platforms. Connect and automate them, so that your post on Facebook is an instantaneous Tweet on Twitter and vice versa, but also to save you time (and money).

8. Have An Agenda Outside Of Just Selling

Customers will follow you because they buy from you, but reaching out and being helpful can pull people in from all over the online social world and beyond. For example, if you featured a pet photo contest on your Facebook, all kinds of people would get involved, providing you with positive exposure. Connect charitably with a nearby animal shelter and your business may get a slot on the front page of your local newspaper. Pick up any good cause from around the globe and you might even go viral, but the point is to involve your business in peoples lives, loves, losses and gains in as many ways as you can.

9. Become An SEO Expert

As wonderful as social media is for winning friends and influencing people, your business still has to contend with the major search engines. You need your profile(s) optimized with keywords, so your content shows up in searches and you need to connect (socially) with your main websites and the sites of other related businesses and people.

Social media concept with speech bubbles on smartphone

Social media concept with speech bubbles on smartphone

10. Offer Incredibly Shareable Content

Being helpful, funny, reassuring or just being able to relate are all ways to connect with your content. Even a short Tweet about something going on in the world can make someone smile or be something they just HAVE to share with others. Carefully construct, collect and collaborate amazing content, even if it’s not relevant to your products. So long as it has a positive impact on your audience, it will keep them coming back for more.

Social media is now one of the most effective forms of advertising on the planet. From your online craft shop to a brick-and-mortar restaurant right up to a multi-million dollar (or more) corporation, rocking social media makes your business a star and a very successful one.

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